Baguio Mayor Bans Bicycles and Motorcycles in the Summer Capital



A memorandum floating around the internet indicates that Mauricio Domogan the City of Mayor of Baguio recently banned bicycles and Motorcycles in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Based on TopGear’s latest interview, the memo was legitimate amended ordinance and was prompted by the increasing accident rate involving motorcycles in the City.

As of today the Memo is in effect and all two-wheeled rides are now banned in Baguio City.

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  1. banning is not the solution for this pano na ung mga naghahanap buhay na tricycle drivers i think what they can do or plan is how they can discipline tricycle, motorcyles drivers kayo naman mga driver ng motor di lang sa Baguio even here in Manila specially in Manila huwag naman parang kayo ang may ari ng kalsada Mayor! mali yan ginawa mo pagaralan nyo mabuti bago kayo magdesisyon kailangan pagusapan nyo ng Traffic Management Group and LTO para masolutionan yan di banned kaagad


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