Top 3 Finish Line Etiquette



Mark Remy Runner’s World Editor at Large and the Author of the Runner’s Rule book highlights the Top 3 Finish Line Etiquette that everyone should follow.

1. Beat the Costumed Runner – According to Mark, in general, you should not sprint your way to the finish-line in the last 100-200 meters, this only communicates to other runners and spectators that you are terrible in managing your energy UNLESS if the person you’re trying to beat is runner dressed in a banana.

2. No Showboating – When you do cross the finish-line, then cross the finish-line. Showboating, push-ups at the finish-line is annoying to other runners wanting to cross as well.

3. Keep Moving Forward – Once you cross the finish-line. Keep Moving Forward >>>

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Finish Line Etiquette

Rule number one: Don't get beat by a banana.

Posted by Runner's World on Thursday, August 20, 2015

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