Itakbo Mo ‘Yan: 4 Ways Running Can Help Heal a Broken Heart


ITakbo Mo Yan (2)

Itakbo Mo ‘Yan: 4 Ways Running Can Help Heal a Broken Heart

So a relationship did not work out; you’ve been friend zoned; or someone was just not that into you. And hindi ka pa maka-move on. We’ve got a solution for you: RUN.

Here are ways running can help you leave the past behind and move on to better things

1. Running will give you a natural high

Have you noticed that you feel great after a challenging run session? That’s because running triggers the body to release endorphins, also known as happy hormones. It’s the same feeling you experience when you’re in love. Endorphins lift your mood and energize you.

2. Running will push you to focus on yourself

Go out for solo runs. Consider this “alone time” as an opportunity to think about the things you want for yourself. Do you want to travel more? Be healthier? Focus on your work? This time in your life is all about you and taking care of yourself.

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3. Running will boost your self-esteem

With consistent training and the proper diet, running will help you lose weight and tone your muscles. Moreover, accomplishing a goal like running a 21K race will increase your self-confidence. You can do anything; if you can finish a race, you can start again! Looking awesome and getting stronger will make you feel better, not bitter.

4. Running will widen your social circle

There are a lot of running groups to join and races to sign up for. You’ll definitely meet people who have the same interests as you do through running. And chances are, you’ll be spending a lot of time hanging out with them (as an added bonus: running with buddies increases endorphins in your body).

Maybe you’ll meet The One in one of your runs, maybe you won’t. That’s okay. What’s important is that you’re out there, fit, active, and having a lot of fun. Soon, you’ll be able to embrace new opportunities and people that come your way and let go of what once was.

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  5. Sakto last year sinumulan ko para maka move on ung dzmm 21km sunod nat geo 42km… Ayaw pa mawala kaya next run tagaytay2nasugbu 50km sunod valley trail 30km… Unti unti tapos nilayuan ko pa distance R2L2Q 85km konti n lang para mawala n tlaga bonifacio120km pak move on na U0001f602

  6. Truly!!!Had my first ever milestone run last March!!!And had my 3rd run this month!!!What a therapeutic recovery hahaha!!!


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