The Itch to Win


We, as avid enthusiasts of fitness have always struggled with injuries throughout our athletic life; these may range from the simple tight muscles to torn ligaments. However, not all things come in great intensities. Our performance may even be hampered by the little things we face on a daily basis.

We all know how the last few sets of your workout is as important as the previous three or nine sets you just did; or how that 1 minute limit to your rest helps your endurance. We, as athletes, know how small things amount to great things. We want to be our best 100% of the time to be able to push ourselves to be better. We strive to be unstoppable. What can we say right, we just have the itch to win.

We made a rundown on the common “little” injuries and discomfort we may face during training that hamper us into becoming unstoppable.


1. Chaffing

We are all so familiar with this one: CHAFFING. Remember those showers you took after your long run and the scream you’re trying to suppress as the water hits your chaffed skin? BEEN THERE, DONE THAT…. too many times.

With this injury, my go to is the trusted petroleum jelly, but any other lubricant designed for running works just fine. The trick with chaffing is to prevent it. Even if I haven’t chaffed yet, I see to it that I lubricate areas that rub against fabric. These common areas are the neck where the hole of the shirt is, nipples, armpit, hip bones, and even on the backside of the Achilles tendon.

2. Blisters and Calluses

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Since I’ve started venturing into the obstacle course racing scene; I started to develop blisters and calluses almost the size of five peso coins on my hands. These added to my already existing calluses on my feet from years of running.

One can try to prevent getting these injuries by wearing workout gloves. However, these are some of the things that we athletes just have to brave and train through.

3. Sunburn

When we start training for long distance races, we can’t help but be chased by the sun. Sometimes, we even HAVE to train under the sun so that we can get accustomed to the hot weather conditions during race day. Stop abusing your skin and protect it from the harsh sun by using sunblock.

4. Runner’s Trot

Next up is the hardest to control out of all the “little” injuries yet. Runner’s Trot or most commonly known as runner’s diarrhea is a phenomena where runners often feel they have to *go* at the start of or mid run.

There is no clear explanation to this phenomena but some speculations involve how our organs react with the up and down motion when we run, or the decreased blood flow to our GI tract as our muscles are demanding more oxygen for them to perform. As there is no final decision on what causes runner’s trot, one way we can help control it is by paying attention to our diet.

It is advisable that before a workout, one should limit high fiber and fatty foods several hours before training, provide ample time for the body to digest meals before heading out the door, and to simply plan running routes that pass by toilets so that your training won’t be thrown off with your grumpy stomach. While on race days, simply get up a little earlier to enable the body to wake up and get things going before you head on to your race.

5. Fungal and Yeast infection

Speaking of Itch To Win, what if that’s not the only thing itching? Don’t worry, since we’re exposed to heat, sweat and dust most of the time, fungal and yeast infections are inevitable.

Good news: We found a solution to that!
Introducing the antifungal Ketoconazole (Nizoral®) Cream.

Ketoconazole (Nizoral®) Cream is a topical antifungal cream that helps in aiding athletes foot, yeast infection, jock itch, and ringworms, just to name a few. These skin problems may be caused by either a fungus or yeast infection. Fungus and yeast infection thrive on dark and/or damp places. Speaking of damp, you know what’s damp? Your sweaty workout clothes!

A typical athlete spends almost 5-7 hours a week soaking in sweat and dirt from training and that figure can even shoot up to over 15 hours for those training for a marathon or a different event. We won’t stop and we can’t be stopped. Why let these treatable infections hamper our potential into becoming the greatest of all time?

With Ketoconazole (Nizoral®) Cream in our training bags, no need to worry about clocking in long hours on the pavement or the gym and sweating buckets. Having Ketoconazole (Nizoral®) Cream in your arsenal to fend off these skin problems will help you be the Unstoppable You!


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