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Conquer Philippines 2013 | Pinoy Fitness

Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded Conquer Philippines 2013 in Bonifacio Global City!! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Conquer Philippines 2013
May 5, 2013
Bonifacio Global City

Race Results:
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Conquer Philippines 2013 | Pinoy Fitness


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  1. Re: Mud Crawl.

    The marshalls should stop saying the “Chest down or else madidisqualify kayo crap” kung di namna nila inayos ang mud route. Sa Merrell run soft mud ang gagapangan mo, dito sharp stones, shrapnell and foreign objects ang sasalubong sayo.

  2. sana mas mahirap n obstacles nman!! Nice Run.. dapat may part 2 ito.. Good Job Guys at congrats sating lahat!

  3. sana nilagay sa yung traverse obstacle before the mud crawl. andami tuloy nag clog dun.. they should arrange the obstacle from the easier to harder.

  4. Sana mas marami silang sinet up n side wall climb.. Nagpile up kc ung mga runners don s obstacle n un eh.. It was a nice run though. Super enjoy! ; )

  5. Kung marame natuwa sa obstacles, i, on the other hand, am disappointed…parang wala lang…if you’re going to make part 2…baka naman pedeng mas mahirap sa ginawa nyo ngayon…obstacles are put to give some twist on an ordinary road run…to add more difficulty…kung ganyan lang ren naman ang mga obstacles na naka set-up, sana man lang tinaasan nyo ang category to 21K…

  6. I agree with the mud crawl – you could have made it better by pouring soft dirt and then making it muddy with water. The wall climb could have been improved by making lanes for 12K and 6K runners. You could have added simple but exciting obstacles like traffic cones for zigzag movements. or hurdles for up and down activities.

  7. yung sa wall climb. nag pile-up mga tao. nakakawala ng “momentum”. much better kung net climb na lang :) overall maganda ang event.

  8. From the organizers:

    We sincerely apologize for the Mud Crawl set-up, we have planned and prepared for this however we weren’t able to execute everything due to time delay. As everyone know, there was a night race right before us at the same venue. Our intended set-up time was cut short to only 4 hours to prepare everything from the activity area to the whole route. The specific area we prepared for the crawl was not really used since the stage set-up of the night race was not removed. It was still there even when we were starting the 12K obstacle race.

    We have taken all your comments and criticisms. Rest assured we have this all noted.

    Thank you for the support,

    Without Limits Management Team

  9. mud crawl’s good, it’s the terrain thats not. perhaps next time dont rely on the given terrain and invest on a “mud pool” of some sort.

    oh yeah and i believe the needle challenge can be replaced by something more mind boggling hehehe.

    will definitely run again next time! thanks ON!

  10. Sakit sa tuhod ng mud crawl! Parang gumagapang sa graba! Haha.. Nag enjoy ako dito. Salamat sa dog tag! Wala bang part 2? Sana next time maraming ipad mini na ipamigay! Hehe.

  11. Hi! My name is not on the list and my bib number, 12415, is assigned to someone else. I registered at Chris Sports Megamall. A official time for tny chance of still finding my time 12k category?


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