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Usually when we talk about Heart Rate Monitors, a black strap immediately comes to mind, the classic way of enabling Heart Rate Monitoring is strapping a rubberized belt around the chest area, it works pretty well, but for those who rely on heart rate zones for their training, strapping on a belt around the chest can cause quite a bit of discomfort, some people also experience chafing if it’s strapped on too tight.

Before, we don’t really have a choice, all performance HRM watches comes with a HRM strap… not until last week, when I was introduced to MIO Alpha.


The MIO ALPHA is a STRAPLESS, CONTINUOUS, PERFORMANCE Heart Race Watch and to replace the traditional strap sensor, the MIO Alpha uses Two light beams and an electro-optical cell to sense the volume of blood under your skin, coupled with sophisticated algorithms it’s now able to detect the heart’s true rhythm even while running at performance speeds.

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My Heart Rate at Rest
My Heart Rate at Rest
The High Tech Light Sensors used to replace traditional HRM Strap
The High Tech Light Sensors used to replace traditional HRM Strap

I was able to test drive the MIO ALPHA and tried to compare it with the HRM output of my SUUNTO Ambit2 S and I was impressed, the MIO Alpha was able to detect my heart rate in real time and as accurate as my SUUNTO HRM counterpart using the traditional HRM strap.


Though, unlike my SUUNTO Ambit2, the MIO Alpha does not record my activity nor upload it to a website, instead, the MIO ALPHA simply displays your real time heart rate and transmit it to other devices via Bluetooth which is compatible with a lot of APPS like Endomodo, MapMyRide, RunKeeper, Etc.


So if you hate those straps and is in need of a strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch, then go out now and grab yourself an ALPHA!

The MIO Alpha retails at P8,888.

MIO Watches are available at Chris Sports, Bike King, All Terra, Riovanna, Second Wind, Options Studio, Onelife Studio, Ascott Fitness Center and the MIO Alpha will SOON be available at the mentioned stores as well!

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  1. ako naka bili ako ng mio alpha bago pa nila irelease dito sa pinas kasi nag limited offer sila dati sa official facebook ng Mio Watch Philippines kaya sa tingin ko ako una naka bili sa kanila don kasi nakita ko sa google status ng order form nila ako ang kaunauna nag buy ahahahhaha ^_^ very accurate ^_^ sana gumawa ang mio alpha ng sarili nilang application sa cp like iOS and android phone na pwede din i share ang result sa facebook or any social site ^_^ hehehe dami kasi nag tatanong sa kanila like me kung meron sila ng mio alpha kasi for US lang sya at ebay and also amazon kaya nag try silang mag stock ng limited mio alpha hahahaah di ako makapaniwala ako pa ang nauna naka bili heheehhe :D:D:P para sa mga di alam kung pano i ON ang bagong mio alpha nila press lang nila ang button sa gitna ng 2 button either left or right ata limot ko na pano ko na pa gana sa set button ba or HR button ata bahala na kayo kumalikot nyan ang masasabi ko lang working sya medyo nalito lang ako sa pindutan nung una at na discover ko na ganun lang pala ang gagawin ko para ma ON or ma press ang set at HR sa pamamagitan ng pag press ng button between “Toggle at Set”= Set or “Timer at HR”=HR ^_^ di ko alam kung may defect nakuha ko pero nagagamit ko naman hehehe mali yung pwesto ng button ng set at hr kung san dapat sila naka lagay pero ayos na yun para walang maka gamit at ako lang ahahahha parang secret button na sya :D :P

    • PS. ang bilis ng shipping nila kinabukasan lang dumating agad yung package ko kahit gabi ko na sinabi na nag deposit na ako ng P8,888


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