Thank you Nuffnang! Welcome NuffnangX!


A simple THANK YOU note to my Nuffnang family! I’ve been with this family since 2009 and Nuffnang has always been there to support me and my blog, keeping me busy and providing me opportunities to keep my website running!

Today Nuffnang is once again making our lives a bit easier by introducing the Nuffnang card, where future earnings under Nuffnang can automatically be retrieved via this ATM card! COOL! So if you own a website or a blog under Nuffnang, get your card now!

Nuffnang is also introducing a new service called NuffnangX!

“NuffnangX is a platform that allows users to find blogs to read, follow blog updates and have conversations with bloggers on-the-go. There is a mobile version free for download in iTunes or Google Play Store. There is also a web version at”

In Short, NuffnangX allows YOU to follow Pinoy Fitness and some of your favorite websites via your Mobile Phone or through the website @!


Click the banner above and try it out! Let me know what you think about this new service by NuffnangX! See you there guys!

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