Top 5 Quirky Running Terms

We listed our top 5 quirky terms that runners can definitely relate to


Running is not all about the technicalities and medals. The most compelling reason that we get along with our fellow runners is the struggles we share during training, and of course all the feelings and emotions that we experience while training, racing, and recovering. So we listed our top 5 quirky terms that runners can definitely relate:

1. Tamaditis

Nangyayari kapag nauuna ang katamaran kesa training. Isa sa pinakasikat na sakit ng mga runners at medyo mahirap hanapan ng lunas lalo na kapag maulan.

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2. Tabakasyon

Sikat tuwing long weekend season at pumunta ang mga runners sa beach or roadtrips kasi nakakalimutan ang mga takbo o LSD sa weekend. Kadalasan nauuwi ang mga bakasyon sa tatlong araw na inuman, kainan, at picture-taking.

3. Rungry

Happens when you literally can’t think of anything else when running except for the all the food you can and you will eat after. That’s one of the perks of running, right?

4. Runderful

The wonderful feeling of happiness and satisfaction you get after running. Usually characterized by a genuine smiling finish line photo or being in a good mood the whole day after a race or training.

5. Tabaho

Yung kapag masyadong stressful sa work at pagkain nalang lang ang nagiging coping mechanism mo. Kaya ang resulta, tabaho – tumataba sa trabaho (huhu)


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