Greenfield City Sunset Run – April 24, 2010



This seems to be the first running event happening on sunset and outside of Manila. For those that doesn’t like to wake up early for a race, then the Greenfield City Sunset Run 2010 happening on April 24, 2010 in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is the race for you!

Greenfield City Sunset Run 2010
Sta. Rosa, Laguna
April 24, 2010
500m / 3K / 5K / 10K / 21K

Registration Fees:
Category – Slots – Registration Fee – Race Features
(Kids – 500m Dash) – 300 – Php100 – Finisher’s Kit (Kids are for 12 years old and below)
3K – 1,000 – Php 400 – Race No., Singlet, Timing Chip, PhotoVendo, Race Analysis
5K – 1,500 – Php 550 – Race No., Singlet, Timing Chip, PhotoVendo, Race Analysis
10K – 700 – Php 600 – Race No., Singlet, Timing Chip, PhotoVendo, Race Analysis
21K – 500 – Php 650 – Race No., Singlet, Timing Chip, PhotoVendo, Race Analysis, Finisher’s Medal

Assembly and Gun Start Time:
Category – Assembly Time – Gun Start
(Kids – 500m Dash) – 5:25pm – 5:55pm
3K – 5:10pm – 5:40pm
5K – 5:00pm – 5:30pm
10K – 4:45pm – 5:15pm
21K – 4:35pm – 5:05pm


Registration Areas:
Regular In-Store Registration: March 22 to April 11, 2010
– Planet Sports – Trinoma
– New Balance – Glorietta and Shangri-la Mall
– Athlete’s Foot – Alabang Town Center
– R.O.X. – Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
– Greenfield City Sunset Run Booth – Paseo, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Late In-Store Registration: April 12 to April 17, 2010
– R.O.X. – Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
– Greenfield City Sunset Run Booth – Paseo, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Download Registration Form Here:
[download id=”45″]

There will be no online registration for this event. For more details or questions, please call (632)703-1736. Deadline of registration in on April 17, 2010


  1. My nieces, nephew and I wanted to join the Greenfield Sunset City Run 2010. We are all interested in joining the 3km run. I am 44 years old, Moira and CJ are 15 years old and Muzziah is 14 years old. Could you kindly please tell me the exact cost of registration because what you have stated is on a bracket basis.

    Thank you!

  2. free transportation? really? i live in QC and i wanted to join this race but i don't know how to get there.. where can i find more info about the free transpo? and what time?

  3. free transportation? really? i live in QC and i wanted to join this race but i don’t know how to get there.. where can i find more info about the free transpo? and what time?

  4. hi! are we still going to receive the singlets, timing chips, etc. even if we are late for the regular in-store registration? are there still slots available for the 500m and 3k run? thanks!

  5. i want to join this run how ever im not yet registered. is registration open?? or do you still accepts late, very late registrant??

  6. Your greenfield run caused a major major traffic jam in sta rosa. Next time maybe u should plan it better. It inconvenienced motorists. You should at least make alternate routes.

  7. Who ever the organizer for this event should learn a few things or two. Inconvenienced motorists is an understatement. People from work had to walk miles just to get home, people who are about to go to work had to walk and are dripping wet when they entered their Air conditioned building! It's like this event did not even care about the welfare of the others living and working in the area! That part of sta rosa is a business zone and it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it would cause a whole lot of jam!

    Perhaps you guys had earned your mone, remember hundreds and hundreds of people, TIRED PEOPLE, to and fro PAID FOR IT BY WASTING THEIR GAS, EFFORT AND MONEY. Not to mention MOTHER EARTH with all the wasted fumes it created in one day TOTALLY RENDERED EARTH DAY USELESS, OH and just a reminder, this MONTH is EARTH MONTH. But then perhaps the organizers didn't care.

    There should have been an angry mob who should have burned the event to the ground.

    Next time, please don't do your events in Sta rosa anymore. Do it somewhere else.

  8. Hey, the run was fun and the traffic was bad. It’s a shame that the inconveneince is always someone else and never the guy in the mirror. Despite being almost late for the start because ignorant motorists choose to take any lane they want to drive, I accepted that this is the Philippines. Those who complain about life aren’t living it! Maybe if they walked more and drove less, they could race with us next year!

    I simply want to know where our race results (times) can be found. There was nothing accessible at the race finish to allow us an accurate measure. It will be interesting to see how the timing chips worked.

    Great race…the people were terrific and the view spectacular. I hope you will do this again and again. I am sure others will copy the sunset format as we found it challenging and comfortable. Thanks so much for making that a special night!

  9. congrats! nice event! cant wait for another event like this. and hope i made it to the top 50! or top 60. or maybe top 80! yeah, i think top 80 will do!

  10. Well, your event made history this time and would suggest to have it on Guinness World Records for making the whole stretch of Sta Rosa Highway a LARGE PARKING LOT!!! @ RUNMIKERUN you say "Maybe if they walked more and drove less" Let's see you walk from Sta Rosa Exit up until Sta Rosa Business Park or Nuvali everyday.

  11. great event, looking forward on the next event @ starosa,

    for the organizers good Job. just a suggestion, I live nearby sta.rosa there are some ways that you could leessen the traffic Jam along the area, there are some private subdivisions or villages that you could've maximize like the NUVALI route going to Canlubang or the route from starosa science park to mamplasan exit,they are undeveloped residential areas. it is just a matter of coordinating with those subd. owners to use their roads just for a few hours.

  12. Before I could reply to the name calling, his post was deleted. Thank you.

    Before it was deleted by the moderator, I read that millions were lost by businesses that had workers trapped in traffic.

    1) For several months the event was advertised – multiple billboards told the world that it would be held that day and place. If others failed to heed that, it is hardly the responsibility of organizers.

    2) Many more pesos were made by local businesses who fed and tended to the thousands of racers and the many drivers who accompanied them. The wait at some restos was huge and managers were grinning ear to ear at the increased revenue.

    3) The race was a huge success for the sponsors too. They walked away with grateful new customers.

    The effort to conduct a race of this magnitude is amazing. I applaud their achievements and congratulate them. Things will improve in the future. Those who expect perfection are always disappointed. Always.

  13. Agree with Mike. Remember, life is 10% what happens to us, 90% is how we react to it. Need I elaborate?

    Congratulations to the organizers! Indeed, it was a RUN to remember! Job well done!

  14. Wow! Such drama…You hardly have to do it every day – this race occured only once, thus far.

    Not only do I walk that much, but I run, swim and bike it as well. I suggest that you may be quite a bit happier if you get your exercise too. We had so many smiling faces around AFTER they did a grueling run.

    Finally, try blaming the motorists who decided that the traffic rules don't apply to them. From stop lights to lanes, people chose to drive as they want. This happens all of the time in the RP, not just on race day in Greenfield City. On the South Super Highway from Ayala Alabang Village to Manila each day I encounter far worse traffic. I could complain and whine and blame and pout and agitate and, well you get the picture. Instead, I realize that no one promised me that every day would be easy. One day out of your life was rough. I'm sorry that you are compelled to blame everyone else. Join us next year and prove to yourself that accomplishment comes from within, not from pulling everyone else down!

  15. Take it easy guys, I’m sure there are pros and cons about this event, and i’m sure the organizers are reading this already and will take all your points into consideration next time they arrange a marathon. :)

  16. I contacted the organizers yesterday. I spome of how amazing the actual event was and how the traffic issue would certainly dampen their celebratory mood. They are aware of the traffic problems, since all had to travel through the mire. I am certain that future events will seek some sort of remedy for the jams although I can’t see what will work when people ignore signs here daily.

    I counted no less than six billboards advertising the event. At least two were the size of a baseball diamond, so they were gardly hidden. The others were as large as any other and positioned at the Southwoods, Mamplasan and Santa Rosa exits. There were a couple others on SLEX overpasses. All stated the date and fact that it was a SUNSET RUN.

    I feel your pain but the blame game is useless. While we were running, many drivers acted like children. Most of us were there from mid afternoon until 10:00 pm. Those making the mess were the people NOT running in the event.

    Can we move on and get along?

  17. Okay. You win. Next time, we will just ask you to run the world. Hay naku, such arrogance!

    I will allow you the final word, since you can’t seem to control your emotions. The event was a success, much money was made by local vendors, lots of people left the runs smiling. I have run in countless races over the years and learned long ago to be prepared and patient. I’m sorry that you weren’t and that our race inconvenienced you.

    “Patience is the companion of wisdom.”
    ~St. Augustine

  18. I am glad to see that the runners and organizers seem have enjoyed the event.

    I just wish that there was a way to have made it as pleasant for the motorists.

    I was stuck in the Sta. Rosa area for a little more than 4 hours. There was a point where I had to bring down my 10 year old sister and 60 year old mother and walk about two kilometers, through gas fumes and dirt (we could not use the side walk as these were either occupied by cars or were used by passing motorcycles) to find a comfort room.

    The root of the problem were undisciplined motorists. Though heavier traffic should always be expected when there are events this grand, my perception is that the organizers did not plan for the worst. Perhaps alternate routes could have been offered, or even temporary road signs that could have mentioned to expect heavy traffic from 4pm-10pm could have helped.

    Moving forward, I hope that we all gain hindsight from this event and that steps can be taken future runs more pleasant for all parties involved.


  19. I was one of those stuck in the blasted traffic generated by this event. I was stuck from Laguna Bel Air entrance to Nuvali for 4 freaking hours. Talk about poor planning by the organizers.


    1. Posting a warning saying to expect heavy traffic is not enough. There has to be some suggestions for alternate routes that people can use. And rerouting of vehicles to avoid the area would have been better if possible.

    2. The reason that the restaurants had huge turnouts also had to do with motorists who were forced to go to them because they were starving because they got stuck during dinner time in this traffic.

    3. The race could have been a success without causing such a huge problem for those going through the area. I don't go through this area all the time so it took me completely by surprise. It's like the organizers didn't even consider the impact on traffic at all.

    Well, the organizers can't be to blame for the entire problem. Whoever was in charge on the government side for approving this should also be in the spotlight as they should also have been prepared for this. All in all, I think I only saw 2 or 3 policemen in the area.

  20. If you were stuck in traffic, that is life. I get stuck in it every day and know it is part of the deal here. We are a Third World nation! Further, the organizers can do nothing to facilitate better roads. While having alternate routes posted a week prior would be ideal, I have driven here too long to know that they would go unheeded. Undisciplined drivers caused this headache, not the race organizers! Go to Google Earth and look at the area. What routes would have made it easier? This race was one day and had been advertised MONTHS in advance. When a rally is announced in Makati, I don’t whine about being stuck in traffic I plan to go around it!

    The restaurants were filled with racers. While some motorists surely took advantage of the proximity during the delay, cash registers burst with the revenue racers and their families provided! They were prepared for the onslaught of racers – extra staff and portions were on hand to take advantage of the hungry gathering. That is an example of people reading the billboards and being proactive.

    I go through this area at least once a month – it is a shortcut to Tagaytay for me and Saturday nights are always tragic. Trikes and buses were the biggest culprits, as is the typical traffic problem here. Desperate drivers ignored red lights, traffic marshals and the police officers who were present. I saw one PO1 simply look disgusted at how drivers took the law into their hands – four lanes used going east bound, blocking intersections and driving on sidewalks. I can see why they threw their hands up in frustration. They could have had a battalion out there and it would have done no good.

    Whether you race in the Fort, QC, Cam Sur or Alabang, traffic is always going to be messed up for a little while. If this was your first day driving in the Philippines then I am indeed sorry that you had to experience such a long commute. I suspect that most of those on that road simply figured they could bully their way through and that is what caused the delay. A couple thousand people got into the race and parked their cars well before. It saddens me that some want to blame others rather than be accountable themselves.

    By the way, I took the Eton exit after the race and was on the SLEX in less than ten minutes. A map book does wonders.

  21. @RunMikeRun

    Being stuck in traffic in Philippines is part of life and undisciplined drivers are a lot to be blamed for that. However, 4 hours stuck in a 5km stretch or so is not everyday traffic. And I doubt you can consider that "a little while".

    I don't know where these advertisements and billboards you mentioned were but the only place where I saw an advisory about expecting heavy traffic was on that same road when I was already stuck in the traffic. It's easy for you to say that people should plan ahead or use a map guide because you probably already knew about the traffic this will cause but some people would have no knowledge of this event beforehand. Was there a way for me to know about this potential heavy traffic if I don't come to that area on a daily basis? Alternate routes would have been Carmona or the other routes MAXSpeed suggested.

    It's a Saturday when people from Manila and other places would plan on going to Tagaytay for an outing or a break from city life. How could they have anticipated this traffic? They couldn't have and that's what organizers/local government should have prepared for. I just don't think that was one of their priorities. Great event, who cares about the effect it will have on others.

    I blame the drivers who made the traffic situation a lot worse but how can you say that the organizers tried their best to prevent this when all I saw was one sign on the same road saying "Expect heavy traffic from 4PM to 9PM on Apr 24"?

  22. I hope that most of the big companies in sta.rosa technopark are planning to file damages claims to the organizers, for the millions of losses they had incurred, due to massive lates and abscences of workers who were not able to come to work.
    Thanks to this fun fun fun run for SOME people.

  23. @pinoyfitness

    I think the event itself is great as I expect that there are lots of runners here in the Philippines. I actually found this site because I wanted somewhere I could voice out feedback to organizers. I think the sad part here is that this is not the organizer's first marathon so they should have been able to plan it better. It's also the local government's fault here because when Finishline did other marathon events in the Fort or Ayala, rerouting was done for the traffic and alternate routes were provided.

  24. roads are for vehicles. if runners are gonna use it, make alternate routes. but what the heck- as long as you runners are happy, who cares about the motorists?
    runmikerun, there’s more to life than reading billboards

  25. Oh yeah. I did see the sign on the Santa Rosa exit. Nice big sign about the event. Should have automatically known that it would cause traffic along that area because that is a given.

    And signs are the perfect solution to avoid these situations right? Wonder why they even bothered with rerouting traffic and closing some roads for the Unilab Run United or the Run for Home Globe-Ayala events when signs would have done the same thing?

    • I agree with the let's all get along :) everyone has a point here, next thing to do is to is for organizers to consider all points discussed here and take it to their upcoming events.

  26. @RunMikeRun

    Problem with emails and comment posting is that you can't really convey what you could while actually talking to someone. I'm not emotional now since I was able to get past the traffic and had no other problems other than being late for an outing. Like I said earlier, I came here to post my feedback on the effect of the race on other people not involved in the race.

    I'm sure all the positives you mentioned are true but you're taking it at the perspective of a participant of an event that you truly enjoyed. You can't seriously expect people inconvenienced by the event to be happy that it happened?

    I'm not saying that this is the fault of the runners. I'm saying that the organizers and local government could have done a better job at the side effects of the event.

    As for the arrogance, I suggest you re-read some of your own postings when you have a cooler head. :). If my postings were arrogant, it must have been the fact that I really just wanted to annoy you. Also, having never had the chance to participate in these races, I haven't yet learned to be patient.

  27. The problem was not with the organizers but with the undisciplined drivers. People are in such a hurry to save 10 seconds of time that they "counterflow", make 4 lanes out of 2, etc. If drivers simply OBEYED the laws, STOPPED at red lights, WAITED their turn then traffic would actually run smoother. The arrogance of the drivers, the "me first" attitude was the largest factor, not the run.

  28. Kool lang kayo mga people. I want to share my story to all of you.

    I joined the 10K GreenField City sunset run as I leave nearby Enchanted Kingdom area at Sta. Rosa. I was surprised to learn that on my way to Paseo de Sta. Rosa for the race, traffic was terribly heavy. I have only 10 mins left before the 10K race to start and I am still stuck in the Mcdonalds Laguna Bel-Air area and I saw one free parking slot so I parked my vehicle there and headed to Paseo de Sta. Rosa where the start/Finish line is located. The distance between McDonalds to Paseo de Sta. Rosa is roughly 1.5Km so I jogged on my way there but only to find out that the 10K runners already left the starting line. So I joined the 5K runners starting time at 5:55pm but ran the 10K route. Obviously it was a great and fun run but seeing a huge traffic jam all over Sta. Rosa was chaotic.

    It is true that Paseo de Sta. Rosa area is a business hub where big businesses in the Semiconductor and Automotive industries in Laguna Technopark and GreenField Auto Center are located. It is also true that 4-6 hours of stoppage in production can cause millions of dollars lost from these big businesses due to no employees/operator can operate their machines/equipments as they were stuck in the traffic jam.

    My point here is in the future, you need to survey the area, must have a re-routing plan for the motorists, well organize and make sure you'll have a win-win plans where everyone will be happy both the runners and the motorists.

    I also experienced some trauma after this run. On my way back to McDonalds to pick up my car, a lot of motorists were staring at me and it seems that it was all my fault. I saw one motorist arguing with the security guard at GreenField Automotive center along Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay road because the guard won't let the motorist pass for the road to Eaton exit.

    One of my officemate who ran the 21K was hit by the motorcyle on his body on his way to Eaton 21K U-turn when the marshall let some motorcycle motorists used the road to Eaton exit. Fortunately he was not hurt.

    Then when I was queuing in line to order our foods in Mcdonalds for our dinner, I was with my wife, daughter, nephew and cousin, my cousin told me that she heard one man besides her saying that the man would like to spank if he will ever see a man wearing a greenfield sunset run singlet.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to laugh or scared but fortunately I have already changed clothes on my way back to Mcdonalds as I noticed a lot of motorists are staring at me. huhuhuhu hahaha….

    Well, i just want you to share the story of my Greenfield sunset run experience. Hope we all learned a lesson here.

  29. I'm sorry but this event created:







    delay, delay, delay. Did I say delay?

    Very disappointing. Please accept the fact that many people/motorists are not happy with this event. Plan it properly.

  30. relax, give organizers a break its the first sunset run @ starosa, who would anticipate such trouble if its the first time? lesson learned.

    by the way how long do the organizers posts the race results?


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