Corregidor Marathon 2017 with Team Soleus Philippines


Corregidor Marathon 2017 with Team Soleus Philippines

When Edward Kho the organizer of Corregidor Marathon/Half-Marathon and Judith of Team Soleus Philippines invited me to join them for the 2017 edition of the Corregidor Marathon I was both excited and worried. Last time I raced in Corregidor was back in 2014 where I ran and documented the half-marathon distance.

This time Edward recommends the inaugural 15K Assault that incorporated a couple of obstacles along the 15K route, this is what scared me more than the rumored mumu on the island. Before the race, no one actually knows what the obstacles are, so all of it will basically be a surprise!

One of the many reasons why I love running in Corregidor is the beautiful surroundings and picturesque landscapes around the island. If you’re not aiming for a PR, it’s a good idea to bring along a camera to take some photos of the ruins as the race route takes you around the island like a normal Corregidor tour would.

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So after the 15K race, we finally found out what the obstacles are! What I really like about the new 15K Assault category was how Edward Kho was able to use the existing historical structures of Corregidor as obstacles. The first challenge was a short swim at the beach, then being powdered at next (colored powered next time?), jump around a series of bamboos, then duck walk inside a ~200 meter tunnel (in the dark), cross a maze of fire and finally a Japanese cave with a steep climb.

Some of the obstacles are a bit scary, specially the last one, but it was converted into a fun challenge when you have friends who’s doing the challenge with you. So special thanks to Team Soleus for the company with the obstacles and the race.

If you haven’t been to Corregidor, then this is definitely a race to try, for others like me who raced this a few times already, add the 15K Assault to your bucket list, bring some friends along too to make it more fun, it’s going to be a great bonding experience.

That’s it! See you guys next year! For more videos please do subscribe to out YouTube Channel.


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