ColorManila Run Year 8 (2020) in SM Mall of Asia

In celebration of our 8th year anniversary, we are bringing you back to the most colorful planet for more colorful memories, where euphoria and pure bliss are experienced! Get ready for our 76th launch to CM Planet!

ColorManila Run Year 8

SM MOA Event Grounds
Organizer: Color Manila

Registration Fees:
DELUXE (₱950) – CM Year 8 Shirt, Foldable water bottle, Race bib
Finisher Kit: Hydration, Finisher Medal, Color Packet

ROCKSTAR (₱1500) – CM Year 8 Shirt, Foldable water bottle,
Race bib, Drawstring bag, Headwear
Finisher Kit: Hydration, Finisher Medal, Color Packet

VIP GOLD (₱2500) – CM Year 8 Shirt, Foldable water bottle,
Race bib, Drawstring Bag, Headwear, VIP Shirt, VIP Sunglasses, VIP Village Pass
Finisher Kit: Hydration, Finisher Medal, Color Packet

21K BASIC (₱1,550) – CM Year 8 Singlet, Foldable water bottle, Race bib
Finisher Kit: Hydration, 21K Finisher Medal, Color

21K PREMIUM (₱2,200) – CM Year 8 Singlet, Foldable water bottle,
Race bib, Drawstring Bag, Headwear
Finisher Kit: Hydration, 21K Finisher Medal, Color Packet, 21K Finisher Shirt, 21K Premium Village Pass

Registration Venues:
1. Online:
2. SM Tickets net or SM Tickets outlets nationwide
3. Prepaid cards through partner stores:
– Mizuno Mall of Asia
– Mizuno SM Megamall
– Mizuno Trinoma
– Mizuno Magallanes
– Mizuno Alabang Town Center
4. Traveloka Xperience


For More Information:
Email: [email protected]


  1. Good day,

    I may not be able to upload the Official receipt and confirmation. It says “server rejected” ..

    How can we refund if there’s an issue like this? Is there any other option? Since there is a deadline in submitting this refund process online, on March 27, 2020. Already sent an email at [email protected] and no response yet. Even in facebook page of Color Manila , none yet reply at all. Thank you for your kind consideration.

    Thank you & God Bless!

  2. How to refund? No communication was sent. Not even an email advise that the event is officially cancelled. Organizers should at least send an email with instructions on how to refund.

  3. Please have the consideration to assure your participants that you will update us, as soon as you have a decision with regards to the matter, instead of leaving people hanging, knowing that you already got our payments.
    Yes the event is cancelled, and that is understandable; but you letter is not even giving any assurance of what you plan to do. Are you at least going to updAte people who paid for their hard earned money, if you will push through at a better date, or you will give a refund. In this trying times, the least you can do, is give assurance of a definite plan, even if there is no definite date yet, if you want to reschedule. Your released statement is very vague, and very one sided. Giving a plan, would lessen the burden of some people. Thank you.

  4. I have received the colorfun run deluxe package delivered to me yet I already refund this the moment the January fun run was cancelled. Please throughly explain this!

  5. Hi! Me too I received the colorfun run kit package delivered to me only one set i but ordered 2 sets. And also I already refund this since the fun run was cancelled. You have no numbers to call and no replies on email!

  6. Good day Organizers. We have registered for this run (3 of us). When it was cancelled, we have requested and filled up applications for refund. Due to worsening condition of Covid during that time, the delay was considered cancellation. We again applied anf filled up forms for refund. Up to this time, we have received any refund given the fact we have compied with the requirements. Please look into our reuqest. Thank you.

  7. We still have not received our refund for this event. There is no contact number to call and our follow-up emails were not replied, too. To organizers, appreciate your IMMEDIATE feedback in the status of our refund request. Thanks!

  8. Any update on the refund? Been trying to reach out via email, Messenger and Instagram but they are not responding. Couldn’t find any contact number to reach them directly. Anyone here who already received their refund or may know any ways to contact Color Manila regarding this matter?

  9. Has anyone here received a refund from Color Manila Run 2020? There were no updates anymore. I have paid for 3 participants and it has been a year already of waiting.

  10. Hello, is there any feedback regarding the refund request?

    It’s been a year already and no one from Color MANILA is explaining how to refund our payment.

    Please be considerate.


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