Affordable and Useful Christmas Gifts Ideas That Are Only 800 and Below


As 2017 almost comes to an end, we close this chapter with gratitude and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year — Christmas!

We remember all the good things that have happened to us and give thanks to the people that made this year memorable; which is why this season is the season of giving…. in a literal sense! Aside from the heartfelt messages, there is no better way of you expressing your appreciation than through gifts.

Luckily for us, we don’t need to spend all our allowances or Christmas bonus because there are gifts that are affordable and useful which our sporty friends will still surely love. I went to different sports stores and here are 12 items that are PHP 800.00 and below which you might want to give this Christmas:

1. TYR Nest Pro Googles – PHP 679.00

Where to buy it: RUNNR Store


It’s never too early for summer! You can already give this as a gift to your friends since it’s probably going to be a lot pricier when the hot season comes.

2. RUNNR Destination Marathon Socks – PHP 499.00

Where to buy it: RUNNR Store

Every runner needs a good pair of socks. This specific set of socks has designs of the world marathons—London, Chicago, you name it! Pick a theme and be inspired to use it someday in the country that you chose.

3. Quest Bar – PHP 195.00

Where to buy it: RUNNR Store

Food is always a great idea, but protein bars? Even better. Give your friends a pack or a bar of these babies and it’ll surely not go to waste.

4. Clyde Shoe Cleaner – PHP 800.00

Where to buy it: RUNNR Store

Let’s admit it—it gets demotivating to clean our shoes once in a while. However, with this gift, your friend will definitely be cleaning his/her shoes with pleasure. This is the most expensive on the list and rightfully so because it contains two types of brushes (soft and hard), microfabric towel, and the cleaning solution. Sneakerheads will thank you for this present.

5. Quorum Patellar Stabilizer – PHP 475.00

Where to buy it: RUNNR Store

For runners, patellar stabilizers can help knees move properly and decrease the wearing down of knee joints that causes problems like dislocation and etc. If you know someone who has or has had a problem in this area, this is the perfect gift for that person.

6. Quorum Stride Liger – PHP 345.00

Where to buy it: RUNNR Store

After a good run, letting our feet breathe is the best feeling. The Quorum Stride Liger is very comfortable to wear and it’ll be a nice cushion to sore feet.

7. Speedo Jet Googles – PHP 549.00

Where to buy it: Speedo

Similar to TYR Nest Pro Googles, Speedo also sells quality swimming goggles. For just PHP 549.00, you could proceed with your aqua training properly.

8. Speedo Plain Molded Silicone Cap – PHP 449.00

Where to buy it: Speedo

Just to match it with the goggles above or if your friend doesn’t have one yet, silicone caps are always beneficial. Especially now that some pools would require you to wear one, this is a nice gift to give because this isn’t what most people would buy for themselves.

9. Speedo Equipment Mesh Bag – PHP 799.00

Where to buy it: Speedo

Personally, this one is my favorite. For just almost PHP 800.00, you could already give a useful and foldable bag. The Speedo Equipment Mesh Bag is excellent utility-wise and it is also foldable—talk about convenience! I can vouch for you that this bag is durable!

10. Asics Racing Shoe Laces – PHP 250.00

Where to buy it: Asics

Another thing about cleaning shoes, it’s quite difficult to polish shoelaces. You could clean it, but it’s hard to make it 100% squeaky clean again. Give this as a gift to your sneakerhead friend and allow him/her to interchange old laces with this new Asics Racing Shoe Laces.

11. Asics Ankle Socks – PHP 390.00

Where to buy it: Asics

Asics also sells socks that I can consider worth it. PHP 390.00 may sound expensive, but this one is ultra-soft that it feels really nice to wear. You’re purchasing quality and it’s all athletes are going for.

Aquazorb Body Towel – PHP 550.00

Where to buy it: Glorietta

Aquazorb towels are really efficient; it’s soft and can absorb sweats so well—perfect for training. If you’re sweaty or you’re drying yourself from a shower, this premium towel works well.

There are more things that sports stores have, but those are the ones that took our attention. Do you have any recommendations for gifts PHP 800.00 and below? Share this post and comment yours!


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