6 Life-Saving Tips While Running Races


Recently we’ve been reading about fellow running/multisport enthusiasts who collapse during a race, with tragic results. While we can’t control all the conditions during race day (or even during training days), we can take certain precautions to make racing fun and more importantly, safe.

6 Life-Saving Tips While Running Races

1. Build up your stamina – Race short distances to gain strength, confidence, and experience before signing up for longer distances. Races will always be around, so there’s no need to rush.

2. Get a go signal from your doctor – Schedule an annual physical checkup to make sure that you’re in great condition. Also, get a medical certificate issued less than a year prior to a major race.

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3. Warm up properly – Start with a brisk walk or light jog, or do some jumping jacks to get the blood flowing. Then be sure to stretch well, with a particular focus on your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and ankles.

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4. Dress and hydrate for the weather – Make sure that you’re suited up for the race conditions. If it’s raining, wear a light jacket and gear made with fabrics that help keep moisture away from your body. If it’s windy and you’re racing toward the wind’s direction, go slower than usual so you won’t overexert yourself.

On scorching days, drink a lot of water and electrolyte-rich drinks pre-race, and bring extra drinks and energy gels with you while racing. Wear light-colored clothing to reflect the sun’s rays and wear a hat for added heat protection.

5. Don’t force it! – Stop racing as soon as you notice any signs of discomfort and alert race officials or your fellow racers at once. The goal is to live and race another day!

6. Wear a Road ID – Apart from bringing a mobile phone in case you need to get in touch with friends and family members, wear an identification tag that has critical information such as blood type, emergency contact numbers, maintenance medication (if any), and known allergies. This could make a difference in saving your life.

Got some safety tips for your fellow runners? Share them below! Race Safe everyone!

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  1. Major Arnold Lubang,PA body autopsy found first heart attack (cardiac arrest). Im with their families last night and today i will come again there at Libingan ng mga Bayani. Last night of wake viewing will be on friday

  2. respect your body just like you respect the distance. huwag magmadali kung alam naman na hindi hinahangad pumodium. New PR is indeed good and something to be proud of, pero kung hindi pa naman kaya wag muna pilitin. train hard especially our mind. ask yourself first “Kaya ko ba?” :-)

  3. Being fit outside doesn’t mean you are healthy inside, eat whole plant based foods, no more meat, processed foods and added sugar of any kind…eat veggies and fruits everyday.

  4. running a marathon requires a long preparation and tranning.. not only for the body and also for the mind.. you must know when to stop and must have a routine check up.. for me dont exceed 2marathons per year.. and always eat fruits and veggies.. and proper teqniues and form of running.. proper preparations will also lessen the risk of injuries or this kind of situations.. condolences to the family of the 2 runners. our deepest sympathy and prayers..

  5. Sooo.. what actually happend? Any autopsy results? The soldier collapsed with cardiac arrest… what about the guy from cebu? We like to know so that we can take precautions….

  6. Actually I was one who responded to apply CPR until someone said she was a nurse and later I heard he regained consiousness and later lost the pulse then they repetedly apply the CPR until one person.said pass the word that there was an accident because ther was no avail of the ambulance so I ran and pass the word and prayed that the person will survive so sad to here he pass away

  7. I’ve learned the lesson the hard way last year. na-confine ako ng 5 days due to over-fatigue. I’ve neglected the fact that PR really affect a runner’s mentality.. I’ve forgot that our body really know its limits more than what our mind really dictates.. Tips for fellow runners, respect the distance… but respect your body the most… PRs are useless when you cant run! Proper training, rest and health conditions are big factors. Condolences for the families of the 2 runners. Our new heroes that will keep us continue the support and love for the sport.

  8. Condolences to the runners who died at the CSM 2016. Clearly, mind over matter doesn’t apply here. Still, keep on running and stay safe, guys!

  9. No.Far from it. Traydor ang puso.I had a colleague who never knew she had a heart attack until we had our company’s annual checkup. It appeared in her ecg and was forced to be confined because of what happened.She is more than 40 years old, climbed mountains and had quit smoking but still drink moderately. Thus we should be aware of those small warnings that we usually ignore I am quite surprised that the major had a heart attack. Correct me if I am wrong but soldiers are expected to be in the pink of health all the time because their primary role is to defend the country and it is people. How come it came to a point that he will have a heart attack in the midst of a Marathon? There may have been warning signals bur he chose to ignore it.I guess if your time is up, we really cannot do anything about it.

  10. We must train before we race”kht mentally healthy tau..mnsan gugulatin nlng tau ng tadhana’at wlang mkakapg sabe”condolence to their families’

  11. I just came from Major Lubang’s wake. Apparently he just had his annual physical exam prior to his interview for promotion. He was given a clean bill of health. According to the autopsy report, it was a stroke. His first, and it was fatal.

  12. Back read po. Just before he ran for Condura Skyway, he had a physical exam for promotion. Passed it. He just died due to cardiac arrest, his first daw po and was fatal :'(


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