Timing glitch at the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2013


Photo c/o: Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

Sounds impossible, but it’s true. According to the news, 3,782 or 7% of the 54,000 runners of the recently concluded Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2013 where mistakenly disqualified or received inaccurate timings due to a system glitch.


Some of us have experienced this locally, and it’s really not pleasant to know that after almost torturing/pushing yourself to reach the finish line only to find out that your name is not in the list or your time is incorrectly recorded.

But it happens guys, even to the best of races, maybe we can be more forgiving next time? :D or not.

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Source: https://www.straitstimes.com/

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  1. I ran the half marathon this year and I could say that the 2012 edition was organized better. They added 10k more participants this year so it led to congestion. The first 3k of the 21k course was a mess. We were reduced to jogging as there were a lot of runners occupying the narrow roads of Sentosa.

    After the uphills-downhills of Sentosa and passing through Universal Studios (the best part of the race), I was dismayed that almost 1.5k of the routed passed through basement parking. Ugghhh.

    The water served in the hydration stations was not cold.

    There were a lot of complaints this year. I think they have to make drastic changes if they want to retain their loyal runners next year.

  2. I ran 42k and luckily my timing was recorded accurately. ‘Twas my first time in SCMS, scenic route, adequate hydration and energy gel stations, jolly n warm cheerers/volunteers. Didn’t experience overcrowding (crossed the finish line @ 5:29). I’m giving it a 9.5/10!

  3. Second time running the SCMS full marathon and generally the same set of impressions.

    Satisfactory overall, notwithstanding the snafus. Last year was the near disastrous miscue at the approach to the finish line for the podium contenders; this year, the embarrassing timer problems.

    The logistics was fair for the course and, like last year, hydration stations (known as drinking stations in Singapore) were a little farther apart than what we are used to in the Philippines (approximately every 2k compared to our average of around 1.5k). This, of course, has never been an issue for elite runners and seasoned campaigners. But for bonking non-elites like the rest of us, towards the dying kilometers of the race, it was a matter of survival or humiliation.

    Notwithstanding the humidity of Singapore, drinking water at the stations were, for the most part, proffered at tap temperature. Only the power drinks came cold. And just one banana station.

    That said, we all should be grateful to have internationally on par race organizers like RunRio et al for the kind of quality races that they put out for Filipino runners.

    We are, as it turns out, a pampered lot.


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