Freenet: Access the Internet Anytime Anywhere Without Using Load, Ask Us How


So you just finished a good early morning run and you’re about to book a ride home when suddenly your load expired. It doesn’t seem safe to commute as the sun still hasn’t quite risen and the lights along the road are not all on. There are no loading stalls or a place with wifi nearby. You suddenly feel the exhaustion from your run and a growing irritation from this inconvenience.

Enter Freenet app.

Get Data For Free

Freenet app provides free 24/7 access to various apps and websites. With freenet, you don’t need load or data subscription or wifi. Everything you need is there: from your favorite social networks, shopping sites, news, sports, food, travel, and more.

You can post your running selfie or PR on social media, browse Lazada for gadgets or equipment to help you run better, shop for a new running shorts/tights on Zalora, book a ride home any time of the day, check your balance on your bank mobile app, book flights immediately during seat sales, and more even without data! You won’t ever miss out on anything again!


How to Get Freenet

Download the app and follow these very easy steps:

Available on iOS | Android

Step 1: Click register and create your Voyager account.
Step 2: Confirm your mobile number.
Step 3: Enter the verification code sent to your mobile number.
Step 4: Complete your user profile.
Step 5: Congratulations! You have successfully completed the registration!

Earn Points and Get Data Packages Just By Using It

Earn points by accomplishing missions inside the app’s mission tab. Types of missions may include downloading partner apps, usage of partner sites, and more. The missions are easy to do and are added every day.

After completing missions and earning enough points, there is also a shop tab in the Freenet App where you can exchange them with featured data packages. Choose from a variety of packages that will suit your need and match your current points collected. If you don’t want the packages, you may convert them to regular load or gaming pins.

Refer Friends and Instantly Get Additional Points

You earn 50 points whenever a friend of yours uses your unique referral code to register! The best part is, your referred friend also gets 50 points!

To get your referral code, simply tap on the menu, then go to “Referral Code”

Similarly, you can exchange points you earned from referring a friend with different featured data packages by just going to the shop tab!

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