1st Heroes Run 2012 – December 2, 2012


True to its calling as a fraternal organization whose service to the Filipino nation is marked with dedication to what is noble and true, the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association Inc. (PMAAAI) – Philippine Army Chapter Inc. with SEC Registry Number CN201211324 as a non-stock and non-profit organization and in partnership with its Mother Board, the PMAAI will sponsor the 1st Heroes Run 2012 on 02 December 2012 at the hallowed grounds of Fort Andres Bonifacio Complex, Taguig City.

They take pride to partner in this undertaking to provide medical assistance to our living heroes in uniform: Battle Wounded in Action (WIA) personnel of the Philippine Army as well as our athletes such as the Dragon Boat Team (Philippine Team), Boxers, Athletics (Olympian Maristela Torres), Soccer Players (Roel Gener and Manuel Sacapano of the AZKAL), Volleybelles (National V-League Champion) and other event that our soldier athletes excel both in the local and international scene. They are the beneficiaries through the different health care benefits provided by the Army General Hospital (AGH).

They share the burning patriotism with those who have the same passion and advocacy for a safer and better Philippines. Hence, they wanted to journey with every freedom loving Filipino in this running event, the living heroes of the land.

1st Heroes Run 2012
December 2, 2012
Fort Bonifacio: Libingan ng mga Bayani (INSIDE) – Heritage Park (INSIDE) – American Cemetery – Gate 3
Organizer: PMAAA-Philippine Army Inc.

Registration Fees:
21K – PHP 750.00
10K – PHP 600.00
5K – PHP 500.00
3K – PHP 400.00


Registration Venues:
1. MLB Event Organizer Svcs
2. AMPMO, Fort Bonifacio
3. Chris Sports SM NorthEdsa
4. Chris Sports Market! Market!
5. Chris Sports SM Megamall
6. Fitness & Athletics Company Bonifacio Global City

1st Heroes Run 2012 – Race Route

1st Heroes Run 2012 – Medal Design

Contact Details:
[email protected]

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  1. Experience the Lush and greenery and unique experience inside the Headquarters Philippine Army, Libingan ng mga Bayani and Heritage Park.

    Secured and spacious parking place. Definitely a whole new experience in running

  2. sana affordable ung reg. fee para mas marami makasali, pwede naman bib lang, no singlet, h2o nalang wla ng sports drink, no medal, f.shirts. para naman ito sa mga bayani di po ba?

  3. Hero Ranjo, the experience will definitely be worth the fees listed above.

    Heroes Jhangly and Lyn. Run with the heroes, run for the heroes, Coz U R a HERO. Go guys.

    Hero Cuy1973, eventually there will be 1 at Rox and Chris Sports and on line reg-payment. We assure you this one is definitely a good run

  4. im joining this race because:

    – organized support from philippine army
    – unique and traffic-free race routes
    – bona fide event beneficiaries
    – reasonable registration fee
    – proactive organizers

  5. Hero kengon, salamat. Kiat kits
    Hero marge, you’re right. Totally a new and unique race experience is coming.
    Hero pacer, well said. An encouragement for us to do it better.
    Hero jenny, That is our intention.

    Salamat sa inyo, mga bayaning Pilipino.

  6. sir jo

    maybe you can post the singlet design and the race details :) would there be any finisher shirt and medal for 21K? :) sana meron para maraming maka join sa event :)

    good luck sir :)

  7. Hero popoy, we suggest organize kayo Tabak Team to compete with the best in manila. Will have this event officially posted to all PA units as an invitation. Go Army runners

  8. Mabuhay ka hero ian. Go na tayo.

    Hero federico, Will take that up with the Board. The intent is to have a reasonable regs fee without sacrificing quality (singlet, RFID, route, etc) and an assured value for money with a laudable cause.

  9. Hero chomel,

    It is worth the experience, it is your Army and see it for yourself.

    See you then.

    Hero bern and Zoe, salamat sa comments.

    Register na tayo. Racing kits are already available, and see for yourself what is inside. Definitely a good deal and value for your hard earned money, with a very laudable, realistic and noble cause.

  10. Ty Hero Borne Runner,

    Invite the entire Borne Runner family,

    We can facilitate group registration. Just coordinate where and when to meet up. We will bring the race kit right away. Kaliwaan with the regs form-waiver and payment.

    A fitting service for the Heroes.

  11. Hi! Just wondering if the organizers have considered that another run (mchappy run) will most likely be utilizing lawton and at most bayani road (unless they do a lot of loops within McKinley Hill Area lang)? It has happened before na medyo nagiging magulo with the traffic flow and especially when it comes to hydration station, nagkakandalabo labo na ang runners, nagkakaubusan tuloy ng tubig/sports drink. I think coordination with the other organizer will help a lot para “happy heroes” yung mga runners ng dalawang event. =)

  12. Hi, Hero M.

    Thanks for your concern and your suggestion, I agree with it, especially we have an expected 6,000 runners.

    We were out in the net officially as early as August with all the needed preparation and permits, except in the McKinley area, which is the reason our route did not include the area.

    Well taken, we shall be coordinating with them.

  13. Heroes Borne, Tambitz04, Carlos and Bong,

    Salamat mga bayani, dapat kayong tularan.

    Invite your running groups as well.

    Hero Allison, only 21K ang may finishers’ medal. Podium finish na gold, silver and bronze para sa 10k, 5k and 3k.

  14. Everybody are invited to join in this memorable event of year for the Philippine Army…Every Filipino are a hero…So join and run with us and be a living HERO…Your participation are of great contribution for this endeavor…See you there eheg eheg eheg

    • Hero Paul, definitely not. However it is subject to availability of event slot, we have a maximum 2000 runners for 21K, 1500 runners for 10K and 5K, and 1000 runners for 3K.

      I suggest mag-onlline regs ka. Follow us in : https://army-cavaliers.com/

      Salamat sa yo Hero iceman. Tayo na mga bayani ng bayan.

  15. Hero juiz, its inside the Army Camp-Fort Bonifacio along Lawton Ave-Bayani Road.

    You may take any PUV plying Market2-Gate 3, drop at Gate 1 (McKinley stop light) or Gate 6 (Libingan ng mga Bayani-AFPOVAI), then ask the MP-Guard to show you the direction.

    • Hero renato, yup there is raffle and loot bags, Its entry coupon is in the Bib as part of the tear-off portion.

      Regs na, and invite others as well

  16. Hi hero Ichigo, Ty for registering.

    San po kayo nag-register? Do you have the race kit with you? The parking Guide is inclusive of the kit, flip side of the Race Rules and Regulations. There are designated parking spaces pag-pasok nyo po sa Headquarters ng Army, we have MPs around to assist you.

    Access nyo po this link: https://army-cavaliers.com/

    Hero Ben,

    Til slots are open, no more 3K slots. Only 5K, 10K and 21K is available.

  17. Hi hero rudy,

    Regs will be open til slots are available. Thus, whenever slots allows onsite regs will be 30 minutes before guntime.

    Regs na. See you in the fields of green of Bonifacio.

  18. we registered on-line for the 5k and chose Christ Sports SM North as the pick up point for our race kits. but when i went to Christ Sports and sabi nila is ubos na ang 5k. saan na po kukunin yung race kits namin? i also called Christ sports at megamall, ang sabi nila meron pa daw 5k pero hindi daw pwede kumuha dun. kindly coordinate po with your registration centers, kasi mukhang hindi rin nila alam na may online registration. we were advise by christ sports to coordinate with the organizers of this event.

    • Hi hero Clem,

      kindly email us your contact details at [email protected], and will address your concern, Asap.

      Ty for running with us.

      Hero ralph,

      In principle the last day of regs will be on Dec 2 at 0430, as an on-site regs. However, this is subject to the availability of slots. We have 6,000 runners broken down into 2,000 for 21K, 1,500 for 5K and 10K, and 1,000 for 3K.

      But we cannot assure you if there will be available slots for any of the event by then, nor there will be an on-site regs.

      Best thing is Regs now.

  19. i have booked 5 of us for 5k ..Just like Clem i was told to contact the organizer. I have already emailed you my concern. Hope to have your immediate feedback.

    • Hi hero nanette,

      Got the mail. Will deliver it, Asap. Ty for running.

      Hero Ben,

      I suggest you call the outlets/center you intend to visit and arranged for its reservation.

      Same goes to the others. AMPMO Number in Fort Bonifacio has the final option.

      Ty for your support. Bayani kayo na dapat tularan.

  20. I’ll try to register for 10k this Thursday or Friday either at Chris Sports SM Megamall or Fitness & Athletics Company Bonifacio Global City. Hopefully there are still slots available. Please advise. Thanks!!!

  21. All runners!… join now… this will probably be your first to run on a cannon (howitzer 105) signaling the start… hehehe. See and hear it for yourself. On top of this, runners will be treated with a static display of military hardwares and lots of fun..

    • Hero mcamacho,

      Til slots are available. Though on-site regs is an option til 0430 of race day.

      hero terry, you got it right. if you have plans to run on dec 2 and have’nt decided which to join, you aint seen nothin yet. the best is yet to come.

      Especially the cause and advocacy part of it. So real, so close, up and personal- because it is your Army, your Armed Forces, your PNP and your Coast Guard.

      Tayo na mga bayani at makipag-bayanihan na tayo sa linggong ito.

      kita kits sa Fort Bonifacio.

  22. I finally made it to Manila and registered for the race. Five more people are running with me. We are so excited to support this noble cause!

  23. this is the most unorganized run na nasalihan ko

    just to reivew

    1….Loot bag was just full of loots.
    2….baggade location ndi mo makita dahil sobra dilim ng field nila.
    3…. yung aanouncer mahirap makingan turo ng turo. may marshall pro wala nman.
    4….. coming to the finish line daming taong palakad lakad at nag papapicture pa.. buti nga sa binungo ko. NEXT TIME LEARN TO MOVE AWAY FROM THE RACE TRACK
    5….. nasaan yun SAAN NAPUNTA YUN MISTER DONUT SPONSOR> may nakita ako ng may hawan ng DONUT> nsa barrack ba?…
    6…… kung sino man yun sundalo na nanigaw smin .. dahil yun parking na sinunod namin is yun nsa website ay mali daw. gago ka rin..

    • Hero IT anonymous,

      Your inputs are well taken for a better 2nd Heroes Run 2013.

      Please allow me to share some facts on item # 5 re Mister Donut. Theirs is in the form of an X-Deal thru Gift Checks (GC) and no products in any form, which all winners were given as part of their winnings.

      See you, then and keep runnin


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