Why Whole Milk Is The Best Recovery Drink Post Workout



Why Whole Milk Is The Best Recovery Drink Post Workout

Post workout nutrition is one of the most crucial components of an effective workout plan; it helps your muscles recover faster and hydrates the body. One of the most overlooked recovery drinks post workout is whole milk. Here are three reasons why whole milk should be your recovery drink of choice.


1. It has High Nutritional Value

Aside from having all the nine essential amino acids, a serving of whole milk has 7.9 grams of protein and 293 milligrams of calcium. The proteins in whole milk, casein and whey are the perfect tandem for building and repairing your muscles. Casein which comprises 80% of the milk protein, is a slow digesting protein that keeps you full longer and helps fat loss & muscle repair.

Whey, which constitutes 20% is the fast digesting protein and is important for muscle repair. This is the same kind of whey you find in protein shakes. Calcium, on the other hand, strengthens bones – a big plus for women, who are more prone to osteoporosis.



2. It Delivers Superior Rehydration

Dehydration can reduce strength, cause cramping, and slow down muscle response. It may be a surprise to some, but whole milk is actually superior to water and energy drinks in terms of rehydrating the body post workout, and here’s why: whole milk is rich in sodium and potassium. These minerals improve re-hydration by retaining the fluids you consume post workout.


3. It curbs food cravings

Whole milk has a creamy-full bodied taste and though it has higher calorie content than other kinds of milk, whole milk can be a complete meal on its own and will keep you feeling full longer. You’ll tend to eat less.

When to drink your Milk

Drink your milk within the first 20-30 minutes after a workout – that’s the point when your muscles are ready to absorb all the nutrients they need.


Are you sure you’re drinking whole milk?

Check the ingredients. Skip milk products that have milk powder, glucose syrup, sugar, and vegetable oils – all of which don’t add superior nutritional value in milk. Whole milk is rich in protein and calcium – making it the best post workout drink.


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