Under Armour PH Released the Rush & Recovery Apparel Line


Under Armour Released Rush & Recovery Apparel Line design for improved athletic performance!

When it comes to athletic performance, every little detail counts. Athletes who are focused in training to be better in their respective sports spend countless hours in perfecting their form, improving their speed, and increasing their strength – because at the end of the day, performance is everything.

With the athlete’s performance in mind, Under Armour introduced to the market the UA Rush & Recovery Line, an apparel line that is scientifically designed to enable 1% improved performance. Under Armour is the first to used mineral-infused fabric designed to enhance performance by recycling the body’s energy during moments of performance.


The responsive fabric of the UA Rush line is made up of a proprietary blend of minerals found naturally in the earth. What happens during performance is similar to how the body benefits from an infrared sauna.

So when the body emits heat during performance, the fabric of the UA Rush line absorbs this heat and converts it into infrared energy that is re-emitted back into the body. The result of recycling energy is increased temporary localized circulation which then promotes improved performance and energy!

The Under Armour Rush Collection covers all of athletic wears- from fitted tees, long-sleeved shirts, leggings, tights, and even sports bras. The UA Rush line is now available in the market from PHP 2395 to 4995 and you can experience the difference of 1% better performance when you visit Under Armour’s retail stores in SM Mall of Asia and Bonifacio High Street.


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