Run for your Life 2011 – Discussions of Race Results

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Congratulations to all who participated in the Run for your Life 2011 that happened on a sunny day of September 11, 2011! Race Results and Photo Links will be updated here once they are released by the organizers!

For now please feel free to share your comments and feedback about this event here!

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  1. Congratulations to the organizers and finishers of this run. It was really a very short event but nonetheless the fanfare extended until the last runner standing (in front of the stage).

    To the young but courageous FPSC keep it up and learn from whatever shortcomings you encountered in this years event….Do I hear another run next year? I hope so…

  2. congratulations to the UST FPSC for the enjoyable fun run. luckily and unexpectedly, i won the grand prize in a raffle amounting to P9,000.00 gift certificate from slimmer’s world. an early birthday gift for me. thank you so much.

  3. nice run indeed…

    pero sana sa susunod agahan naman ang pag set-up. sabi ng host 4am pa daw sila andun and yet pagdating ko around pass 5 wala pa nakaset-up for baggage, yung start/finish balloon mag 6am na hindi pa nakatayo.

  4. Congratulations to FPSC. Team Nebs is right, study whatever shortcomings you had this year so you’ll have a better Fun Run next year, right? :)
    Hopefully next time may 5KM na :) Bitin ang 3KM! (though actually, it’s even shorter than 3KM)

  5. @caviterunner: that was the same question I asked after the race if it was really 3k because I really got a good time actually my best 3K time so far.

  6. so far my best 3k run, bitin pala and we won GC from Slimmer’s World.

    Congrats pa din, kahit I had a bad experience in claiming our singlets

    tnx by the way to Kiara, who delivered my singlet to our place.

    God bless in your next event!!!


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