Adobo Run After Dark – October 29, 2011


I still remembered last year when runners dressed like mummies and vampires roam the streets of McKinley Hill. Well this year, this Halloween Themed run will be held on October 29, 2011 at the Aseana Business Park. I wonder what unique costumes runners will be in this year? Want to find out?

Adobo Run After Dark 2011
October 29, 2011 @ 7PM
Aseana Business Park, Bay City
3K (Costume) / 5K / 15K
Event Organizer: Crush Communications

Registration fee is P750 for all categories. Inclusive of Race singlet, Runningmate Timing Chip, Bib Number, Finisher’s Certificate, Loot Bag, Party Stub, Finisher’s Medal (top 500 – 15k & 5k runners)

15K – 8:10pm
5K – 8:20pm
3K – 8:30pm

Registration Venues:
On-site registration – October 3 to 23, 2011
– Runnr Trinoma
– Toby’s Megamall
– R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street


On-line registration – Sep 1 to Oct 23, 2011 (delivery of race kits starts on Oct 3, 2011)

Adobo Run 2011 – Singlet Design:


Adobo Run 2011 – Medal Design:


Adobo Run 2011 – Race Maps:

adobo-run-2011-route 3k
adobo-run-2011-route 5k
adobo-run-2011-route 15k

For more Information:
Email: [email protected]
Text or call: 0905-3861076

Source: TheBullRunner


  1. Not gonna join this, one of the worst organized race last year, late nag start, late binigay giveaways (we had to wait for it for hours, considering it was a night run) hydration was bad ( they had a water jug for each station), traffic was poorly managed along mckinley (we had to manage the route at night with oncoming vehicles and pedestrians, it was dangerous).. They gave beer (not gatorade) at the end of the race ( I wonder, some of us might actuallty appreciate that…) Think twice..

  2. adobo Magazine considered all the shortcomings you mentioned. That’s why they are partnering with Aseana Business Park for the venue, ABI and Pocari for hydration, and they tapped a new organizer, the events company which mount major international sports events including the two Azkals World Cup Qualifiers here in the Philippines. We hope to see you on the race.

  3. //@willy Luz: this race deserves a second chance..i’ll definitely run 15k here…night run..yeah..! just like the recently concluded Camp Run…

    –@PF residents..

  4. Malas ko this time, gsto pa naman namin tumakbo uli dito sa gabi, pero out of the country kami. sumali kami sa Newton Run,Singapore.

  5. Indeed. I read all the feedback/comments during the Adobo run 2010. Sir Arland Guzman has a point as well as Willy Luz also has his own.

    Let us put this way RUNNERS, Sir SuPLaDo_aKo and I suggest to meet half-way. Let us give Adobo Run 2011 a second chance since the first run sounds like a trial and error for them. If Adobo Run 2011 Organizers will not meet our expectations and do the same mistakes from the previous Run I assure you! THERE WILL BE NO ADOBO RUN 2012! I will volunteer myself to tell every runners that will attempt to join the Adobo Run 2012 to boycott it. I will bring my camera to post/blog all problems occur that happened on the past. This is not a promise but a commitment to all runner enthusiast.

  6. run sa gabi :) bago to for me
    di na kelangan magising nang maaga at after nang run pagod mas masarap magrest sakto pa sa month of oct so octoberfest everone deserve naman nang happy happy after a run diba :)

    sa mga nakaexperience nang bad sa run event na ito last year bigyan natin nang second chance sila kasi parang takbo lang yan eh lahat naman tayo dumaan sa hirap at adjustment nung nagstart tayo tumakbo,be happy and enjoy lang ang saya sa pagtakbo ay nasa atin na rin mga runners :)

  7. //@pdelcarmen: @jajaboy: i agree with both of you…in everything, there’s always a second chance..even us..

    //i understand that each of us has different perception of things..perhaps, we can try to ask ourselves these questions: What can I do to improve the quality of this race? to make this race an enjoyable and memorable? for the organizer/s to meet my expectations?

    if we just sit there and do nothing, how can the organizers know what we need? what we expect from this event? how can they make necessary tweakings and improvements if we don’t tell them? the only time that they will be able to meet our demands is when we inform them…

    //i would say that every race is not perfect. even the runrio races are not perfect. there’s always a flaw or two..but what’s more important is, the organizer/s have gone an extra mile to make our running experience fun. this is true for every race that’s out there. if we think there’s something that the organizers can do to make things better for us, we should let them know. now, after what we’ve done, if they don’t do anything, that’s the time that we can go out and rant.

    //happy running everyone..! see yer all on the road..

  8. @Arland Guzman. You have a point bro. If we’re going to run at night there is always a great possibility that we could be of risk from passing vehicles passing on the same route we’re running. Mabuti kung Camp Aguinaldo yan, wala gaanong sasakyan. Another thing is, going to the venue, I could be encountering a lot of traffic jams. Di ko na siguro icoconsider muna ito.

  9. @ Willy Luz

    Indeed safe parking is one of my consideration in joining Run events. I might be happy running but eventually turned down because my ride is missing. I do suggest that safety parking for all the runners (both 4-wheeled and 2-wheeled)will be your major consideration. Also baggage counters must be available before and even in the entire program for us to enjoy the party rest assuring ourselves that our things and our wheels are in both safe hands. Ride Safe (for all Riders), Run Safe ( for all Runners)

  10. @hello… talaga?! dapat pala madaming security diyan or better yet mag park sa moa tapos maglakad na lang papunta sa venue?! para may konting exercise bago tumakbo..

  11. first 500 for each category or first 500 across all categories ang medal? sana pwede pick up na lang yung singlets at pre race kit

  12. //@TryinghardRunner: you can join the Team PF..some of us might be wearing the official PF Tech Shirt…

    @pinoyfitness: will there a booth during this event..?

  13. ngayun lang ako nakita ng patakbo na ganito,ka kaiba naman,galing naman,talagang ma-e enjoy mong tumakbo pag-ganito naman ang style ng mag-pa patakbo,

  14. @tryinghardrunner-takbo ka lang kahit mag-isa ka. you won’t feel alone pag tumatakbo na kasi madami ka na makakasabay…ako tumatakbo kahit mag-isa. so join na tayo dito:)

  15. dapat me naka lagay rin na 16km finisher sa medallon na ibibigay sa top 500 sa 16km at top 500 sa 5km dapat me 5k finisher diba mga kasama mas maganda.. suggestion lang po…

  16. kung ganon edi mag 5k nalang ako para me medallon diba. paki message naman po kung top 500 sa 15k at top 500 sa 5k kung kasi medyo malabo ehh. kasi sa run rizal nangyari na yan yung mga hindi nag register at mga discounted students at discounted governments employee dapat walang medal aba me medal sila.. sana maging mahigpit kayo mga organizer sa pagbibigay ng medals…

  17. Sounds interesting naman, kaso lang paki klaro lang don sa 500 medals kong sa 5k lang o 15k. kawawa yung 15k sumali kong all categories ang pagbabasihan..

  18. i think based from my experience, it will be top500 for 15k runners… and another set of medal for top500 5k runners… so go na tayo d2… for sure kayang kaya magka medal kht new lang sa running!

  19. For those asking for the 500 Finishers medal here is the answer or you can check there site for more info… See you guys in the Run Race :P

    Q: Is there a Finisher’s Medal to be given to race participants?
    A: Finisher’s Medal will be given to top 500 finishers in the 5k and 15k, respectively.

  20. For those asking for the 500 Finishers medal here is the answer or you can check there site for more info… See you guys in the Run Race :P
    Q: Is there a Finisher’s Medal to be given to race participants?
    A: Finisher’s Medal will be given to top 500 finishers in the 5k and 15k, respectively.

  21. I will hit 3 birds in 1 stone on October 11, 2011 at BGC.

    1. Get Nike Race pack (for Oct.15)
    2. Get Adidas KOTR Race kit (for Oct.23)
    3. Register in Adobo Run (for Oct.29)

    Kapag may pera pa…
    4. Register in Run United 3 (for Nov. 13)


  22. @jepoy
    -so clear yun top500 sa 5k at top500 sa 15K?

    sino yung tumakbo sa runrizal pala?!!! well, sana hindi natin ma experience ulet yung no race result sa runrizal dto sa adobo run kasi RUNNINGMATE.PH ang mag handle pala ng timing chip dito sa adobo kaya ang payo ko sa mga tumakbo sa runrizal at sa mga tatakbo ngayon dito ay magdala kayo or mag kanya kanya kayo ng timer… :)

  23. tingin ko isolated case lang ung sa run rizal since lahat tlga walang pangalan ung mga bib. ibig sabihin meron tlga problema between runningmate and animo…opinyon ko lang naman since ung sa MIM is runningmate rin pero ok naman. may name and kompleto details…

  24. may napasin ako bakit walang nakasulat sa bib kung anount route mo….. i register for 15k then the map parang pang 5k… kaya ask ko ulit sa runnr pag kuha ko ng chip ko….

  25. Any updates regarding the quality of singlets in this run? Sa Oct. 11 pa kasi kami magpaparegister kasabay ng pagkuha ng race packs ng Nike and Adidas. Ty

  26. maganda po yung quality nun singlets..I got mine na thru courier since I live in Laguna. Ang problem lang is XL ang biggest. Im XXL usually, kaya iyon medyo fit. Rubberized yung design sa harap, plus I think may reflectors sa back bottom part nung singlet.

  27. For those who still interested. medyo maliit po ang sizes ng singlets compared to Runrio NB singlets. Small lang ako sa Runrio,dito Large.kainis.di comfy sa Meduim. maliit yung armhole. Quality of Singlets (rate 1-10, 10 highest)- 7 or 8. Medyo mainit,kasi nga rubberized ung sa unahan ng damit. (Compared to Nike-Superb). hehehe.

    Run safe!

  28. @boy buhok

    The racekit I received included:

    Racebib with timing chip (runningmate)
    Event map
    Route map
    Copy of rules & reguations
    Flyers ng Aseana city at St.Lukes
    2 pcs of plastic straw filled with liquid which lights up in the dark — I maybe mistaken here.

    Yan lang po ang laman ng racekit. It arrived a good 4 weeks ahead!

  29. i hope this will not be crowded as like what happened on nike run. another thing is you have to look out for the distribution of the loot bags after the run. i hope this event will have a very nice ending.

  30. Maganda sana magjoin dito kaya lang Mahal ng Reg. Fee. 750. sana binaba nila yung Reg. Fee. o kaya may discount for early registration.

  31. @vicrunner
    and the others who are interested –

    From the Adobo Run Team:

    Registration for the adobo Run extended up to Oct 28, Friday. On-site reg also on the 29th 10am to 6pm Aseana City Bsns Ctr lobby.

  32. @Jay

    agree with you sir. Im registered for this run & so is my GF. sana baba-babaan naman nila (organisers in general) ang fees these days..baka makahalata ang people na their milking the cow too much hehe. You milk the cow too much.. baka mamatay si cow. huhuh.

  33. malapit na…
    im so excited…
    sana umabot ako sa work ko
    11pm sharp at ortigas… hehe

    i’ll run in 15k…
    see you there!!!


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