Obstacle Course Races (OCR) in the Philippines

Quick chat with Jackie Go about the Obstacle Course Races (OCR) that is now available in the Philippines and some of the differences between them.

Revisiting Masungi Georeserve Trail in Rizal

Another look at the Masungi Georeserve located in 47 Marcos Highway, Baras, Rizal.

360 Fitness Club Coaches Profile Video

Interested to know who the coaches/trainers and what they can do in 360 Fitness Club? Watch this video and find out!

Easy to Make – No Bake Energy Bars

Energy bars is essential when you go out for a long run or go exploring out on the trails, it can be quite expensive at times. But making your own homemade energy bars can be simple and a cheaper alternative.

This is why you should NEVER celebrate until you cross the finish-line

This is why you should never celebrate victory until you ACTUALLY CROSS the finish-line.

Street Ninja – Basic Road Bike Safety Video

Sharing the Part 1 of the collaboration event between Pinoy Fitness and Maximus Athlete's Shop Cafe where Coach Andy Leuterio shares some tips and tricks about Urban Biking Safety.

5 Fitness Tips for Moms with Jackie Go

Since mother's day is just around the corner, we got together with Jackie Go, a mom and fitness blogger/influencer to share to us some tips on how to stay fit and healthy being a busy mom just like herself.

Baler 2016 – No Surfing Weekend

We've been visiting Baler for the last 8 years and this year so far was the "flattest" Baler trip we encountered. We always thought "hindi na wawalan ng alon sa Baler", and normally this theory is true until today.

TBR Dream Marathon 2018 Video Recap

A race designed for 1st and 2nd time marathon runners. A venue where emotions are real, and the experience unforgettable. Here's a short video recap of what happened last weekend!

Tech Tattoos that can Track your Health and Fitness Activity

These futuristic Tech Tattoos "TECH TATS" could be the future for activity tracking and fitness wearables.

Paralyzed Biker Martyn Ashton Rides Again

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude." - Thomas Jefferson

Reliving the Moment @ Century Tuna 5150 (Video)

Congratulations again to all Century Tuna 5150 Triathlon Finishers! Here's a quick video to recap and Relive the Moment! Enjoy!

Group Class Training Video with Coach Chappy, Go Jackie Go and Kelly Medina

What happens when you put the head coach of 360 Fitness Club Coach Chappy Callanta, Fitness & Lifestyle Mom Blogger Jackie Go, Fashion and Fitness Blogger Kelly Medina and Pinoy Fitness in a Gym?

Kwentuhan: Cardimax Clark Ultramarathon Race Recap

Our friend Mike Dijamco completed his first 50K Ultramarathon at the recently concluded Cardimax Clark Ultramarathon last September 4, 2016.