Maquiling Quest 2011 Postponed to February 26, 2012

maquiling quest 2011 postponed

Hi Guys! Sad News! Due to heavy rains over Mount Makiling for the last 3 days the organizers need to reschedule this event for safety reasons! I understand their concern and trail running on very wet perhaps muddy trails might not be very safe for everyone.

Here is the official announcement of the organizers:

Dear all,

Due to safety considerations, we are rescheduling Maquiling Quest- Makiling Traverse Trail Run 2011 from November 26, 2011 (this Saturday) to February 26, 2012.

Heavy rains have prevailed over Mount Makiling last 3 days & nights, thus making the MakTrav trail unpassable. There’s zero visibility in high risk areas near Peaks 3 and 2. Avoiding danger is a high priority concern for race organizers, sponsors and participants.

Registration fees will be refunded.

We hope for your understanding.

Very truly yours,

Robby Cereno
Deputy Director
Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems
University of the Philippines Los Banos


  1. aww too bad. but thank you sa mga Organizers for thinking of the runner’s safety on such inclement weather.

    lookin forward the weather is lots better on Feb 26, 2012.


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