Hit and Run during a Fun Run in Davao


Photo by: James RhEd

A TMC (Traffic Management Center) Officer was struck down last May 24 (Sunday) in a Hit and Run incident at the Diversion road in Davao City near Monteritz during a Fun Run Event.

Witnesses of the incident identified the vehicle as a BLACK HONDA CIVIC with plate LGL781.

According to Sun Star Davao, other witnesses on site also identified the vehicle as a blue Honda Civic with plate LGF-781.

The local police is now working together with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to identify the owners of the vehicles.


(Update) According to some readers, driver of vehicle already surrendered and is now under investigation.

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  1. Nag surrender na po yung driver later that day… Reason, he was sleepy daw. Anyway, can’t post links but it was in the local news. Status: under investigation already. Thank you

  2. Bata pa po eh… Besides… The social media pressure, Davao’s vigilance. Yeah, it is in his best interest to surrender.

  3. :( this is a call for more organized runs, marshals should be on site especially in areas where vehicles and runners merged. for runners be alert and vigilant too. safety first.

  4. so participant siya ng fun run?! haaays, yan ang number one kalaban ng mga runner. ang mga sasakyan!

  5. Guys, pakibasa muna yung article. Main points:
    1. TMC officer at hindi runner yung na hit and run
    2. The status is under investigation
    3. Hence, security should not only be for the runners but for the marshals/officers as well.

  6. responsible ang organizer, pero knowing na Traffic Management Officer yung biktima, hindi ba dapat listo at aware din siya sa traffic..

  7. the driver have already surrendered and as a regular runner her in Davao i am really upset and the rest of the Team Titans Davao co- members regarding this accident mainly because, TMC personnel or any support group are the one protecting / guiding and making all runner safe during fun run and yet they are the Victims………..


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