Starting your fitness journey this 2023

The biggest thing that stops people from finally getting into shape is the fear of getting started. Yes it can get intimidating, but with a proper plan in mind you can get it done.


As we enter the start of yet another new year, something we can’t run away from is our new year’s resolutions. We always start out the year with new goals in mind, may it be starting your dream business, achieving your first million, or finally getting into shape.

Let’s focus on getting into shape. We all know the benefits of working out and staying active. Not only will it benefit our physical health, but it will also positively impact our mental health as well. Not only that, but the discipline instilled in going to the gym or going for a consistent run will translate in other aspects of your life too.

However, the biggest thing that stops people from finally getting into shape is the fear of getting started. Yes it can get intimidating, but with a proper plan in mind you can get it done. Here’s 5 tips to help you get started: 



It’s hard to keep pushing yourself, especially physically, without a destination in mind. The first step is to always decide what your goal is. There’s no right or wrong answer here; whether it’s getting a six pack, running a sub hour 10k, or just being able to consistently go to the gym 3x a week, it’s all up to you. 

Now once you have a goal, make sure to constantly remind yourself of it. Write it down and post it somewhere in your room if you have to. When those hard days come, and they will, what will keep you going is that goal you set out for yourself. 


The last thing you want is to go to the gym for the first time and potentially injure yourself from having the wrong form or using the equipment the wrong way. Same goes with running, there are different forms of training and proper posture that you need to be aware of. 

There’s an abundance of fitness content online that can help you get started. You can also get a coach or join a community and get guidance in your daily workouts. There’s also a ton of content here on Pinoy Fitness that can help you out, we suggest you check it out!


It’s important to plug in your workouts during days and times that work best for you and your schedule. We’re all busy with either work, school, or family time, so finding the best time for working out is crucial. 

May it be early in the morning before you get started with your day or at night after you wrap everything up, the best time will depend on you and your circumstances. 


There will be times that you miss a workout, and that’s okay. We are not machines meant to be in the gym or out on the road running every single day. If you can’t make it to the gym because you had a long day at work, don’t beat yourself up over it. 

If you beat yourself up over missing a workout session, it will only make things worse and will likely even derail you even more from achieving your goals. Be kinder to yourself and just make sure that you bounce back!


No, you won’t get six pack abs in your first month in the gym. But you can get them if you stay consistent all year round. You also won’t be able to run a sub hour 10k in only two weeks, but with enough training you will get there. 

Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. Make sure that your mindset coming into 2023 is that this will be the year that will start my lifelong journey into fitness. Consistency, patience, and discipline will always pave the way towards results. 


Getting in to shape is a mighty goal and we’re rooting for your success! Just remember these five tips and you should be starting in no time. Make sure to be consistent and think long term as you go along in your journey. 

To help you get started on that journey, why not try and challenge yourself by joining a virtual run? Pinoy Fitness has an upcoming virtual challenge for runners starting this January 1, 2023! 

You can check it out here:


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