9 things to consider when you’re looking for a Fitness Club or Gym


Looking For A Gym

This is it! So you’ve committed to lead a healthier lifestyle – now all you need is to find the right gym. Here are things to consider to make your search easier.

9 things to consider when you’re looking for a gym

1. Location, location, location
It’s best to choose a gym located between your office/school and where you live so it’s always on the way to and from work/school. You won’t have any excuse not to drop by!

2. Operating hours
Does the gym open early enough so you can workout before starting your day? Does it close late so you can exercise in the evening? Are there a lot of people during your preferred workout time? Is the gym open on holidays?

3. Extra amenities
If the gym you’re considering is a bit expensive, check if it offers extra amenities to make the membership fee worth it. Is there a shower and toiletries so you can go straight to work? Does it have a nutritionist that you can consult about your diet? Is there a place where kids can play while you’re working out? Are there physiotherapists who can give you a soothing massage after an intense sesh?


4. Equipment
Are there enough weights, treadmills, and other equipment so you won’t have to wait while other members are using them? Do you have to make a reservation before you can use equipment? Is there enough workout space so it doesn’t feel crowded? Are the equipment well-maintained?

5. Hygiene
Have a look at the restrooms; are they clean? Is the workout area sweaty? You wouldn’t want to exercise in a gym that’s dirty and filled with germs.

6. Personal Trainers
Are they professionally qualified to guide you? Are they knowledgeable about your health and fitness concerns and can answer all your questions?

7. Group Classes
While some people prefer to workout solo, others feel motivated when they’re in the company of others. Are there group classes you can join, such as boby jam or yoga?

8. Membership Policy
What happens to your membership in the event that you have to move to another city or out of the country? Know more about the gym’s membership contract, cancellation policy, and other details.

9. Reviews
What have other people been saying about the gym? Are they happy with their experience? Do your homework.

If you’re a fitness buff, the gym will be your second home, so you should be excited to go there every time. Choose wisely!

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