adidas KOTR 2011 – Race Results and Discussions

king of the road kotr 2012 race results and photos

Congratulations to all finishers of the 2011 adidas King of the Road! Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Pinoy Fitness Booth as well! Race Results and Some Photo links will be updated here once it’s available.

Race Results:
[download id=”565″]
[download id=”567″]
[download id=”566″]

adidas KOTR 2011 – Official Website Race Results

Photo Links:
adidas KOTR 2011 Photos – by Team USB
adidas KOTR 2011 Photos – by @calvinshub
adidas KOTR 2011 Photos – by ARC

For now please feel free to share your comments and feedback about the race here!


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  1. …wala names us nor our bib# to the results of the 21k distance..hay,sayang pagod at determination..thou meron kami own stopwatch mas okay pa din makita yung official time mo..sana d-tag na lang ginamit para macapture lahat ng time..=(

  2. Grabe. Matatapos na ang linggo, wala pa rin results. =\

    Pati yung 5k & 21k results, tinanggal nila sa official results page ng adidas. Sayang, almost perfect run na sana e. Sa results nalang sumabit. But still the best run of the year for me, though. hehe

  3. @pinoyfitness,

    the results are still being updated? So does that mean there’s still a chance that our times will come out there even if the results were already published?

    Like many others, I also ran the 21k but found out that I didn’t come out on the Race Results. I even made sure to rub my feet on the blue mats at every checkpoint.. hahaha :)

  4. Great race. Well-organized, lots of water stations, marshalls, directional signs, polite registration staff. The only glitch is that in the race results you assigned the race bib number 14411 and race card 84811 to someone else. I wore that bib all way to the finish. Your registration staff assigned this bib to me when my original bib was one of those that could not be found at registration due to a quality assurance problem.

  5. Oops sorry I wrote “Your registration staff assigned this bib to me when my original bib was one of those that could not be found at registration due to a quality assurance problem.” Was referring to Adidas organizers. Thanks for allowing us to express ourselves.

  6. same here i run under 21K category but i did not get my race result (not in the list). I even stepped carefully on the mats just to make sure. I saw the time when I crossed the finish line – 2:22. Can we still see our time? What caused the non-logged of our time – defective chip cards? Hope we can get some feedback on this lalo na this was my first time to run KOTR. Thanks again :-)

  7. i was assigned a bib with no. 14143, when i look for my race result it turn out that bib no. is under the name of ramon julian rodriguez and not under my name melchor b. pena. i dont know who’s fault was it, but could you explain what happened?

  8. Hi, would you happen to have the contact information of the race organizers of Adidas KOTR? I waited til they uploaded the updated results but there are still some names missing. I ran with a group and 2 of the names are missing (the ones who achieved PR). There are pictures of us running on the race course (on the pinoyfitness Facebook albums) as proof that we actually did run it & we made sure to step on the mats as well. Please advise. Thank you!

  9. Seems like they messed up my race results. I have my bibb number registered under another persons name thus, I show that I was not there at all.

  10. hi good am,i enjoyed the 16.8k race,the fly-over experience is fun although i didnt train for that slope,i find it challenging,great run!!!
    On the post run activity,on a raffle from one of the sponsors i won a trip to singapore from tiger airways ,they promised to email me within 2 weeks however i havent heard from them until now,can you help me ? thanks

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