12 Types of People You Will Spot in The GYM


The GYM is an interesting place to spot a vast array of people. Whether it’s that buff athlete near the weightlifting area or the talkative tita beside you on the treadmill, it’s always fun and interesting to see the variety of gym goers around the country. In this article, we categorized 12 of them, which one are you?

1. The Selfie Lords

#NoPainNoGain #KeepMovingForward #FitnessFirst #GymNeverStops is probably what the photo caption of these type of gym goers are like. The Gym selfie kings and queens are those that love maximizing the lightning and mirrors of the Gym that make you look extra slender. These are the ones who love taking photos and whose Instagram stories and post are all about their fitness life.

2. The Ms. Kris Aquino

The Ms. Kris Aquino ones are what we call today as the titas of Manila at the gym. They are the ones we spot either at the dancing floor working their Zumba flow or on the treadmill keeping up with their pace. These are the ones who love conversing with anyone and those that love to bring pizza or that type of food at the gym.

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3. The Mr. Boy Abunda

If there are titas of Manila at the Gym, of course there are titos as well. Although they are not as talkative, these are the ones you spot trying to stay fit or even maintaining good and proper health for their age.

4. The Weightlifting Fairies

Meanwhile, in the other corner, weightlifters have their own weightlifting world with their very own equipment. These are the ones you spot busy minding their own business weightlifting and concentrating on building their strength and muscles.

5. The Fashionista

Nike tank top, orange Nike Shorts, Nike flyknits, Nike water jug, etc, you name it. The fashionistas at the Gym are those that go all out with their colorful or even branded sports gear to help them go all out and enjoy their workouts. Maybe the colorful wardrobe they wear helps them work out 10x better, because after all, it’s proven that having new gym clothing motivates a person to exercise.

6. The Pa-Boy

The pa-boy is probably the athlete or “leader of the squad” type of a guy you may spot at the Gym. These are the ones that are working to get their bodies intact or possibly even body building to look the best amongst their pack of friends. The pa-boy could also possibly be that teenager at the Gym.

7. The Lovebirds

Of course, we can’t avoid seeing couples workout together at the Gym as this is what society calls today as #RelationshipGoals. The lovebirds are those two people who have their own love nest at the Gym doing workouts amongst only by themselves. After all, the couple that works out together works out well for the future.

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8. The Equipment Hoarder

Ever been annoyed at someone for hoarding the machine too long? Or using that favorite treadmill of yours? That’s the equipment hoarder who thinks and wants the Gym for him or herself only. These are the ones you spot maximizing each and every equipment there is at the Gym or the ones that really take their sweet time at a corresponding equipment or machine everyone’s waiting to use.

9. The Newbie

The one trying to figure out the machines or how things work is what you call a Gym newbie. The newbie can be spotted as someone who’s still learning the ropes and someone who might even have a trainer in their first few sessions. That’s alright though, because everyone starts as a newbie at the Gym.

10. The Mr. or Ms. Consistent

Perfect attendance every day or possibly a Dean Lister’s recipient (if there was one) at the Gym is the Mr. or Ms. Consistent. These are the ones you spot every single time and those you think that have made the Gym their second home.

11. The Sweat Dripper

Ever experience a time where you go to an equipment and notice that it’s full of sweat after the last one used it? That’s who you call the sweat dripper. These are the ones you spot sweating all over despite the towel already hanging around their shoulders. The sweat dripper is someone you don’t want to be with if you’re afraid of getting sweat on you but someone admirable because you know that sweat is a proof that they’re working out hard.

12. The Hulk

The Mr. Hulk is that buff guy you will spot as he is admired for his true will and dedication in bodybuilding. The Mr. Hulk is someone you know takes their protein shake, diets and workout plans seriously after looking at that powerful and fierce body of theirs. These are the ones who walk around the Gym confidently knowing that they have reached the #BodyBuilding goals.

The Gym is also another great place to meet all kinds of people. It’s not only a place to work out but also a place where you will really spot all kinds of people from all walks of life. So, from the list above, who are you? Let us know! And if we missed anyone, feel free to share another type of Gym goer to us.


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