Corregidor Marathon – January 11, 2014


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Possibly one of the toughest Marathon you’ll ever face. Are you ready for this!?

Corregidor Marathon will see its inaugural edition on January 11, 2014 on the island of Corregidor. With Corregidor International Half-Marathon (CIHM) as its forerunner, which is now on its fourth year, Corregidor Marathon will usher in a new level of challenge in the running scene. As the half-marathon course of Corregidor could be top-viewed as forming an “8” loop, running the full marathon distance entails a double “8”. Hence, participation to the Corregidor Marathon will be limited to 88 slots only. The race is an open competition. All race participants upon crossing the finish line will receive a Finisher’s Medallion and a rank-indicated Finisher’s Trophy. There will be one male and one female overall winner whose title will be Corregidor Marathon Man and Woman, respectively. Each will receive Php30,000.00 cash prize and a champion’s trophy. Age bracket top finisher will also be distinguished and will be awarded with a certificate of achievement.

Prior to actual race registration, preliminary slot registration will be implemented to screen participants based on the set age-determined qualifying times, on a first-come, first-served basis. Prospective participants who have not yet run a full marathon but has participated already in a half-marathon race during the past 12 months may nominate their best half-marathon finish time for consideration. A qualifying time standard of 2h30m00s for men and 3h00m00s for women will be applied. Prospective participants who have already finished an ULTRA-MARATHON distance (50Km and up) or an IRONMAN distance TRIATHLON (half or full) get an outright exemption from the qualifying time requirement.

The pre-registration will run until August 16. To pre-register, please follow the format indicated below. Provide complete and factual information as required. The required details may be submitted to CORREGIDOR MARATHON organizers via direct message or wall post on the FB Fan Page CORREGIDOR MARATHON. Any form of misrepresentation will automatically entail disqualification.


Corregidor Marathon Moved to Jan 11, 2014 – OFFICIAL STATEMENT:

Corregidor Marathon
December 7, 2013 January 11, 2014
Corregidor Island, Philippines

Pre-Registration Format:
Age / Male / Female
18-29 / 4h30m00s / 5h00m00s
30-39 / 5h00m00s / 5h30m00s
40-49 / 5h15m00s / 6h00m00s
50-59 / 5h30m00s / 6h30m00s
60 & above / 6h00m00s / 7h00m00s

1) Full Name (Surname, First Name, Middle Initial)
2) Gender
3) Birthdate (DD-MM-YY)
4) Country/Province
5) Occupation
6) Team (pls indicate NA if not applicable)
7) Email address
8) Best marathon finish time, name and complete date of race (Specified race must have been held between Aug 16, 2012 and Aug 16, 2013.)

Accepted pre-registered participants will be notified by email beginning August 17. Actual race registration will start on August 21. Details of the registration process will be included in the email notification.

Registration Fee:
42K – PHP 6,000 (88 Slots)
– Inclusions: roundtrip ferry transfers, pre-race carbo dinner, post-race lunch buffet, race backpack, personalized race shirt, RFID timing chip, finisher’s medallion, finisher’s trophy

5K (Blitz) / 3K (Thrill) – PHP 2,500 (150 slots)
– Inclusions: roundtrip ferry transfers, post-race lunch buffet, race shirt, race sling bag, RFID timing chip, finisher’s medal

Registration, Ferry and Room Reservations Procedures:
*(For 5K Blitz & 3K Thrill participants, ignore below #1, #3b, #3c, and #3e)

1) Visit and “Like” the Facebook fan page “Corregidor Marathon”. Check whether your most recent race finish time complies to the age-bracket specified qualifying time (see “About” in the fan page)

2) Pay the corresponding race registration fee by way of a bank deposit at any BDO branch using the following details:
BDO Checking Account
Account Name: Big Big Big, Inc.
Account Number: 000410417114
*For our international participants, as follows are the details when depositing corresponding race registration fee through bank transfer:

BDO (Banco de Oro Unibank, Inc.)
Branch details: 041 Bel-Air
Swift Code: BNORPHMM
Acct details: Checking Account
Account Name: Big Big Big, Inc.
Account Number: 000410417114

3) Submit to the Corregidor Marathon FB fan page the following via direct message:
a) photofile or scanned copy of the deposit slip (with your full name written on it)
b) digital copy of 2 photos (1 headshot and 1 in running action)
c) photo file or scanned copy of any gov’t issued ID indicating name and birthdate
d) photo file or scanned copy of duly filled up and signed 2-page race registration form (downloadable from the FB fan page)
e) in MS Word or PDF format: short resume detailing biographic details, years into running, races participated in, and occupation

4) Once race registration is validated, you will receive in 48 hours your race inclusion confirmation via email. After receiving your confirmation, immediately contact Sun Cruises (8am to 5pm – Mon to Fri; 8am to 12nn Sat) at 5275555 loc 4511 and 4512, 0917-5459917, 0917-8084641, 0922-8475418 to book for ferry trip schedules.
Indicate the desired trip schedule:
From Manila to Corregidor
a) Overnight – departure on Dec 06 @ 1:00pm (mandatory for Marathon distance participants)
b) Day trip – departure on Dec 07 @ 5:00am
Return from Corregidor to Manila
a) departure on Dec 07 @ 2:30pm (priority for Overnight participants)
b) departure on Dec 07 @ 6:00pm (priority for Day trip participants)
c) departure on Dec 08 @ 2:30pm (priority for Overnight CM & CIHM participants)
d) departure on Dec 08 @ 6:00pm (priority for Day trip CIHM participants)
Your desired schedule is subject to first-come, first-served basis.
* For those travelling with noncompeting companions, you may avail of Sun Cruisesʼ regular tour package at P2,300/person. Please contact Sun Cruises if availing of this.

5) If applicable, make accommodations reservation with Sun Cruises (only registered participants will be given reservations; maximum of 1 room per participant only). Pay the appropriate accommodations booking amount through the payment mode advised by Sun Cruises.

6) On Nov 30 & Dec 1 (as advised through email by Team Corregidor) at
Galileia Events Place in 100 Miles Café, Fort Strip, BGC attend the Runners’ Briefing, pick-up the race pack, and claim the Boarding Pass and/or Accommodations Booking ticket from Sun Cruises. Anyone may pick up your kit at Runners’ Briefing from 1pm to 8pm. They may be asked for identification and your signed authorization note.

Gun Start:
42K – 6AM
5K – 8AM
3K – 8:15AM

The Loot:
CM backpack

CM MEDAL 9threv

CM RACE SHIRT white 4threv

CM TROPHY 3rdrev

Actual Medal Design:

For More Information:
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  1. ok sna kaya lang sobrang mahal registration, 6000 tapos may qualifying time per age category, tapos yung 3k and 5k 2,500 registration, yun nga lang kasama na transpo and food tapos sobrang limited slots so pwde na rin

  2. Ayos meron na ako schedule for my marathons this quarter.

    ipon ipon na yuhu..

  3. Sa sobrang mahal ng reg fee hindi ito tatangkilikin. Pang-gagantso na ata tawag dito. Mga runners be wise sa mga sinasalihan nyong event, the more na tangkilikin nyo yung ganito kamahal na reg fee, in the future mas mahal pa jan sisingilin nila dahil may kumakagat.

    • Dear juan,

      Much as I don’t usually dignify crass comments such as yours I felt the need to clarify things in behalf of my partners in the organizing team of Corregidor Marathon. For the past three years we have mounted Corregidor International Half-Marathon. On each edition, had we not been blessed to be supported by event partners, we would have lost our shirts in the process. The cost and logistics of staging an island race event is triple that of doing it in the city. Not to mention that we make it a point to provide exceptional race experience to all participants, from finisher’s medallion to race marshals. The CIHM has P3000 for race registration. Corregidor Marathon is pegged at P6000. It is pricey, relative to most of the races you have participated in I assume. But allow me to give you a general idea of how much this race will cost per participant. Take note that there will be 88 slots only. The standard weekend rate of going on a day tour to Corregidor c/o Sun Cruises (with lunch buffet) is P2,500. The race reg fee of the CM aside from the roundtrip ferry transfers and post-race lunch buffet includes a pre-race carbo dinner buffet which will cost another P500, a saucer-size quarter-inch finisher’s medallion that’s pre-costed at about P1000, an engraved glass finisher’s trophy that will likely cost around a thousand pesos also, a high quality dri-fit sublimation printed race shirt cost estimated at P300, a sturdy race back-pack amounting to about P500. Then we still need to pay up for the fees, accommodation, and meals of race officials and marshals we will tap, for the sounds and lights equipment and crew, and for the staging equipment which all have to come from Manila and be in the island 2 days prior to event day. Now do the math. Do you think we stand the chance get a windfall from mounting this event? If you have another formula please share it to us. I’d be very glad to explore that.
      It may sound unbelievable if I say that we have spent our personal money in staging the races in Corregidor. But we’re not out to publicize that we are philanthropists. Far from it. Fact is we are not willing to stage a free race. Doing so will definitely impoverish us. However, we have committed ourselves to help Corregidor get more visitors and create a long term positive impact in the island’s tourism in the best way we know, through a race event. Though it sometimes hurts our own pockets, it helps that we have other sources of legitimate regular income and that event partners have backed us up.

      Now, I know this is a free country and that we are all entitled to our own opinion. But it should be couched in a tactful language. I will respect any point of view no matter how unfavorable as long as it is not defamatory. Your statements are unfair, accusatory, and vicious. It undermines our integrity as race organizers hence I find the need to expose your malice.

      But I will let it pass this time. Sometimes we say dumb things. But the next occasion you spit your vile on us, you will have a day in court. We can easily trace your IP address.

    • hahaha! the usual comment from FB runners (just running for photos). This is a serious running event and is on a different level, way beyond the usual fun runs of your choice bro. Have you been to Corregidor Island? Have you taken Sun Cruises from Manila to Corregidor? Have you seen the medallions and giveaways from previous CIHM? Have you seen what happens in Corregidor before and after the race? Obviously not!

  4. Running is not unlike other sports that have periodization or “seasons.” Like football, soccer, basketball, or hockey, there’s a preseason, in-season, post-season and offseason to running.

    If you recently ran or are about to run a spring marathon, and you plan to run a fall marathon, then it’s best to think of yourself in offseason or recovery for about four weeks after that spring race. Take the first week completely off. During weeks two, three and four, you can begin doing some light running but nothing intense (pace or distance). This will give your body time to heal and rebuild from your spring race

  5. Sayang, isang half marathon palang ako this year. Lampas pa sa 2hrs30mins. Hahaha. Hindi pa ako pwede this year. Nest year bawi nalang.

  6. Tama sir Edward & Cris. =)

    Basa basa rin pag may time. And minion miniong pagintindi sa binabasa.

    “preliminary slot registration will be implemented to SCREEN participants based on the set age-determined qualifying times, on a first-come, first-served basis.”

    kahit ba sabihing may pambayad ka, kung dka nmn qualify, balewala rin. Kaya nga EXCLUSIVE lang for 88 slots.

    kahit siguro kahit bago ako sa Running Industry, sa pagkakaintindi ko sa Conversation thread dito is to Give Information, Asking Questions in related to the said event and NOT to Criticize. =)

    And last, kahit naman hinde ka mag-Join dito or yung iba, the RACE MUST GO ON!=)

    To GOD Be All the Glory!

  7. first time ko pa nman sana mag 21k this year sa corregidor kaso nawala nman ung 21k sa category huhuh…. sana meron pa din 21k coach Ed :(

  8. sir edward ask lang po ako:

    1. ilan hrs po cut off time? or yung naka indicate po sa taas na qualifying time is also cut off time?
    2. babalik din po ba ferry on same date (dec 7), balak ko din kc mag milo finals kinabukasan (dec 8).


    • Hi jerryescoltablacklotus,

      1) Walang cut-off time/sweep time sa Marathon category pati na rin sa 5K at 3K. Ang marathon lang ang may qualifying time. Yung 5K at 3K walang qualifying time. Unahan lang sa pagregister. Tig 150 slots lang kasi ang pwede naming buksan sa bawat category.

      2) Tama ka. May ferry sked na babalik same date, hapon ang alis sa Corregidor. Normally, 2:30pm. Pwede ring piliing umalis ng Dec 8. May aalis din na ferry ng ganun ding oras. Ilalathala namin ang detalye sa email confirmation kapag na-validate ang inyong pre-registration.

      3) Gaya po ng nakaraan naming agreement sa Sun Cruises pwede pong magsama ng non-competing companion ang mga kalahok sa karera. Pero ang standard rate po na P2,500/person ang susundin. Sa Sun Cruises po dapat mag-reserve ang inyong kasama.


    • Hi jen,

      Hiwalay pong event ang 21K. Ito po yung CIHM (Corregidor International Half-Marathon). Sa Dec 8 po sya kasama ang sub-event na 10K Challenge. Bilang mas “nakatatandang” kapatid, nagparaya muna ang CIHM sa pag-rollout ng publicity ng Corregidor Marathon. Sa Sept po ang labas ng detalye tungkol sa CIHM. Salamat!

  9. Hi ricky francisco:
    RE: ricky francisco on August 12, 2013 at 10:08 am said:
    sir,,query lang sa 3k and 5k need also best time to qualify..many thanks…

    Walang qualifying time ang 5K Blitz at 3K Thrill categories. Para ‘to sa mga gustong ma-enjoy ang Corregidor na medyo bago sa pagtakbo. Wala ring cut-off time. Take your time ikanga, siguraduhin lang di maiiwan ng ferry pabalik sa Maynila.


  10. Wait ko na lang yung CIHM na post, d kaya yung cut off time neto, more training pa para maabot yung 4:30 na cutoff, ibigay na lang yung slot sa well deserve participants. Para sakin sulit na ung 6k na reg fee, at sa nagrereklamo sa taas kung gusto mo mabawasan ang reg fee, langoy kana mula Manila Bay pa Corregidor Island, haha. :)

  11. the best tumakbo dto. sulit na sulit ang kada piso na binabayad. twice na k nakasali sa event ni sir edward. this will be my third time pag nakapag register ako. sa scenery pa lang sulit na. :)

  12. Sa mga kapatid namin sa pagtakbo,

    Naisip po namin na baka ang ilan sa inyo ay nagtatampo kung bakit kakaunti lamang ang pwedeng sumali sa Corregidor Marathon at pati na rin sa Corregidor International Half-Marathon at bakit may kamahalan ito. Di po namin nais na mabansagang eksklusibo. Sa katotohanan po gustung-gusto po naming mas marami ang makasali. Subalit ang katotohanan po nito napakahirap po talaga maglunsad ng event lalo na ng karera kung ito’y itatawid sa dagat higit pang lalo sa Corregidor. Kung hindi lamang po dahil sa pagtitiwala at suporta ng Corregidor Foundation, hindi po posibleng magawa ang takbuhang ito sa isla. Marami po sa aming mga kaibigan ang nagtataka at nagsasabing nawawala na daw kami sa tamang pag-iisip dahil alam nilang mahirap at magastos ito.

    Ang Corregidor po ay sagradong lugar. Lugar po ito ng mga bayaning nag-alay ng buhay nila. Subalit dahil ang CM at CIHM ay ayon sa legacy ng mga bayani kung kaya naman kami ay pinalad na mabigyang suporta ng CFI. Maswerte rin po kami dahil may mga event partners kami tulad ng Sun Cruises, Soleus, PhilStar, kasama na ang PinoyFitness na handang tumulong at naniniwala sa amin. Gayon pa man nananatili po na isang hamon ang pagsasagawa ng isang race sa isla. Simula sa pagtawid ng mga kagamitan at staff hanggang sa pag-i-execute ng isang race na natatangi para sa mga kalahok. Kasama na rin po dito ang hamon na maplanong maigi na mapagkasya ang mga kalahok sa 2 barko ng Sun Cruises na ang buong kapasidad lang ay 400 na tao. Ang mga barkong ito ayon na rin sa atas ng Phil Coast Guard at sa presyo ng krudo ay hindi basta basta makakapaglayag. Kailangan po rin nating isaalang-alang na ang karera ay dapat maumpisahan nang di lalagpas sa 8am upang makatapos ang lahat bago mag tanghalian para na rin sa mga kailangang bumalik sa Maynila sa pamamagitan ng 3pm na biyahe pabalik ng Sun Cruises. Ito po ang ilan lang sa mga bagay na aming kailangang bigyang pansin.

    Naglagay po kami ng qualifying time sa full marathon, at pati na rin sa half-marathon ng CIHM, dahil sa katotohanang mahirap talagang tumakbo. Mas mahirap ang half-marathon, kapag dinoble pa mahirap na isipin. At kapag inilagay sa Corregidor, iba nang usupan. Nais lang po naming makasigurado na lahat ng lalahok ay handa sa hamon ng pagtakbo sa Corregidor at kakayanin naming matutukan isa-isa ang kaseguruhan at kaligtasan. Pero gusto namin mas marami ang makasali at makaranas ng pagtakbo sa Corregidor kaya naisipan po naming lagyan ng 5K at 3K ang Corregidor Marathon, at 10K ang CIHM. Sa lahat po ng ito, walang cut-off/sweep time. Naniniwala po kami na lahat ng tutungtong sa Corregidor ay karapat-dapat at di kinakailangang bigyan ng takdang oras ng pagtapos.

    Ang ugat po ng aming pagnanasang maglunsad taun-taon ng 2 karerang ito ay upang matulungan ang isla ng Corregidor na magkaron ng mas maraming bisita at maipakilala sa mas maraming madla ang kagandahan at kadakilaan ng Corregidor para na rin maunawaan natin na marangal at mahusay ang ating lahi. Ito po ang aming maliit na paraan upang magpugay sa ating mga bayani at palaganapin ang kakaibang ligaya ng pagtakbo.

    Maraming salamat po sa inyong pag-unawa at suporta!

    • Hi curabex09,
      On-going now is the pre-registration. The actual race registration will start by Aug 17. There will be applications which will be put on waitlist if in case the 88 slots are not used up after the pre-reg. If you wish you could submit your details and note that your race is still to be run on Aug 18.
      Many thanks!

  13. Mr Edward Kho ;

    I already submitted my name for the corregidor marathon, however, there a half marathon pala, i guess dun na lang muna sir, is it also possible to come come with a package deal for CIHM para dina mag problema sa pag book sa ferry?

  14. Hi Cecille. Walang problema. Matutuwa ang iba na gustong makapasok sa 88-marathoner slots :-) Kaugnay naman sa CIHM, gaya ng dati kasama sa registration fee ang ferry transfers at post-race lunch buffet. Kung ang pagkuha ng booking schedule sa Sun Cruises ferry, gaya pa rin ng dati ipauubaya po ng Organizing Committee ang pagtanggap ng booking ng mga kalahok dahil sila po ang mas nakakaalam ng payload (kayang isakay) ng barko. Hinihiling po namin ang inyong pag-unawa. Salamat Cecille.

  15. Hello,

    I was wondering if it was too late to sign up for the full marathon?

    Also, my last marathon was in October. However, I ran it in my aunts name. But if I am able to provide photographic evidence that it was me who ran instead of her, could I count it as my marathon? I am just afraid that registration will close before I can get an official marathon or half into my calendar.

    Please advise.



  16. I wanna join but i haven’t ran a marathon since feb 2011. I can beat the qualifying time easily but there wont be any full mary till the aug deadline :( i did a couple of sub 2 half.. Baka pwede na yun? :)

  17. Hi Coy,

    Yes you may nominate your best 21K finish time which you’ve ran during the last 12months. Please visit the Corregidor Marathon FB fan page for more details. Salamat!

  18. hi Sir Edward good day po…i registered for the marathon..and i qualified…however until now i’m still looking for funds so i could register…my question is are there still available slots for me?? i’m hoping that i could register on the first week of october…


  20. Hi Edward, i will head to 100 miles cafe later this afternoon. Do i need to show a copy of the confirmation emal or will my ID be enough?

      • Ma. Rodora Pagdanganan 3K lang kami sir noong Nov. 15, 2013 pa po kami ng husband ko maka-register hindi pa raw po kasi available yung race shirts namin noong kumuha ng unang race kits. Thanks!

  21. Hi Rhia,

    Your race shirts are with me. I was trying to call up both your mobile numbers. It seems they are incorrect. Shoot me a pm in the CM fan page. You may see me at the starting line of the race, I’m holding a bullhorn. See you.


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