HSBC Fun Run 2011 – Race Results Discussion

hsbc fun run 2011 results and photos

Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded HSBC Fun Run 2011. Share your personal race result experiences and stories about this event here!

Official Race Results and Photo Links will also be updated here as they become available. For now please feel free to discuss about this event below.

Race Results:
HSBC Fun Run 2011 – Official Race Results

Photo Links:
HSBC Fun Run 2011 – c/o Philippine TeamKaripas

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  1. pros: nice race route
    many marshals
    great giveaways
    well organized

    cons: no 100 plus @ all water stations
    no red finisher shirt. lots of women complaining

    overall: very good

    thanks HSBC. til next run

  2. first blood! haha! organized naman yung event kaya lang parang mali yata yung loots distribution. dapat separate ang claiming booth ng loots for each distance. lugi 10k, haba na ng pila sa small size tapos naubusan pa. naubos ng mga 5k and 3k runners. anyway, congrats to all finishers! :)

  3. organized naman yung run. same route as st. peter life run. thanks team USB na nag-marshals. dapat talaga hiwalay yung loots distribution for 3k, 5k, and 10K. haba na ng pila sa small size tapos nagka-ubusan pa

  4. good run buti n lng mabilis nmin n tpos we got our desired size sa finisher’s shirt. my daughter participated at the 100-m dash category A 2-6 yrs old, and my nephew won the category B 7-12 y/o. she loved her finisher’s loot bag, and brag about it to everyone at home.

  5. Maganda ang naging resulta ng HSBC Run. Ndi na talaga maalis yung amoy dun sa may tulay parang normal na lang yun.. haha. Pero, okey dahil nakakadagdag ng lakas ng loob yung mga guide dahil they were cheering up. Nawala ang sakit ng left foot ko. Akala ko nga ndi ko matatapos ang 10k dahil walang ensayo for 2 weeks tas sabak kagad sa 10k kahit walang praktis o anupaman. Thnx God, natapos ko rin with the time of 54mins 12secs.. Happy Ako ng sobra!

  6. overall, the run is good.. nice to see familiar faces cheering the runners. cons ung wala nang small & medium finisher’s shirt. naubusan na nga ako ng medium singlet, pati ba nmn finisher’s shirt.. malaki. sana macorrect nila ung shirt production sa susunod.

  7. maayos naman yung pagkaka-organize ng run. the cheering of the guides really helped a lot of runners. maayos naman yung pagkaka-place ng mga water stations, and the distance markers. nice loot bag as well. congrats sa lahat ng finishers and organizers for this event :)

  8. well great comeback for me after an injury… di na ko expect ng ibang freebies kasi wala naman… kahit dun loot bag sizes ubusan… pero ok naman… great!!!

  9. Nice, fun, well organized run. Sana next time separate ang distribution ng loot bags based on category run and more portalets. Congrats to all finishers! God bless…

  10. nice guides!!guys how can i backtrack my official time?i didnt looked at the timer when i reached the finish line because i was so amazed with the little kid who ran beside me the entire race..see u next race..

  11. Great route finished 10k early, cons lang talaga is yung hydration at the end of the race mas pipiliin ko pa ang tubig kesa sa 100 plus sumakit tyan ko dahil dun, and sana yung finisher shirt for 10K | 5K | 3K are in different colors para astig. Anyway these are all just suggestions, buttom line, I still enjoyed the race till next year HSBC.

  12. the run was good. however, i must say that the organizers had very poor control in terms of the distribution of loot bags, specifically the finisher shirt inside. it was very unfair for us 10k runners who lined up in the small and medium sizes booths but were not given these sizes as the booths ran out of finisher shirts before it was our turn to claim them. we were given large size instead. eh, aanhin naman namin un, pantulog? they should have anticipated the possibility that a lot of long distance runners will not be given the size fit for them. it is my recommendation for the next hsbc run that they should prepare finisher shirt according to the sizes upon registration. this way, all runners are assured that they get the size that’s right for them.

  13. Congratulations to Aljun Lampa, our co-employees at Dinsmor Promo who won the 5k Male Category! Saludo kami sayo. Keep it up!

  14. An organized run for me. Though the warm-up exercises before the race was so “energetic”,hehehe. Peace! A little bit disappointed because I din’t beat my PR. Also, I really love to watch the kids in Category A running that 100-meter dash. See their faces? Very fierce and so determined to win. I cannot erased it in my mind. Specially the girl in pink who wins first. A potential runner indeed!

    Run safe!

  15. Bitin ang hydration. Wala nang water pagdting sa finish line. Pagdating sa 7th KM mdami nglalakad na 3K at 5K runners. Di halos makatakbo. Ok nrin nmn kahit paano. Nabawi sa giveaway. Ask ko lang ilan ang tumakbo ng 10K?

  16. Was looking forward & anticipating to receive a Cert. of Participation or Completion but learned after the race that non will be issued. Was disappointed to learn that no Cert. will be issued. To race organizers pls look into this in future race events. Am sure most if not all serious runners look forward to this. Thanks!

  17. Was anticipating to receive a Cert. of Participation or Completion but learned after the race that non will be issued. Was disappointed to learn of this. To race organizers pls look into this in future race events. Am sure most if not all serious runners look forward to this. Thanks!

  18. a well organized run except for the distribution of loot bags… it should be also in a per run category like the baggage counter.. kawawa kaming 10K runners puro big sizes na ang natira. :(
    next time 3K na lang ang sasalihan.. ;)

    Anyway, thanks & Congratulations to HSBC!

  19. Overall, the event was great. Just one minor glitch though, my last name was misspelled for the race results. A bit disappointed about that because I wrote it in the registration form legibly.

    Anyways, congratulations and more power to HSBC!

  20. The give-away t-shirts are big for its sizes. I hope the t-shirts’ size is based on the size of the singlet.

    Overall the race is good.

  21. winner ang run na to! :) proper hydration, big smiles and cheers from the marshalls, not that crowded kaya ok ang warm up exercise, good weather , panalo din ang items sa loot bag,exact gunstart time. sana lng may photobooth. hehe :P pero overall, i just love this run! <3

  22. Very good and accurate yung official race distance, run time and race pace data. Hope other run events will be as accurate din and the same race marshalls gagamitin in future race events. Thanks to the organizers!

  23. Very good and accurate yung race distance, time & race pace data. Hope other run events will be as accurate & the same race marshalls/cheerers gagamitin in future race events. Thanks to the organizers!

  24. Very Well Organized Event. Nice Singlet by Universidad, sufficient hydration, may registration center sa South, Km markings for every Km. Pati 500m to finish meron, Tall and clear signages, cheerful marshals, fast and accurate results, loot bag, finisher’s shirt ALL FOR 600…….ano pa hahanapin mo?

    Will definitely join again next year.

    Kudos to the Race Managers.

    Congrats HSBC.

  25. out of 10 pwede n ang 7.5 rate
    sa baggage counter organize at maayos ang sistema
    – sana mas energetic ang warm up… sana di lang streching.
    -okay naman ang security..may police and ambulance.
    – maganda yung route…except yung sa sea side…nung dumaan ako dun..sabi ko.”a breath of fresh air”.. na check sana nila yun…
    –okay yung water stations.. meron lang sanang water station sa finish line bukod sa hydration booth nila..kakauhaw eh.
    – sana yung mga walker was advised to stay on thier right side,ang hirap mag take over ng pa zigzag.
    -okay din yung mag staff na nagsasabing… “go runners”…yung iba nga lang walang energy..pero ok na din..hehe.
    – one thing kung bakit enjoy and fulfilled yung run pagg okay ang finishers kit…inubos na ata ng 3k yung anticipate naman ang sizes ng mga runners..sana alam na nila kung ilang talaga ang s,m,l para masaya talaga till the end of the event…:)

  26. My Garmin 310xt registered exactly10.0km for the 10km route. My wife’s GF 305 registered the same. First time in ALL our races since 2009 we got an exact measurement of the course. Any other Garmin users who got the same? How bout for the 5km?

    I like this Race. Lahat na ka smile. From start to finish. Kahit mga marshals sa course. Very supportive. Na beat ko tuloy best time ko sa 10km.

    I also like the accidental firing of the start pistol. Ang Saya.

    Thank you HSBC.

    They really started on time. Believe ako!

  27. nice run . . . no stock on finisher’s shirt they really started as broadcasted . . . thankful na nakisama si haring araw . . next time sana madaming booths . . . lalo na pinoy fitness

  28. @ Gwen Weng & Danz Seven

    Agree ako sa sinasabi nyo maliban lang sa kulang ang portalet, maduming portalet at mabaho, imbes na fresh air ang naaamoy sa labas, pagpasok mo naman sa loob ng portalet para kang masusuka at nakakatakot sumandal at humawak. Sana bigyan pansin ito ng organizer.

    Well organize & thanks for the fun run event.

  29. I like this run. Aside from being not too crowded, I love how the marshals beamed their winsome smiles and cheered the runners. Nakakaganang i-push ang sarili to do better.

    Medyo mabaho nga yung sa seaside, but I guess it’s a reason for runners to accelerate in order to pass the stenchy area immediately! Haha

    I also noticed that the finisher’s shirt is bigger than the singlet size.

    Nevertheless, great run! Will join again next year. :-)

  30. well, it was a nice run.. im just wondering, bakit parang wala photo booth (o di ko lang nkita)…. and as compared to others fun run i’ve been to, konti lang freebies..

  31. Although im looking for other color of finisher shirt,still it was a nice run..Special thanks to Cha for finishing her first 10k run,napasubok ka ata dahil sa akin..see you next run.

  32. Although im looking for the other color of finisher shirt,still it was a nice run..Special thanks to Cha for finishing her first 10k run,napasubok ka ata dahil sa akin..see you next run.

  33. I won the London trip.,,,but so sad, they are not reaching at me until now…How about those who won Hongkong trip,? are they contacting you…

  34. The info on the official results are quite lacking. It does not say how many people participated per category and/or gender. I do not even know what my place is among all runner. Any clue where we can get this info??


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