What is FitCon MNL?


Last May, FitCon MNL 2018 was held at Green Sun, Makati wherein local and international fitness and wellness experts and enthusiasts gather for a 3-day long convention. Which translated to three full days of learning and sharing knowledge and experiences that are fitness related.

A Highly Anticipated Event for Personal Trainers

FitCon offers quite a variety of workshops and classes from international and local experts that are geared to enhance the knowledge and skillset of personal trainers and coaches. You can expect classes that will tackle discussions on growing your client based, personalizing a program based on your clients’ need, surviving and thriving in the industry, etc.

FitCon participants were also required to wear workout outfits because you are sure to be engaged in physical activities from the variety of workshops offered. Some of the memorable ones were bodyART (a fusion of dance, Yoga and therapy, and Hatha Flow Yoga), Pilates, Piloxing, Zumba, and many more!

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There were also special post-convention courses that are only open for FitCon participants only like BodyART Level 1 Instructor Certification Course with Garnet Stuidy and Fat Loss Specialization with Ben Siong

FitCon is also for every fitness enthusiast

Aside from classes that help to better Personal Trainers, FitCon also offers a lot of classes that anyone who wants to build a business in fitness would greatly benefit like setting goals and staying motivated, developing a fitness brand, and even detailed talks on how you entrepreneurs used their passion for fitness to build their business.

An example of this is how triathlon coach, Andy Lueterio, shared how Maximus Athlete Shop Cafe was born – a one-stop cafe where you can get all your cycling needs and even cycle indoors.

Ready for FitCon MNL 2019?

What’s good about Dynamic Duo, the founder of FitCon MNL, is that you know they are in it for the long run. “We’re trying to tap the market that has never been tapped” was what the Duo said during their opening speech.

With this in mind, we are sure to expect a bigger and better FitCon 2019 with them introducing “FitCon University” which we can soon learn more about.

Overall, FitCon MNL is a highly educational and beneficial for personal trainers and coaches. It gives them an edge by allowing them to participate in classes that are either the newest trend or one that can greatly improve their skillset as coaches.

Yet, it is also a must-go event for anyone who is in the fitness scene as it allows you to know the fitness market more, build networks, and interact with like-minded people.

To know more about FitCon MNL, you can check out their website and Facebook page.


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