5 Tips On How to Convince your Beshie Run


5 Tips On How to Convince your Beshie Run

Are you having a hard time convincing your beshie to join you on your runs? Here are some tips might make them change their minds and, hopefully, start their journey towards becoming runners for life.

1. Use the power of social media

Share photos of your races and the places you’ve been to because of running. Post status updates about your fitness gains because of running. Is your endurance improving? Have you lost weight? People are very visual – seeing the benefits of running through your posts is more likely to convince them than when you keep nagging them to join you.

2. Invite them to join your running group or volunteer to be a running buddy

Running solo can be lonely for a newbie and might cause them to lose interest quickly. Invite friends and family to join your running group, or volunteer to be their running buddy during weekend runs. Being among other runners who have a regular running schedule will encourage them to make it a habit. They also get to widen their social circle.

3. Don’t go technical on them

Forget about pace, calorie count, and other stats. Skip the hi-tech gear, too. Let them run at their own pace, just for the sheer pleasure of it. Everything else can come in later.

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4. Take it slow

We’ve heard of more experienced runners peer-pressure newbie friends to sign up for half and full marys even if they’re not yet prepared for it physically and mentally. Not only will they feel discouraged if they perform poorly, it’s also dangerous as this can lead to running-related injuries. Encourage and help them to work on their mileage and mental toughness first.

5. Agree on an incentive

Reward yourselves after a good run – it could be brunch, ice cream, coffee, or a beautiful view. Make running – and what happens after it – something to look forward to.

Running does not have to feel like a tedious chore for your friends. Once your friends’ endorphins kick in, they’ll be glad they took you up on the challenge.


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