Nature’s Trail Discovery Run @ Tanay – May 27, 2012


The mountain ranges composing the watersheds of Tanay, Rizal are at a critical level with its natural water resources dwindling at faster rate due to destruction of its forests, rivers and water springs which usually oozing with water all-year run but are now becoming drier in the summer months, a clear sign that if the destruction of the forests continue we may no longer have the watersheds but just dry parched mountains. Wealth of the forest must benefit the upland communities not waste them.

Nature’s Trail Discovery Run will bring runners to new adventures of trail running as well as promoting environmental awareness the reforestation of the watersheds of Tanay, Rizal and the development of upland communities through the mountain sports tourism promotion. It is a 3-leg series of Trail Run races scheduled on May 27, September 2 and December 2 in 2012. The series will run in different trail routes at the foot and top of hills and mountains, running through small trails, dirt roads, rivers, and inside the forested areas for complete trail experience. It shall serve as qualifying races for the annual “Love A Tree” which will have its next run on February 2013.

Nature’s Trail Discovery Run 2012
May 27, 2012 @ 5AM
San Andres, Tanay Rizal

Registration Fees:

Regular Rate: (April 2 to May 15, 2012)
10K (Open to all Filipino running enthusiasts) – PHP 750
16K (Open to all Filipino running enthusiasts – PHP 850
21K (Open to all Nationalities) – PHP 950


Early Bird Rate: (March 15 to April 1)
10K – PHP 650
16K – PHP 750
21K – PHP 850

Official Closing of Registration: May 15, 2012

Late Registration: (May 16 – May 25, 2012)
(Late registrants will receive finisher shirt and medal, one week after the event)

– Additional PHP 200 for Transportation
– Free Camping (bring your own camping gear and tent, a day before / during the event)
– Inclusion: Race Bib, Finisher ‘s Shirts and Finisher’s Medal all category

Gun Starts:
21K – 5:30 am
16K – 5:50 am
10K – 6:00 am

Registration Venues:
– Chris Sports
– Early Bird Registration: Direct with Pimco Office

Nature’s Trail Discovery Run – Finisher’s Shirt:


For more details and Early Bird Registration Please Contact:
Pimco Sporting Events
Telephone Nos.: 532-1645/571-0524

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  1. @Emmanuel

    nagpareserve na po ako online for 16km pero di pa po ako nakakabayad. . ma forfeit po ba un? and how many slots for 16km bakit close na?

    waiting for your response soon!


  2. inalis na po ba ung 16k category o closed na for that?? nag early bird po kasi ako sa 16k. . .ano pong mangyayari dun?

  3. //@Team Titans @Snail Runners Alabang @Team USB @pinoyfitness runners/mountaineers @team Alpha1 — letzgititon..!

  4. Hi Trail Runner, the 16km is no contest so before the start of regular registration we scratched it from the race category. You can either choose between 10km and 21km. Registration for both categories is very high and slots are taken faster than we expected. Since you are an early bird, you can still get the discount.

  5. Runners registering as a team will get the 5 + 1 (free) or 9 + 3 Promo as SuPLaDo_aKo says. We will post the name of teams that have participation in the event. Yes bring it on and let your teams fly high at Nature’s Trail Discovery Run.

  6. 3 Lucky runners will take home 3 pairs of trail shoes from Norphl introducing in the local market, Viking, a top European trail shoes. Raffle for the shoes will follow immediately after the race. You maybe the lucky Bib number to take home you new pairs of trail shoes.

  7. No contest ang 16km lahat registration runners only on 10km and 21km also we further limit the slots to avoid overcrowding on the trails particularly at the mountain side for safety and ensure better race management and quality run.

  8. Check at the shoes they are going to give away for free at Nature’s Trail Discovery Run to lucky runners. Register now while there are still slots for 10km or 21km. You may not win the race but you may win the number one shoes in Norway, Viking trail shoes.

  9. Registration at R.O.X. BGC opens today 4 pm to 8 pm. Registration at Chris Sports ongoing at Megamall and Market-Market. Two more outlets will open next week. Free souvenir singlet giveaway still available. Good while supply last. After your practice run, visit R.O.X today or Chris Sports.

  10. Hi. super excited na ko for this event.This is my very first time na sasali sa ganitong run and i know tanay is a very beatiful place..

  11. Yes angelo only 10km and 21km to choose from and the slots are fast filling up. There are also more runners choosing to camp out some as early as the 25th, others on the 26th up to the day of the run on May 27th. Its gonna be lots of fun really.

  12. Hi Onemig, open pa ang ROX BGC daily 4-8 pm ang registration don. Yung April 21st sa Early Birds lang yon which is already closed. You can register in ROX up until May 16. Kaya lang suggest you register now since the slots are limited once we reach the max number of runners we close even before May 16. Also there is still few free souvenir singlet available good while supply last lang so avail of it now.

  13. We are receiving lots of calls for the Team Promo and this prompted us to comment. Those who already registered individually but has team members registering later until April 30 may still be considered in the Team Promo and thus avail of the Team Promo. Registration for Team Promo should be coordinated directly with Pimco Sporting Events office.

  14. Individual runners may group themselves in 5 or 9 to avail of the Team Promo. You must however give a name for your Team. Running Clubs with teams participating may put up their own tent in the venue and accept new members in their teams or clubs. May your team or club members multiply and have fun. See you at the race!

  15. Nataon pa sa Company outing namin sa event na ito, Im selling my 21K slot for 700 only. Text me @ 0922 7298687. Race kit includes a free souvenir singlet from
    Their previous events. Thanks

  16. Hi!

    Can we just go to any of the pick-up points, or you guys have a database of the runners assigned to each pick-up point just like during the Love-a-Tree Run? Or will transpo stubs be provided with the race kits. I’m planning to go to the Masinag pick-up point, btw. Thanks! :)

  17. Hi bokeeman, yes you can go to the pick-up points because bus will go the rounds of the pick-up points so that if you are late in one point you can jump two ahead to make sure you get the bus. Transport stub is provided in the race kits so you just have to present the stub. Masinag is the last pick up point before the bus proceeds directly to the race venue.

  18. QP limited lang naman to 12 yung mga Bloggers na regular nag-cocover nang mga runs and kasama. Coordinated with our hosting group. We did not choose who to invite we just got them from our hosting group. They will give a preview of the race to the runners.

  19. @Emmanuel: kidding lang po about the blogger thing. and i don’t write anyway :) but we’re looking forward to their reviews :))

  20. Cheers QP :) hopefully we will receive good reviews on the race. We are working hard to give quality trail running races and established running circuits in our country worthy to become part of the International races in trail running.

  21. wala palang kasamang event singlet or shirt sa race kit, souvenir singlet lang ng 1st int’l money expo 2011. pero ok lang, dami ko din naman singlet. basta may medal and finishers shirt ok na

  22. Hi Heimon, Leg 2 is set on September 2, 2012 and the start/finish venue is on a tourism resort Tanay Adventure Camp and race course will cover mainly Mayagay & Laiban. Early Bird registration for Leg 2 will start in June 2012. Watch out for our announcement.

  23. Hi Elvin, yes we don’t have singlet for the run but just a free souvenir singlet from previous races. This is because we encouraged teams to run as a team and wear their own singlet uniforms. We have several teams running wearing their own running uniforms. In lieu of singlet, we have Finishers Medals for both categories 10km and 21km, (normally 10km is given only certificates) and Finishers Shirts also for both categories.

  24. Hi James, see you all at the race. Enjoy and have all the fun. Please don’t forget, if you want to camp out just bring your own tents, it’s free. Nature’s Trail Camp is already open beginning May 25 up to the day of the race on May 27 for campers runners. You can do trekking, hiking, do short distances to acclimatize before the race and even swimming in rivers. We will have Tree Planting on May 26 for those who want to join.

  25. Im selling my 21K Slot, Bib only, No souvenir Singlet for 500.00. Ayala/Makati area Mon-Fri. Text me @ 0917 803 2901

  26. Tomorrow will be our “Bloggers Day”. Bloggers participating in the trip will join LSD, tour the race course for the May 27 race and the venue for the 2nd Leg on September 2.

  27. Reminder, registered runners may bring along a running buddy (a coach, a friend/family, or assistant)that can run along side with the registered runner and pace him/her in the last 5km for the 21km race and the last 3km for the 10km race under the rules and regulations set forth for Running Buddies. Running buddy must be registered before the run to be allowed to run side by side with the runner and must be in proper running suit and should strictly follow the rules. No Running Buddy will be allowed in the last 500 meters to the finish line.

  28. If we opt to camp at saturday night, Are we going to leave are tent and camp gears at the campsite or we need to break camp early and leave to a baggage counter? kindly provide info on what will be the set up so we can decide to camp as well provided our things will be secured since it is incovenient to carry it all during the run..

  29. Hi Ruel, we have the official campsites at the Nature’s Trail Discovery Run which will be guarded by Marshals. We also have our baggage booth where you can leave your important valuables but you can leave your tent and camp gears at the campsite. You can break camp after the end of the awarding ceremony or at the end of the race when the event officially ends.

  30. hi! I tried to register online but after i filled up my infos It did not proceed to the next step for the payment.

    Where else are your onsite registration? THanx!

  31. Hi Barbrunner, thanks! If you have submitted an online registration, the next step for payment is through an SOA that will be sent to your email stating the bank account where you can send your payment. The reason for this is for verification of registration. Nevertheless, you can register at ROX in BGC, ARC Manila, and Chris Sports outlets – Market Market, Megamall, SM North Edsa, and SM Manila.

  32. Hi Vic, thanks for the beautiful write up nicely done with pictures of bloggers reaching the Peak which is above the clouds, the trails, and falls. See you at the race. Its gonna be lots of fun as shown in the faces of bloggers.

  33. Hi again Barbrunner, forgot to mention, the ROX at BGC registration is open from 4pm t0 8pm daily. Last day of registration is on May 16, 2012. To give more time for the exact number of Finishers Medal and Finishers Shirt to be completed. Indeed only those that finish the race will have them, no more, no less. They are also the first Trail Runners to have the Official Ranking of Top Trail Runners in the country by Philippines Trail Runners Association. We are limiting the number of runners to avoid overcrowding the mountain trails and maintain competitiveness in the race. Only few lucky runners who made the available slots in time will discover, explore, and experience the trails we prepared for you. Its not everyday that you see or you pass them by so they are special routes.

  34. Hi Dang, yes we have our official hydration partner Nature’s Spring which will provide hydration stations at least every 2.5km of the run. Nature’s Spring is the official bottled water of Nature’s Trail Discovery Run.

  35. Finally we are at the last two days of Registration on May 16, 2012. All registration partner outlets will close and runners are then advice to follow our Facebook page and our official web sites for any update and announcement until the race day. We expect high level of competition. The first ranking of Trail Runners by the PTRA will be out soon. Who’s going to be in top 100?

  36. Tomorrow is last day of registration at ROX BGC 4pm-8pm, ARC Manila, Chris Sports (Megamall, North Edsa, Market-Market, SM Manila) Few slots left. If you cant make it to registration outlets you can catch via Online Registration and pay directly in bank. Thanks, see you at the race.

  37. last day tom ng reg , ask lang yung sa additional 200 sa transpo if ever n di matuloy yung sasakyan ng friend ko pwede p b kami humabol para sa additional Php200.00? at kung pwede, can you give the instruction kung papano at hanggang kailan… thanks

  38. Hi Ruel yes you can still make the arrangement. Please call 532-1645 or 571-05-24. It will depend on the space in the bus but many have their own transport so there are still few spaces in the bus.

  39. We are receiving calls on the available registration outlets. If you are from Makati, Taguig or from the South, after office hour, you can catch up registration at ROX BGC which opens 4 pm to 5 pm or at the Chris Sports in Market-Market. If you are from Manila, you can go to ARC Manila or at Chris Sports SM Manila. For those in Mandaluyong, Pasig, QC, San Juan you can catch up at Chris Sports Megamall and SM North Edsa.

  40. Only those that have registered until today will be assured of slots. After today only registration is on Online Registration but on waiting list subject to report from the outlets of any slots still available. We will not accept on site registration please. Thank you for your attention. See you! Guests and visitors watching the event and joining the fun are welcome to come. Be sure to be at the venue before 5:30 am travel time from Metro-Manila to the venue site is more or less 45 minutes.

  41. Yahoooo….count down na… sana kayanin this is my 1st Trail Run.Gud luck po sa mga participants!!!!!!!Excited!!!!!!

  42. Yes its down to 4 days and counting. There are some rush for some runners to camp on Saturday, the 26th. Again you are free to camp just bring your tents. There will be food and drinks you can buy at the camping site. For travel direction please go to our facebook page the mountain trails are waiting for you. Get ready for the action.

  43. Sino kaya si poging Emmanuel? Ang sipag sumagot sa mga tanong natin eh! Makikilala kaya natin siya sa program? Hehe! :p

    Excited to run in the mountains of Tanay for the second time! I’m expecting this to be more thrilling than the previous Love-a-Tree! Yeeeaaah!!!

  44. Hi bokeeman. Kung sino ang pogi don sa mga Organizers yon na si Emmanuel, He,he. Love A Tree is a mixed of road and trail, this 1st Leg of Nature’s Trail is 100% trails so yes thrilling, exciting, and very challenging race.

  45. great UPHELL climb! But it was all worth it when we reached the top and got awed by the majestic sea-of-clouds-plus-sunrise view (such tranquility and beauty!!). Killer 21k(?) route; I recorded a distance of 23.4 km (the longer, the merrier. haha)

    very technical and challenging downhill. could’ve provided ropes, but it’s no biggie. adequate hydration (+bananas, buko juice). nice medal and finisher’s shirt. very responsive, amiable, and considerate race organizers. friendly locals and military authorities. Overall, great job PIMCO! I look forward to joining more of your events. Kudos!


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