Balesin Active Retreat with ActiveHealth


A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend the Active Fitness Retreat at the Balesin Island Club organized by Balesin Sports Camp together with One of a Kind Maketing and ActiveHealth.

Watch this video for our weekend adventure in Balesin:

The group was separated into 2 batches, and only 6 of us was able to fly in a 9 seater plane together with some other members on the first day. Me, Jackie Go, Marge Camacho, Isa Marfori and Coach Ani and Dan Brown of ActiveHealth.


Since we have to wait for the others to arrive, we were able to spend our first day enjoying the beach and the wonderful sunset in Balesin.

We started the 2nd day by visiting Aegle Wellness Center to try their Thalassotherapy and take the body composition analysis. Thalassotherapy uses seawater as a form of therapy which is believed to have medical benefits including weight loss, detoxification, anti-ageing, recovery and rejuvenation.

Next was the Body Composition Analysis where we learned about our health score, at the same time we got some tips from Dr. Jayson on how to properly interpret our results and what to do to further improve our health. It’s a good test to know how to kick start your fitness journey.

Later in the afternoon, we got some running tips from National Elite Coaches Dan Brown and Ani De Leon – Brown. Even though I’ve been running for more than 9 years now, this session was a great refresher on the importance of proper breathing, stride economy and good posture for efficient running.

Coach Ani also mentioned the importance of taking care of your skin when doing outdoor sports and making sure you use the right products like ActiveHealth SKINPRO Sunscreen and the after-sun soothing gel.

Then we ended the day with a relaxing yoga session by TriFactor ambassador Elle Adda, a perfect recovery activity after a long active day followed by a scrumptious Spanish dinner at Costa del Sol.

Since we are the first ones to arrive, we also need to be the first ones to leave as well, sad that we have to miss some of the additional fitness activities lined up during the following day. But it was all good!

Thank you Balesin Sports Camp, One of a Kind Marketing, ActiveHealth, Oakley and Aegle Wellness Center for the weekend.

This event was also made possible with the support of Mike Asperin, CEO of Balesin who initiates the Balesin Sports Camp as they also launch it this April with the top caliber sports personalities and countries’ premier coaches. To know more visit


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