adidas King of the Road (KOTR) 2012 – September 30, 2012

adidas king of the road 2012 poster

People have been wondering on when and where the adidas KOTR 2012 will be this year, well no final details yet, but there’s a buzz going around that the final date of the upcoming adidas King of the Road 2012 will be on September 30, 2012 at BGC!

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adidas King of the Road (KOTR) 2012
September 30, 2012


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  1. I came across a newspaper item that set October 7 as the date for the 2012 King of the Road. The Philippines will host the penultimate leg before the grand finals in Singapore on October 28. I guess it has been moved.

  2. ndi nmin naabutan reg ng KOTR 2011 so ngaung KOTR 2012 definitely mkksali n kmi… thank’s PF for keeping us updated. ;)

  3. grabe na to.. sept16 – RU3 (32k), sept23 – camsur marathon (21k), tapos sept30 – kotr naman.. hehe.. keep on running guys!!!

  4. after 2009 edition i did not join 2010 due to the disorganized race support. but adidas vindicated themselves with an organized 2011 edition based on runners feedback. thus im joining the 2012 edition to support to well organized local races.

  5. just a lingering concern about the online registration during the 2011 edition. i hope that adidas will have both online and in-store registration so runners can choose their preferred payment mode. furthermore the singlet was sold at discounted price to non-registered runners which made it difficult to spot registered and bandits during the actual race.

  6. @ Angelo of Comment # 23

    lol at butusan ng bulsa.

    nagsisimula na nga ako mag baon ng lunch sa office eh.

    okay yung KOTR kaso sasabay to sa Pasig River run?

  7. My reason of joining 2010 and 2011 adidas KOTR is because of good quality and unique color of singlet, but I’m thinking twice bacause budget is top priority now.

  8. July 25th opening of registration has been confirmed!!!
    Admin of Adidas PH’s twitter account tweeted 6 hrs ago:
    “8 more days to go before registration for the King of the Road 2012 opens! Are you ready to go all in?”

  9. kung kasabay sya ng Pasig Run … malamang dito karamihan sa mga mananakbo talaga.. kasi sa pasig run – as usual, siksikan na naman kasi madami tatakbo.

    magagamit na naman si piggy sa pagiipon ng barya pang reg fee sa RU3 at KOTR (my first if ever…)

  10. hmmm…ito ang 3rd quarter 21km ko..huhu..i better start training, hirap pa naman ngayon always raining.

    Again, discipline lang ng konti sa pagsali..I’ve limited my runs to an HM every quarter..para di maburnout at maburn ang bulsa.

    Happy training everyone!

  11. @ Lance A., correct ang bulsa na ang nabuburn out di na ang runner…

    Choosing from Organizer, feedback from previous race, cost is always an option in joining races now.

  12. Mas gusto ko na dito sa KOTR kaysa sa run for the pasig, bakit kamo? Maraming alay lakad sa run for the pasig, kaya dito ako mag join,,,

  13. Mukhang 16.8k ung farthest dito a.. basing it only from other countries’ farthest.. similar last year, 5 countries, different singlet colors but same designs.. sana ung medal lang talaga.. antagal naman magrelease ng info! :(

  14. @argh_jp

    Adidas will be releasing more updates before the week is over regarding their upcoming event. let’s see kung meron ulet 21K like last year.

    salamat sa pagtutok.

  15. @argh_jp

    mukang 16.8km nga ang pinakamahaba nito ah.hay. I was hoping pa naman for an HM dito. Ran the 16.8km last year. Sana mali ako.

  16. @Lance A. – Oo nga based sa home page ng KOTR, 16.8km ang longest distance, malalaman natin sa July 29th kapag natapos ang unang leg sa Thailand so most probably kung anong farthest sa Thailand mirror na sa lahat ng countries :)

  17. Kinda pricey – P1,050 for 5k/10k? Can anyone share how much last year’s is? This would be my first KOTR if I can manage to absorb the fee, hehe!

  18. Hi All,

    Please see details below from the Adidas KOTR site.

    The registration will close on 23rd September 2012 or upon reaching 10,000 participants. (Online registration will close earlier on 15th September 2012).

    Participants below the age of 18 are required to seek parental/guardian consent and fill up the relevant indemnity declaration as deemed necessary by the Organiser upon online registration. Failing which, the Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to any participant.

    1.Walk in application –

    Registration will be 7 days a week from 12.00 n.n. – 08.00 p.m. at the following adidas stores:

    1.adidas MegaMall
    2.adidas Rockwell
    3.adidas MOA
    4.adidas Trinoma
    5.adidas Greenbelt 3

    2. Apply online at

    Distance Standard Price

    16.8km 1,300 Php
    10km 1,050 Php
    5km 1,050 Php

  19. @ sportyspice – yup! tatakbo kpa d2? matagal pa naman eh, hehehe, pero mukhang maganda naman ang singlet. pwede na mag online registration, free delivery ng race kit sa bahay.

  20. Ang mahal naman daig pa ang ultramarathon. Last July 1 The Valley Trail Challenge is only 950.00 pesos for 50k plus freebie miles so a total of 57k. What do we got along the route: pocari, bread, sandwich, mountain dew, hard boiled eggs, water, and chocolates. We have post race hot meal plus Milo. May free massage at salompas pa aside from the post race kit (medal, finisher shirt, valley trail mix, and magazine. Ano kaya meron sa 1,300?

  21. I registered already online this is my first time to join in this fun run of Adidas, can/t wait to be part of this exciting event. hope to meet more friends here… see you there guys.

  22. I bought Adizero Tempo 4 its too expensive po P/ 5,650 po maganda po ba talaga ang running shoes na ito o sayang lang po pera ko?

  23. @ sportyspice – uu BGC nga, cge mag 16k tayo dito, matagal pa naman eh, para naman ma expirience ko lang ang Adidas King of the Road… :)

  24. hmmm no 21K?

    looks like i will just wait for the singlet to be sold at a discounted price just like last year (e.g. P500/singlet).

  25. @ashley maximize the use of your shoes. Use them as you train especially if you intent to use it at KOTR so you have a better feel of it. And importantly for you to know if it is suited to your running style and stride. Enjoy the run.

  26. @2nd wind..Noted po! Thanks sa advice I actually mag start na ko mag training tonight.

    @ DanieL.. Wow galing naman may grupo I hope this group of yours will be my group too. Don’t worry I will look at your FB account po sana di ako ma OP.God Speed.

  27. @ Ashley – Sure! No worries, parang katuwaan lang naman yung group, mga nagkakilakila lang din sa mga past running events, cge add mo na lang ako, mas marami mas masaya. :)


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