2nd Trek the TEC Vertical Run 2011 – Results Discussion

trek the tec 2011 results and photos

Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded 2nd Trek the TEC Vertical Run!. Share your personal race result experiences and stories about this event here!

Official Race Results and Photo Links will also be updated here as they become available. For now please feel free to discuss about this event below.

Race Results:
2nd Trek the TEC Vertical Run 2011 Results

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  1. i’ll say it’s an 8 out of 10 event..hydration is alright eventhough there wasn’t any sportsdrink provided but all-in-all its just alright. Very different from the usual road races, this one will surely test your endurance and strength.

  2. I am 53 and participated also to the centenial of Discovery last year. This one was even more challenging physically. Not many sports push you to the limit like this. Congrats to all finishers!

  3. i bet at this point, a day after the race, most if not all of us are complaining body pains especially the gastrocs(gastrocnemius, the muscles at the back of the legs)…

    parang sasabog n dibdib ko even b4 the 10th floor, so “climbathon” as in clinging to the banisters na thereafter.

    excited of the event photos, esp the ones taken on the stairs, me vid p ata, and the official race results.

  4. it was also my first vertical run… ang saya, yun lang medyo kinulang ako ng oxegyn pero kinaya ko tapusin ang 90th floor ng The Enterprise Building.

  5. hello, organizers of vertical run, kelan nyo po balak i post ang result? wala pa ako nakikita. isang linggo na po ang nakalipas.

  6. man! walang silbi ang run kung di mo man lang makita results…tsk tsk very disappointing experience with the race organizers..

  7. Yes organizers we are very frustrated due to your inability to post the results after more than 2 weeks!!! This is not the best way to attract participants if you want your event to grow.


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