Reebok CrossFit – The Sport of Fitness now in the Philippines


Every wondered what CrossFit is all about!? Well The sport of fitness has finally arrived in the Philippines! You are all invited to the Reebok Crossfit experience zone in Eastwood this April 13, 5.00pm.

Reebok CrossFit Experience
April 13, 2012 @ 5PM
Fuente Circle, Eastwood

Mark your Calendars and See you There!


  1. I just saw this description of crossfit from wikipedia:

    CrossFit describes its strength and conditioning program as “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement,” with the stated goal of improving fitness (and therefore general physical preparedness), which it defines as “work capacity across broad time and modal domains.” Workouts are typically short—20 minutes or less—and intense, demanding all-out physical exertion. They combine movements such as sprinting, rowing, jumping rope, climbing rope, weightlifting, and carrying odd objects; they use barbells, dumbbells, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, kettlebells, medicine balls, and many bodyweight exercises.

    Dude… wow!

  2. Dissapointing clinic since crossfit was more into advertising their Top crossfitters and not to mention brand Reebok and media rather than membership.I was hoping for fitness not business.

  3. Whatever exercise your doing or sport and for as long as you like it, then thats good enough for you. So generally Cross fits not the best.


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