MMDA bans road races this Holiday Season


It’s official, The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) issued a memorandum temporarily banning all road races, fun runs, marathons, bike races and other similar activities during the holiday season, from December 16 to January 6 of 2014.

This is an effort to decongest traffic in Metro Manila during the Holidays as they expect a 20% increase in traffic due to the Holiday season.

It means no more fun run events for us this Christmas! We’re starting to get reports from some organizers that they need to re-schedule some of their events due to this memo.

Good Move or Bad Move? Do you think this memo will help smooth-en out traffic this Christmas!?

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  1. If yung run naman ay early morning ng Sunday, I think hindi naman dapat makakapekto sa traffic yun. Pwede siguro kapag pauwi na… Ang comment ko lang, medyo late naman yata yung memo ng MMDA. Kawawa naman yung mga organizers na may mga nakaset ng runs this December to January, lalo na yung themed for this holiday season.. Well, sunod na lang siguro tayo sa authority.. :)

  2. So far Color Manila Run lang naman ang apektado. I don’t know kung kasama ang UnitedPh sa UP. Sa loob naman ng campus yun. Ok lang na break muna. After Jan 6 na lang bumawi.

  3. Affected din yun Run for Better Christamas. Buti na lang hindi pa ako naka register on all the runs after Santa Runtantan… baka yung re scheduling eh mag conflict sa mga runs sa January…

  4. I haven’t read MMDA’s memo pero sana ang banned yung mga afternoon fun runs lang. Sarado pa naman ang mga malls pag madaling araw ang run eh,no cause for worry. My thoughts only.

  5. It is seems has a good intention for MMDA but they have think some exemption. One more thing, quite short notice! continuing with the exemptions, it shouldn’t apply to all roads. It should only for those traffic prone areas like nearby malls, supermarket, etc… Furthermore, they should only consider rush hour. For MMDA, If I may suggest instead of highlighting this magnificent activity for runners, why they add more focus on all the illegal terminals in metro? which I think one critical factor that causes traffic. For ORGANIZERS, I have no idea if we are able to advise the motorist ahead of time about the event happening soon, ex. can we put advisory on the streets that there will be upcoming events 2 weeks from now so motorist can plan their route, meaning no surprises. Just my 2 cents.

  6. I don’t think it will cause traffic congestion. Most Fun Runs starts as early as 430am. During that time motorist are limited. wala na lang talagang ibang maisip to solve traffic tong mga taga MMDA pati Fun Runs pinag diskatahan. What a shame.

  7. Good thing, Santaruntantan will push thru as it gets the approval of MMDA… Matagal na itong na-organize way back Oct . late na ang announcement ng moratorium ng MMDA. …dapat Oct or Nov pa lang pinag-isipan na yan…but come to think of it , meron bang Christmas rush pag 4am -7am… wala naman ah!

  8. as usual, hindi pa rin tutumbukin ng MMDA ang mga totoong problema ng trapik… PUV’s, illegal vendors, etc. at runners pa talaga napagdisketahan nila ngayon.

    susunod niyan bawal na pedestrians sa lansangan >_<


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