Congratulations to all TBR Dream Marathoners!


Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded The Bull Runner Dream Marathon! You are now a Marathoner!

It was really a fun and emotional morning at Nuvali, lots of laughter, tears and joy! A very successful event indeed!

barefootdaves winner

Special shout-out to Daves (aka BarefootDaves) for being the first finisher!


Pinoy Fitness Family at TBR Dream Marathon 2012 with Christine Jacobs!

We’ll update race results and photo links as they become available! Are you a participant or a supporter? Share your experience of the TBR Dream Marathon 2012 here!


Race Results:
TBR Dream Marathon 2012 Race Results

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  1. Congratulations to all co-finishers at the recently concluded The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2012. It was fun, fulfilling and memorable. My deep appreciation to the organizer – Ms. Pizarro for making the dreams of fellow runners possible. As for me, it will be the beginning of planning to join future marathons following the training the I’ve got from the TBR team. To our coaches headed by Jim Lafferty, our race director and to all staff and volunteers of the event, your efforts were not in vain as you have changed the lives of more than 500 runners and their families and friends. We’ll definitely support the next TBR dream marathons.

  2. Congrats to all TBRDM finishers…. I hope I can join with you next year in your unending quest for the glory of running…

  3. Hindi pa ko official marathoner but i felt like one nung humabol ako yday sa Nuvali to greet and congratulate some friends who participated. Iba talaga ang feeling esp when you are cheered by fellow supporters na kahit di ka kilala.

    Very happy and proud to all of you! Cherish and relish this awesome experience.

    Gud thing nagkita pa kami ni Mr.PF even if past 9am nko nakarating. thanks for the pic.

    To God be the utmost Glory ^_^

  4. Thanks guys.. Finishing a marathon truly is a great experience. Can’t wait to pass it on to others.. TBRDM ay ang pinakasulit at pinakamasayang marathon sa buong bansa… Sana makasali kayo next year… Abang abang lang sa blog ni Jaymie.

  5. Overwhelming experience like no other. That’s what TBR Dream Marathon can offer to aspiring marathoners.
    Everything was worth it. From the training down to the actual run itself.
    It’s the best marathon this country has to offer because it has the passion and the heart for all newbies out there. I thought running the 42 kilometer mark is impossible until I joined this event and now, I’m a marathoner.
    I met great friends along the way and a new sense of fulfillment and courage to do what seems to be impossible.
    Thank you to Miss Jaymie Pizarro and the rest of the TBR Dream Team for being our bridge to a dream finally fulfilled. :)
    Thank you to my PF family for support and for the awesome photos. PF is definitely a part of my 1st marathon. Proud to be wearing my PF singlet on this life changing event. You guys rock! :)

  6. very happy to be part of this race. if you were to plan on doing a marathon, this will be the best race you can join. from the training, talks, the dream chasers, the organizers. everything was the best!

  7. yes indeed! worth every penny! and one thing that set this race unique being exclusinve for 42k virgins is the intimate feeling being limited slot for the race. Highly recommended for first timers. it was a memorable experience!

  8. Im proud to be part of the luckiest batch…batch 3 :) good weather, great stuff, and everything else… Thank you so much to Ms. TBR, to all the organizers and staff…definitely our lives was changed.. Mabuhay… bib 206

  9. @mars … dito ka sa TBR mag-debut ng full marathon mo and I am sure your first full marathon will be memorable. Be one of those who will enroll later this year for the TBR Dream Marathon 2013 – batch 4


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