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The Nike Zonal Strength Tights

Last week we were invited by Kim to check out the launching of the new Nike Zonal Strength Running Tights.

I really don’t know what to expect since it’s going to be my first time to use a full length tights, and surprisingly the Nike Zonal Strength Tights fits pretty well on me.

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According to Nike EKIN Soy Soriano the Nike Zonal Tights compresses the muscles and is developed with a 4-way stretch fabric to improve mobility and reduce muscle vibrations by 40% , this helps the muscle to recover faster for a longer and stronger run.


We then took the tights for a 3K test run together with the NRC group. First thing I noticed was how cool the tights feel, the air seems to be passing through and it feels like a second skin, I was initially expecting it to be hot since it’s a full tights.

Overall it was a pleasant experience running in it. To fully test the compression capability, I would need to run longer with it though.

Running Zonal Strength Tights for – Men P6,295 | Women – P5,795
Running Zonal Strength Tights for Women Capri – P5,295

So if you usually run in tights, or wants to try one, check out the Nike Zonal Strength Tights. The Available now at Nike Stores nationwide.

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