Energizer Night Race 2013 – Results Discussion

energizer run 2013 results and photos

Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded Energizer Night Race 2013 in Bonifacio Global City!! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Energizer Night Race 2013
May 4, 2013
Bonifacio Global City

Race Results:
Energizer Night Race 2013 Race Results
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  1. Shortchanged from the event, hydration to the course. Kala ko Kenyan na ako sa bilis yun pala kulang Ng ilang kilometers ang route. Dapat me rebate.

  2. Kulang sa information. Regading singlet design and raffle kaylangan pala before the race nagpakuha na ng pix to qualify sa singlet design contest nila and the stub kaylangan drop na before the race.

  3. This is just a commentary for improvement in the next Night Race that i will surely join of course~!

    1st – Race track is good but next time expand the width of road vs. the volume of runners! aseana city is a good pick!

    2nd – Hydration area was strategically located but pwede pong pakihabaan ng konte kase yung booth para yung mga magrerefill at yung mga nagrerefill eh saglet lang doon sa booth and padagdagan ng at least one or two short booths para yung iba magskip na lang dun sa mga crowded area like i do!
    – i commend yung runners na may mga dala ng bottles! they refill on their own and great thing less kalat!

    3rd – Regine Tolentino AWESOME – sana next year sya ulet

    4th – baggage area is well organized and they help each other if the either needs an assist

    5th – na lungkot lang ako ng konti sa mga fun and games booth dalawa lang? excluded yung sa may stage! sana mas madame para madameng runners yung nagretain sa site imbis na umuwe na lang afterwards.

    6th – i thought the tunnel was like a dark long place like 500 meters… i didnt even mind to switch it to red coz within 3 secs im out of that tunnel but i like the qoutes.

    7th – there should be a speaker placed near the baggage area counter para naman medjo buhay doon at naririnig namen yung raffles!

    8th – photobooth 2 vs 3000 “as you say” not a very good ratio! mas mahaba pa test of perseverance sa pagtayo kesa sa running time ko hehe pero worth it naman! ive waited like 1 and 45 mins just to have my pic!

    9th – loot bags? well some find them as motivation or something to look forward after the race dont know why?! but really this is a running event not a looting event! well of course that is my opinion only!

    overall to rate the event 7/10 good but need a little Nerf on enjoyability level of runners

    thank you! i dont expect that everything upstairs may have been addressed in the next race but i will still join!

  4. Napabayaan ng Marshalls. More than 100 nalang ang nakapag 2 loops sa dami ng 10k runners?! Good thing napadamay kami sa nagpaikot pa ulet ng isa. Nasan na yung napakaraming 10k runners? Natapos agad ng bitin. Fault ng mga yellow boys (marshals) kundi kami napaikot ulet 34mins tapos na 10k? Wow! Bilis naman namen.

  5. I posted a very detailed pro and con comment, last night after I got home but it got deleted from the Facebook page somehow. So, since I can see the feedback here remained intact, I’ll post and see. Plus do a print screen just to be sure.

    The positive feedback first:

    1. The fee was reasonable. The led lamp head light was a great value. It was the first motivation to join.

    2. Running at night is more pleasant as there is little chance of getting roasted by the sun in case the organizers start late, (which is often when the race is at the BGC).

    3. Energetic and enthusiastic emcees and dancers were great.

    4. The backlight concept of glow and go was nice. It made me smile.

    The suggestions for improvement:

    1. Start on time. Maybe it’s just 50 year old runners like me but, I have usually don’t rejoin races that encourage late comers to keep arriving late to the races. Starting on time encourages promptness, and prevents bad sun burns for morning races. It’s one reason I’m a big fan of the skyway midnight runs. In 2011 I was in wave D for the 21k. We started out at 3:10 am instead of 3 am. The wait wasn’t as bad as the “5”k last night. It began almost at 8:15 pm by my watch and iPhone. If the race had been in the day, I know there would’ve been another spontaneous people power.

    2. Why only 5 portalets? There looked like 8,000 runners last night. Most of the men can cope but it must have been torture for all the ladies who waited in line. While we’re at it, why mark the portalets with the graphic for women only and yet have a urinal for men inside? Shouldn’t it then have the symbol for both men and women?

    3. The distance indicated on the map and marketing materials indicate 5 and 10k. However, according to my Nike run app in my iPhone, it was only 3.97 k for the “5”k. I regularly calibrate my iPhone by placing my iPad mini in a pack and activating them both simultaneously to check for accuracy. So I know the distance for the race was not correct. Even if we consider that commercial gps devices are dumbed down for security purposes, the discrepancy shouldn’t have been as wide as 1.1 k! Runners run to enjoy a sense of achievement from distance covered, difficulty level, and time records broken. We were cheated out of that. The skyway run was longer by almost .4k according to my iPhone Nike app. I didn’t mind because it made me happier to know I covered the 21 k in 2:36. The Caliraya uphill challenge was great because it was just as my iPhone said it was 7k in 46 minutes. The men’s health urban Athlon was spot on with the 15k. The obstacles made it interesting. I hope I made a good point here.

    4. Why were the timing led readouts at the finish line not lit up? It was ironic considering how many lights were present. Both stationary and mobile. Yet the timing was kept dark. Why? What if a runner doesn’t wear a stopwatch or a smartphone with a timing / distance app? How would they verify their performance. The implications here are disturbing. Especially when prizes are at stake.

    5. The delay in announcing the winners was the last straw. The wait was horrid. The marketing blurb indicated 9 pm for announcements, but by 9:30 pm it was just the raffle winners, and parlor games being announced. Tired and hungry soon became tired, hungry, and angry. We left for home not caring about how hard it was for the contestants to insert the batteries in the remote control for the car game on stage. I did my “5”k in 26 minutes. My companions Butch and Bebe Isidro did theirs in 19 minutes both. I have no idea what time the winners were finally announced. I sympathize with the emcees. They must surely have felt the ire of the crowd but were essentially helpless as they took their cues from the organizers. As a professional speaker myself, I thought: no one can pay me enough to feel disliked by a tired and hungry crowd.

  6. kakahilo ang route not organized nalilito ang karamihan na mananakbo,parang inihipan ang race sa sobrang dismaya ng karamihan…dapat ayusin nyo sa sunod ng saganon matiwasay po!ano!

  7. Kulang sa signs ung route. Ung mga marshalls how the hell would they know kung nakailang ikot ka na sa route. Tapos kada babalik kami sa isang point ssabhin samin umikot pa ulit. Kung wala kami running app its either bitin or sobra sa 10k tinakbo namin. Nit enough hydration for the runners. May isang station may tubig nga wala naman plastic cups.

  8. Late gunstart by 30 mins. The route was so confusing and not enough signs to know kung saan ka pupunta. May isang marshal pa na tinanong kami kung pang-ilan na kaming ikot..sabi ko “hindi alam, ang gulo-gulo” ng route nyo. The hydration station was a a booth. Kailan ba sila matututo na dapat long table…nagsiksikan tuloy ang mga runners pagdating sa mga hydration stations.

    Hay naku. My worst run of the year. Ang maganda lang dito eh yung kasamang headlight.

  9. The worst-organized fun run in BGC. We joined this because the last Energizer Night Race was good kahit na medyo drizzling pa that time.
    But next time, surely we will closely check who will be organizing the next before joining.
    We arrived early just before 6PM for the assembly. No assembly. But we were excited to hear that they were even having rehearsal for the Gun Start count down. Pero noong Gun Start na, wala rin pala.
    Of course, everyone were so excited to run. It started and seemed to be good but the next loop u-turning to Market-Market brought problem. Most of the 10K runners missed that U-Turn. Some of us who had to ask the Marshals did the second turn.
    Then again, confusion on the next loops. Each time, we had to ask the marshals. Some giving conflicting answers.
    With so much loops to go through, I was surprised there was not even one loop band given. Loop bands give the runners a sense of fulfillment each time you can get one.
    Kaya yung last kilometers ay parang we were lost kasi nga kaunti na lang yung sa 10K who did the extra loops.
    And the worst of it all, heading to the Finish Line. It was so crowded. The arch didn’t have a single light even though this Fun Run was themed Run for Light. Nawala yung glory crossing the Finish Line.
    Inuna pa kasi yung pagpapa-cute sa Stage pra sa Awarding Ceremony.
    It was really disappointing. Sayang, it was an expensive fun run and we got this kind of treatment.

  10. not a good running event hindi maayus at pulido ang pagkaka organize

    First of all First aid station. guys and gals petroleum jelly is a basic necessity when it comes to running. sabihin ba naman na wala at hindi naman kasi kailangan yun. hayzz…

    2nd race route was terrible nakakalito mga sign nila and 10k runners should do 2 rounds of a long stretch in the route for me ang pangit nung paikot ikot ka sa isang daan. hassle eh.

    3rd even i followed the race route for 10k nag register sa gps ko 9.1k kulang parin!

    4th walang customer service sa event i mean pag dating mo dun bahala ka na you can easily go sa waiting area. dapat organize pag pasok mo dapat first thing na dadaanan mo is registration section or check in. hindi ako nag check in kung meron man. but i think meron kasi when i check the race result wala name ko dun. bad trip talaga.

    Next time make sure to organize your event properly para mas masaya.

  11. excited pa nman ako sa first night run ko tapos sablay pla organizer.
    assembly plang sablay na, daming runners lagpas n agad sa arc
    lahat halos lahat ng nadaanan kong marshals tinanong ko kung saan ang way pero na cut p din route ko :(
    ung raffle stub may cut-off? funny after the race bawal n maghulog :p
    at ang da best ung race bib number ko sa ibang tao pla nakapangalan sheeettttttttttttttt

    ang ending napahiya ako sa mga officemates at boss ko kc ako nagconvince sknila na sumali wooot…..

  12. I got my goal..to go on a healthy run and help…you all look good at night ladies and gentlemen…whatever happened, another recipient will be thanking all of you..:)We also have a run at Camp Aguinaldo, QC on 18 may, 2013, our first run so Im sure di sigurado ka bonga or perfect but the goal is to help our military nurses in their charitable projects in line with the Nurse Corps, AFP 75th Anniv.If you want to run with the soldiers, you may join us.;Thanks Energizer..my first night run.and i enjoyed the positive messages written on our singlets.Salamat po.

  13. wala man lang pampalubag-loob? heheheeeeee dapat iba naman ung venue masyadong crowded…… dapat s skyway? heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. Everything was pretty much covered by everyone else. if I were to rate this event based on how excited I was to join our first night run, how high my expectations are, how i love the simple black singlet design plus the headlamps, I’d give it a 10/10. BUT, if I’m gonna base it on the experience, the route, the hydration stations, the run expo and the overall run event as it is, I’d give it 5/10…

    I don’t know if i expected too much or there’s just really a lot of areas of opportunities for this event. I’ll probably still gonna join next year with the hopes that it will be better next year… Hopefully next year it will be organized by a more experienced run event organizer…

    if there are two things I love about this event, it’s gonna be the well organized baggage counter… UNLIKE that of Nat Geo’s… AND the dark tunnel for the inspiring quotes…

    Kita-kits na lang sa RU2 my co-running enthusiasts… God Bless us All…

    • I agree totally agree that the baggage counters are plus points. Maybe other organizers might use this scheme too. Kudos to the Runners who did excellent even hilarious designs. I did not design mine but seeing others’ artwork is enough.

      RU2 lezdozis! Practice-practice muna sa PACE UP ;)

  15. OOOPPPSSSS…. and one more thing… my husband and I finished the race and crossed the finish line holding hands, HOW COME HIS TIME IS 16 MINUTES LONGER THAN MINE???? Good job diba?!!??!!!!

  16. Ohh noooo! Something is wrong po sa Race timing! I enter my Bib number 10575, and the result… “Runner not found Invalid bib number”. Whooaatt??! Then I enter my friend Bib number 10576 my name popped out. And the official time 01:10:31, that was her official time definitely not mine. Please do something for this matter… As a runner seeing our official run time is only our reward for pushing our selves to limits.

  17. how come invalid ang BIB number ko? 50124???? willl someone explain!!!! buti na lang inorasan ko takbo ko sa 5k.. finished it 25:35 but when I am checking the results INVALID BIB NUMBER?????

  18. Now to add insult to injury, the results list do not include my bib number 50628. I have the provisional receipt from RUNTERTAINMENT, INC. No.: 4633. Dated 4/29/13. I had paid for the three of us as team mates at RUNNER in High Street, Serendra.

  19. kaya pala!!!!! nagtataka ako bkit konti n lang kming 10k runners, sabi ko mukhang npagiwanan na ata ako, yun pala may short cut. hehehehhe

  20. this is the WORST run ever sa history ng mga tinakbuhan ko, un organized, mga marshals alang kwenta, tubig kulang hindi malamig…. walang freebies… Timer wala.
    Nasayang lang ang bayad sa inyo…. I will never run again sa ENERGIZER . . .
    Route pinaka WORST unorganized. Organizer of this run…. you made a BIG MISTAKE and you need big apology sa mga runners …..

  21. #Riveryong kala ko nga sir nasobrahan na ako sa practise hehehe.. feeling ko naman kenyans na ako hahaha natapos ko to ng 38 minutes.. me secret shortcut pala hahaha…. kaka dismaya..

  22. Hay.. down ang strider.ph offline.. nodejitsu.. ano un.. he he he..
    its for a cause..
    my 3rd run.. and pinaka worst.. because late po.. nag start.. okay lang la freebies.. etc… sinabi na lahat po sa taas.. wala pong gaanong security checks.. ningas kugon nga mga tayo.. after ilang days lang.. wala ng safety checks.. gabi pa naman.. buti po eh.. la pong di magandang nangyari.. all finish safely..

  23. marshal o bouncer, ang laki ng katawan aanuhin naman yan, d naman sasabak sa away. yung dapat ilagay yung talagang marunong mag bantay.

  24. I just like to raise 2 observations:
    a. Please please prepare your hydration stations prior the start of the run. Runners are already flooding the stations but there are no cups or bottles ready for pick-up especially for the 2nd and 3rd stations. Even for runners who brought their own bottles are having a hard time in refilling their canteens because there’s only like 2 working dispensers that time. I wasted at least a minute just to plead other runners to fill a single cup I managed to have during that time.

    b. All marshals must attentively direct the runners and be highly observant of their conditions. I read some comments that the marshals are actually asking the runner on which loop he’s already in or has he taken this track already. Surely that we have studied the routes provided but it will be their responsibility if we have understood and followed it correctly since most of us are new to the actual route. I almost got confused myself if not when I called the attention of this one marshal because we were once directed to the right and just a few meters we were then directed the opposite way. I managed to yell “which way?!” and got a panicking reply to turn left. I almost got hit by a 5k runner turning right at a high speed. I definitely agree that runners should be handed with loop bands not only to help the other marshals in the area but more importantly, to boost all runners especially the first-timers to continue and finish the run. Further, these marshals just keep turning away their attention from the runners even if they are already limping – not even bothering to ask them if they could still continue.

  25. It was a nice running event for us (me and my girlfriend). This is our first night run together and we really enjoyed it so much. Looking forward to joining again the next Energizer Run next year.

    Panalo ang Headlamp! Designing your own singlets is cool! Passing through the Glow in the Dark Tunnel is awesome!

    We really felt great!…=)

  26. I am troubled that despite the funding and sponsorship of multinational corporations this running event had been bombarded by negative comments due to the failure to provide the basic race support such as secured route and ample hydration. I had warned runners in this forum to prepare for possible race miscues such as water bottle refilling stations queuing but no one listened. Do not forget dismal running events and organizers. Remember the name and stop supporting them.

  27. eh ano naman ma-expect natin sa mga marshall eh mga barbelista yun at hindi runners so naturally ala silang alam sa nangyayari sa runners…..tsk….

  28. Though I didn’t complete the route unintentionally due to lack of marshalls, overall I’d say it’s a FUN FUN RUN! I love the part where we pass through the UV tunnel! NeonAllen glows in the dark! Oh yeah baby! And a version of it in the finish area. Still a memorable event! Sana maulit muli! :-)

  29. we had a great run.. nice race kit,,sulit talaga even the event, ang saya..we enjoyed the tunnel effect.. :-) like like

  30. Hi Energizer run, first of all I like to say thank u, it was a successful event, ang daming tao nag participate, this is not about podium, its about having fun with ur family, there were some negative comments for the others but for me I had enjoy this night run with my daughter, never seen her so happy especially when we reach the tunnel change the bright light to red light hahaha it was amazing, and i would like to thank Aldrin for this and the one who sponsored this buy 1 take 1 promo. We Thank you!!!! More Power:) ” Love the Head Lamp”

  31. overall a very nice night race….. hydration was sufficient…. lighting was of course not a problem….. enough race marshals….. security was awesome…. 8/10 rating!!!

  32. masaya naman kasi yung event. marshals lang talaga yung problema. as I’ve said sana nga po eh runners na lang kunin niyo next time na marshals. hindi po ako nagrereklamo.suggestion lang naman.okay kasi yung event. marshals lang tlaga. tsaka dagdagan niyo po yun black light tunnel.nakakatuwa kasi :p okay din yung idea na kami ang gagawa ng designs para sa singlet. good job! :)

  33. Btw, I would still like to raise 3 positive observations:
    a. Great baggage counter scheme! Systematizing them according to distance and race bib numbers and having the depositors/claimants sign to the baggage sheet makes it more organized and secure.

    b. Designing your own singlet and the neon tunnel. Delivers more positive energies for the runners. Very inspiring and sometimes hilarious – moving your attention away from exhaustion.

    c. Very energetic and enthusiastic program hosts (need I to say more?).

    Thankfully, I was among the 10k runners who completed the route (though it was a struggle to seek attention among the marshals – a lesson learned for everyone)

  34. Is the result a joke.??? ang layo kasi ng katotohanan sa nakapaskil.. hahahaha
    anyways, overall basta nag-enjoy naman kami ng kapatid ko, kahit 2 min lang ung agwat namin pero umabot ng 1 hour ung time nya.. salamat sa headlamp.!


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