Million Volunteer Run 2013 – Results Discussion

million volunteer run 2 results and photos

Congratulations to everyone that participated and finished the Million Volunteer Run 2013 at Roxas Boulevard! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Million Volunteer Run 2013
February 10, 2013
Roxas Boulevard

Race Results:

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  1. signs of retirement na yan. . lost of interest. hahaha

    after more than 3 years running, parang nawawala na rin eagerness ko to join official races. pero tumatakbo pa rin ako every weekend, on my own na nga lang. retired na rin kasi mga running friends ko at umaaray na rin wallet ko. :(

  2. badtrip yung mga ginawang setting ng pictorial ang race…
    fr0m start to finish sa kaiiwas sa mga naglalakad at mga nag pi-picture takng sa kalsada….

  3. disorganized at its finest! Fail. They should have fixed the event… from the start na walang Gun-Start, then security to the run itself, the marshals, or even guides for the ones who “RUN”. May mga tumatalon sa barricades, may mga tumatakbo sa labas ng route ng race… prone to accidents.
    ang daming singit sa run… may mga motorcycles, mga bicycles, mga kotse… and not to mention those people who just walk or taking their pictures for the sake that they were in the event… UGH.
    The event organizers can’t even control the crowd… :(
    It’s their second running event. They should have done it BETTER than last year. (as I have read & heard from people). It’s not an excuse that mura ang registration fee na napakagulo ng event.

  4. I do not consider this event a FAIL. For one, I do not expect to even RUN in this event given the crowds participating. This event isn’t really a fun run. It is more of a SHOW OF SUPPORT to the Philippine National Red Cross.

    I participated in the 5k distance and my goodness, the moment I arrived at the start line, I knew it will take a significant amount of time before I can actually “run.” The first leg was more of a ALAY LAKAD. The last leg was the only time I was able to run. Almost the same as KAPIT BISIG PARA SA ILOG PASIG.

    It was nice to watch a mini-concert after the race although I did not appreciate being under the heat of the sun. Richard Gordon was there. Migs Zubiri was there. For obvious reasons, for their benefit in the coming elections. Need I say more?

    Gerald Anderson showed up at the 5k start line. Brazilian models were there as well. Fabio and Daniel plus the hot Brazilian girls. Pinky Marquez, Marki Stroem, Down to Mars and Jason Fernandez performed. I really enjoyed Jason Fernandez and his band.

    I brought my own hydration and a lot were surprised to learn that the hydration stations didn’t have disposable cups. I think it should be mandatory for running events that RUNNERS BRING THEIR OWN HYDRATION. Even if it is just a short distance. Iwas kalat!

    No freebies but they issued a certificate. Like I said, I did not expect to get anything from this event. This is an event to SHOW SUPPORT.

    Will I join again? Sure!

    I registered in the QC chapter and I swear, I didn’t know that the QC chapter decided to hold a separate fun run among the NCR cities. I ended up running in Roxas Boulevard. Anyway, not a big deal since LRT’s and MRT’s gave out free rides to participants.

  5. maganda ang takbuhan pero sana next time magkaroon ng 10k at seperaed ang runner lane sa walking lane sure run tayo ulit masaya at daming artista

  6. the idea of running for a cause is great, but, it was so unorganized, red cross office was unorganized as well, for example, availability of the singlets , shirts etc

  7. para sa akin i understand all the situation even im not really enjoy the run and my friends.. as long as we support the redcross as volunter. sana hindi mabulsa ang iba.


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