Yakult 10 Miler Run 2014 – Results Discussion and Photos


Yakult Run 2014 | Pinoy Fitness

Congratulations to all the winners and finishers of the recently concluded Yakult 10 Miler Run 2014 at Pasay, CCP! How was your run!? Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Pinoy Fitness Booth! Time to share your comments and feedback guys!

Remember, your comments are very important to the organizers, it will surely help improve the race next year. And if you loved the race, leave them a cheer!

Yakult 10 Miler Run 2014
March 23, 2014
CCP, Pasay

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Race Results:
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Community Photos:
Yakult Run 2014 | Pinoy Fitness

Yakult Run 2014 | Pinoy Fitness

Yakult Run 2014 | Pinoy Fitness

Yakult Run 2014 | Pinoy Fitness

Yakult Run 2014 | Pinoy Fitness

Yakult Run 2014 | Pinoy Fitness

Yakult Run 2014 | Pinoy Fitness

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  1. Again an event you don’t want to miss. It’s only my second time and I was able to beat my time last year. Eto yung parang Milo na you will join as part of a prestigious and traditional running event. Sana lang mas maraming sponsors like sports drink etc kasi it’s deserving dahil 25th year na and counting. I hope you also enjoyed your run earlier.

  2. nagkaubusan ng T-shirt sa last few runners… Kinukuha na daw sa sasakyan dahil di makaparada… tapos biglang kukunin sa office… tapos biglang pwede na hintayin … tapos naging kukunin na lang yung stub at ilagay ang namesung, tel. nos. at size… tapos may nagalit… tapos hinarap ni Mr. Ong… Tapos..ayun natapos na walang t-shirt na nakuha ang iba…

  3. Hindi na organize yung mga last runner ay nung makarating malapit sa finish line pagliko kasabay nila kasalubong ay mga sasakyan. please take note about this. buti walang naaksidente. tapos naubusan pa ng tshirt. pero mas concern yung mga cars nasa race track. walang ginawa ang organizers na patigilin ang mga cars sa roxas boulevard palang sana na check na sila. Sana ayusin next time.Regards.

  4. My GPS tells me na mejo short yung distance. 15.43km siya. kaya naka Pr ako. usually average ko sa 16k mga 1:50.. dito 1:45.

  5. Good day organizer! Based on the results, I was 3rd place (female) for the 5k run. I was not able to get my prize. How can I get it?

  6. Yakult once again proved that they don’t follow the whims of the people. They are just simply a no nonsense running event. And Im definitely returning here next year. Kudos to the organizers.

  7. 1) The last 3-5KM, no more Hydration station, nagkaubusan ng tubig.
    2) Hirap tumawid sa sa intersection, pag di ka mag-ingat masasagasaan ka ng tao, bike, at sasakyan.
    3) Nagkaubusan ng FS at Yakult drink. I notice, bakit yung ibang runner may bitbit mga plastic bag na 25 bottles na Yakult.
    4) 5:30 am Gun Start for 16K is a little bit late.
    5) Less Race Marshals

    Overall nice race, nice route.

  8. Satisfied for my birthday run..Sana may immediate update sa FS :) pakisamahan na rin po ng yakult.. medyo naubusan kasi kami knina.. XD Anyway, this was one of the best run I’ve ever been :) Accurate 16, unlike others.. Thanks yakult 10miler organizer. Thank you for making my day extraordinary^^

  9. Nice Run! nakapag sub 1hr and 30min ako kaso wala prin akong naabutang medium ang daming mabibilis na runnners.. sana next tym may lootbag hehehe. will join the 26th yakult run.

  10. Hey, I believe this is based on gun start time, how about our chip time? I was late for the gun start at about more than five minutes due to the long line in the urinal, I just wanted to check how my real time worked salamat po

  11. Well-organised race. Please don’t change a thing. Good to see the standard of competition at the front end has increased over last year. I appreciated the presence of experienced marshals.

  12. I think this is the second time with water getting finished 3-5km from finish line. That the organizer still did not address this is a huge concern! 2nd thing, every year same route 9.6miles instead of 10miles. MILO have heard complaints before and rectified their measurements and now are IAAF certified. I don’t think it is hard to rectify the route distance to make it 10miles kasi it is not a point to point but a loop. 3rd, finisher shirts again got finished for the last batch of runners. I don’t think it is too expensive to print say 98% instead of 95% (assumed number of people who actually come to the event on event day vs. total registered) of total amount of t-shirts…my two cents

    Not to digress, congratulations on the fast release of race results. Makes sense. I have never understood why some organizers give a 3day lag time to release results when tri-events are real-time!

  13. Bakit wala po ung name ko sa overall race results?? My bib number is 2835 at base sa GPS ko 33:31 ko n tapos ung category?? possible b n hindi activated ung timing chip ko nung tumakbo ako.. or ly technical error kayo…

  14. race route distance for me is exactly 16 km (10 miles) as per google map- 4.9 start to turn around near NAIA road just before the condo clusters then 4.4 back to cor. V. sotto, then 3.1 km to turnaround at corner katigbak and 3.6 km finally to finish line- timed in at 1:47:09. i think what was slightly inaccurate were the km markers especially going towards NAIA road but overall distance is really 16 km.
    love this run – no nonsense. Well, wish there were more sponsors- energy drink etc, also there should have been timers at the turn around .- also dri fit sana iyon finisher shirts

  15. Up to now wala pa din ung finisher shirt namin, sabi nila ipadadala nila sa office last week pero hanggang ngaun wala padin. Anu na nangyari? Nakakaupset naman…

  16. i ran slow. i overdid myself here (10 miles) 2 hrs 12 min. i may never beat this. will somebody tell me how to train to beat this?


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