RunRio Races (Run and Marathon) for 2012


Browsing thru the Riovana Website can give us an insight on the upcoming runs that Coach Rio has lined up for us runners.

Something interesting about this list is the “Battle of the Sexes” and the Philippine Marathon… I wonder what twists this races would bring this year. Stay Tuned!

I’ll start adding some of the races to the calendar once more information is released.

Scheduled Races:
January 15 – Go Natural
January 22 – Timex Run
February 26 – Asian Hospital’s RunNew
March 4 – RunRio Trilogy: Run United 1
August 26 – RunRio Trilogy: Run United 2
September 30 – RunRio Trilogy: Run United 3
March 18 – Goldilocks Run
October 28: Philippine Marathon
November 4: RunRio Leg 1: Battle of the Sexes
November 11: RunRio Leg 2: Battle of the Sexes
November 18: New Balance – Power Run
December 2: RunRio Leg 3: Battle of the Sexes

Upcoming Races (Dates to be Announced)
Mizuno Run
Rexona Run
Nike Run
Adidas KOTR Run
Fox International
36th National Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations (1 event)
36th National Milo Marathon Manila Finals (1 event)
36th National Milo Marathon Regional Eliminations (16 events)




  1. great set of runs but I really think Rio is now definately doing this to make money,what with all his sponsorship deals and now his shopsi really think he is in it to make money,I was also surprised that he didnt support PinoyRun For Glory run on Jan 7th to support the athletes competing in the 2012 Olympics I have asked him why he is not encouraging the youngsters and coaching them to be future internationals ,but no repy

  2. Grabe! Going from Olympic dreams to organizing great races! Coach Rio has really come a long way, a fine example of what passion and determination can do.

  3. hopefully each runs has benificiary foundations. After all we dont just run because of our personal pursuits but the chance to help people in need through our regi fees.

  4. @iain I think ok lang naman kung ano ung ginagawa ni Rio ngaun, if this is the source of rio’s income, ok lang, trabaho nya yun. Meron tayong mga trabaho at source of income na kailangan natin para sa sarili, as long na hindi illegal ok lang yun.

  5. IMO, last year, ok yung mga races organized by runrio…except lang yung usb for nike we run manila at yung extra shirt for those who completed the Unilab Triliogy na until now ‘di pa ata nabibigay sa mga participants. mas maganda na lang na wag mag-announce na may ibibigay na finisher’s items kung ‘di rin lang kayang ibigay para iwas asa.

  6. @c21 & roland, tama kayo dyan pare, sa runrio tumupad kayo sa pinangako nyo! pag nag email naman sa inyo di man lang nyo sinasagot, pag nagpost naman sa website ng runrio binablock nyo.nanloloko na kayo ng tao

  7. run rio trilogy 2012???…. where’s our limited edition tech shirt for 2011? definitely will not join run rio trilogy 2012,, and will ask friends not join if run rio does not address this issue…

  8. @iain Sad but I agree with you. Hope Coach Rio lowers his registration fees to make it affordable to more runners…Pero lahat ng races niya sinasalihan ko hehehe…

  9. I definitely run for runrio trilogy tsaka milo para may challenge para makuha yung medal.. mapagi ipunan na nga sa mahiwagang baul yan

  10. Pending items from Runrio:

    1. Nike USB from Run manila last year.
    2. Runrio Trilogy Tech shirt since i completed the trilogy last year.
    3. Rates are getting more expensive but freebies getting lesser.

    Dont promise things you cant deliver.

  11. So findout whats happening to the money ! Rios making money left right and centre,why doesnt he encourage and coach the youngsters to be future champions

  12. cguro ang masasabi ko lang sa mga darating na run event ay,

    dapat lagi nyong tutuparin kung ano man ang mga sinasabi nyong mga aming makamit sa inyong patakbo,

    dapat lagi nyo rin na intindihin kaming mga runners sa aming mga panganga-ilangan, lalo na sa aming ikaliligaya,

    kami bilang mga runners ay naka suporta sa inyo dahil sa amin din nag-gagaling ang mga perang inyong kinikita,

    para maunawaan namin kayo kailangan din namin ng inyong pang unawa ,

    kung kayo man ay nangangako sa inyong mga patakbo dapat nyo namang sundin ang mga salitang inyong binibitiwan,

    sa ikakaganda ng patakbo nyo, tutulungan namin kayo pero tutulungan nyo rin kami para parehas tayong masasaya,

    huwag na po kayo magpo-post ng kung anu-ano kung di rin lang naman pala ito matutupad,

    huwag nyo na po kami paasahin sa wala dahil kami pong mga mananakbo ay natutuwa maliit man o malaking bagay na galing sa inyo na aming matanggap ay isa na pong pampa-wala ng pagod tuwing kami’y matatapos sa aming pagtakbo,

    sana po ay magkaisa tayo kung ano man ang ating mumunting mga inaasam-asam,

  13. Okay. Announcing the dates early on is good. I can carefully select in advance the races I just want to join. Walang gulatan. I promised myself this year to run fewer races, but nevertheless improve the quality & quantity of the training in between them. Para makatipid-tipid din ng konti and besides yung quality races e mabibilang lang naman talaga or yung meron talagang for a good cause.

    Important din for me na iba-iba yung location ng races kahit I join kahit fewer than paulit-ulit lang on one place.

    Happy training everyone!

  14. we will definitely add to our running events’ list the runs that we were not able to join last year like nike, adidas and New balance plus a repeat for the good runs we have experienced like that of Mizuno. Medyo nakakasawa na ang runrio runs esp that the amenities that they are giving are reduced every run. So far we have not received until now the medal for the Yamaha run for heroes which they promised they will deliver.

  15. post bday Goldilocks run… weeee…

    sa pagkakaalam ko pag may 21k and up dun lang merong finisher shirt and medal..

    sa go natural ang pinakamalayo ay 16k kaya wala finisher shirt and medal..

  16. @caviterunner
    meron sila 21K sa go natural kasi nagregister ako dun…may finisher shirt pero wala medal. Ok lang i run for fun and health naman pero mas ok pag may medal para may souvenir..

    run safe.

  17. Hi! Good afternoon.

    Just want to ask kung meron na po prices, registration dates and venues, route sites and other details regarding Run United for 2012. Thank you.

  18. A lot of people here has good points:

    1. Running is good form of exercise and makes people healthy
    2. The runs organized by various groups have their ups and downs, well Runrio runs so far is consistent to be good.
    3. However, some of the promises were not yet fulfilled as RUNRIO promised:
    a. NO NIKE USB delivered yet
    b. NO TECH-SHIRT to those who completed the RUNRIO TRILOGY
    c. INCREASING REGISTRATION FEES and others are CORRECT, less freebies.
    4. I think we runners should now think twice… I’d rather go for the valued runs like ADIDAS, NIKE, XTERRA, etc…
    5. We can run free anyway, anytime and anywhere…

  19. As I commented in an earlier post.I get the impression that Rio is now only interested in making money,not content with all his advertising etc ,he now opens stores ,surely the purpose of that is to make money ! You certainly dont open a store in Bonifacio for charity !!

  20. hi,po ask q lng po sana..nakumple2 q yung trilogy,,,ill check the page..hoping na kasama po aq sa list ng loyalty shirts,,pano kaya?please ill need some feedback regarding this matter…thanks….


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