Skate to the promise land : Subic Wave – April 20-21, 2012


My Life on Board, rated as the # 1 boardsports web media site in the Philippines is pleased to present to you guys our upcoming action extreme event Subic WAVE – Skate to the promise Land!

The 1st Subic extreme sports fusion event to be held at Subic ITC, April 20th Friday and 21st Saturday, packed with Skateboarding Competition, Downhill Longboarding Race, Push Race and Rock Concert featuring the top calibrated band of Paolo Valenciano “ SALAMIN”. A stout packed event that will dash the history of event fusion in the country.

Skate to the promise land : Subic Wave
April 20-21, 2012 @ 9am – 10pm
Skateboarding / Free Concert- boardwalk waterfront drive. longboarding – Crazy trucks, Idess Subic
Organizer – CRC,BBX and MLOB

Registration Fees:

– On-line registration is P1000.
– Inclusive of Event Shirts, lunch meals and sponsor giveaways are included in the registration fee. The registration fee also includes your registration for Slide Jam, freestyle, highest ramp jump on the first day.
– Full Face helmet, leather suit ( for those who have one) elbow pads, knee pads, long sleeve jackets, full length jeans or socks are required for Downhill Race.
– Full safety inspection of your equipments during the 1st day of the race will be implemented

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Registration Venues:

Swell Bar. April 20, 2012. For the payment, you can send your payment through BDO.
Account Name: My Life on board Enterprise
Account Number: 000160723191

Please scan the bank receipt and email it to us at [email protected] together with your Name, Shirt Size, Age and Contact number. The Bank receipt will serve as your proof of registration during the event. Once you’ve emailed the bank receipt, we will email you your registration ticket together with the event waiver to be filled in and signed and present it on the registration officer during the event.

For More Information:


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