FREE adidas KOTR 2011 Race Kits powered by POWERADE!

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Powerade will be one of the major sponsor of the upcoming Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) 2011 race that will happen on October 23. With this Powerade is giving away 2 KOTR Race Kits for FREE through Pinoy Fitness! Want to get a chance to grab one of these kits!? Check out the Mechanics!

Mechanics of the Contest:
1. Write a Post below with your Name using a VALID Email address
2. Answer the Following Questions:
> How has Powerade stepped up your game?
> Why do you love Powerade?
3. Tweet or Share the following: “Join the Pinoy Fitness and Powerade KOTR 2011 Race Kit Giveaway! @pinoyfitness”

I’ll be giving away 2 race kits. Contest Ends August 31 Noon Time!




  1. how has Powerade stepped up your game?

    Powerade is my power booster that enables me to run fast and finish strong.

    Why do you love Powerade?

    I love Powerade because it taste better than —-rade! :)

  2. How has Powerade stepped up your game?
    –aside from it Boost my stamina to its extent when I’m running. It also helps replenish four electrolytes lost in sweat. It’s formulated with a 6% carbohydrate solution (w/v) to help provide energy to working muscles and vitamins B3, B6 & B12 to help support energy metabolism.

    Why do you love Powerade?
    — I just LOVED it! PERIOD!

  3. How has Powerade stepped up your game?
    With the electrolytes in Powerade, it has boosted by energy when i am tired during long runs.

    Why do you love Powerade?
    It works so fast! And i love the bottle cap – it doesn’t drown you when taking your sip.

  4. Powerade stepped up my game by keeping me well-hydrated,and it adds power and strength to me,every time I’m on a race!!!

    I love Powerade,because it’sthe best sports drink, it’s name tells me to stay positive.And it is Powerade that keeps me going!!!!!

  5. 1) it gives me adequate strength.
    during and after running.

    2) i love Powerade coz it easily gives me recovery and refreshes me a lot.

  6. gives me extra boost to improve my run further…its like a nitro for cars…and extra energy for me.
    2.because it’s a quick total replenishment for my lost fluids…and of course because of the taste
    3.already shared via twitter.

  7. How has Powerade stepped up your game?
    it always give me the power booster that i need to enhance my performance on my trainings and marathon race proper. the vitamins added on it give me added strength to be at my best all the time.

    Why do you love Powerade?
    because its better than the other leading brand in the market, it always give me fuel to be at my pick performance in my race,powerade ingredients always give me energy to be beyond my goal. dont forget the flavor variety and no offer taste no side effect just pure energy booster that will help enhance your endurance to be at your best.

  8. 1. How has Powerade stepped up your game?
    – Powerade is with me all the way. I hydrate before, during and after each race and even during training. It helped me stepped up my game since i started running. and in my first half-marathon the only liquid in my fuel belt is none other than POWERADE. All four bottles of it is pure powerade. I trusted powerade to hydrate me all throughout the 21km test of endurance.

    2. Why do you love Powerade?
    – I love powerade because it replenishes the lost fluids in my during an endurance race and it helped me finish a race even im sufferring from cramps, side stitches and all race related injuries. and it is cheaper than other sports drink without compromising quality. that is why top-caliber athletes love it and so i love it too.

  9. How has Powerade stepped up your game?
    POWERADE is my perfect hydration buddy. It fuels my body’s engine up to the finish line.

    Why do you love Powerade?
    I love POWERADE as it keeps me running in every event as the Queen of the Road! =)

    POWERADE rocks!

  10. > How has Powerade stepped up your game?

    Powerade has stepped my game by giving the much needed hype and energy for a run. Powerade also had replaced the electrolytes lost from perspiration and thus rejuvenating all the cells of the body to be able to keep in pace with the pack and finish with a smile. Hey, running is supposed to be fun!

    > Why do you love Powerade?
    Because Powerade is soothing to the tired body of runners and such a worthy reward for not just finishing but also enjoying the race. Enjoy and keep running runners!

  11. Powerade stepped up my game because it has the Extra essentials nutrients and minerals to enhance my stamina to sustained my energy and finish my race.

    I Love Powerade because it energized me and reflenish all the lost fluids to gives back the strength after the run.

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  12. Powerade has always given me the extra push/power to course through my run whether I’m in the 21K, 16K or 10K. It is also with the help of Powerade that I’ve set my PR just like my 10K run in Milo.

    I love Powerade because I love its taste. It’s not too light as if I didn’t drink anything nor does it give a soar throat effect after drinking it. It definitely rehydrates & energizes me every time.

  13. 1. Powerade stepped up my game because powerade push my adrenalin rush when im running.

    2.I love Powerade because it contains all the nutrients and mineral I need when im running.

  14. 1. Powerade stepped up my game because powerade push my adrenalin rush when im running.

    2.I love Powerade because it helps me when im running

  15. Thanks to all those who participated in this PROMO by adidas and Powerade! we have an overwhelming 110 people who participated and here are the 2 winners!

    1 alfonsocarlos
    2 mharu
    3 allan reyes
    4 Roxana Adricula
    5 erickson martin
    6 kristian angelo cabanes
    7 reymundo galicinao
    8 mikee
    9 anthony
    11 odie
    12 Jose Ramizares
    13 terezki
    14 Mabel Belen
    15 Maolen Precillas
    16 Lawrence Andrew Fernandez
    17 Jhudann
    18 ernest jahn bartolazo
    19 Jhudann Precillas
    20 Royce Remorca
    21 Peter Ng
    22 Francis Chua
    23 Mona
    24 bren
    25 jonathan
    26 jerf
    27 Zhayne Soriano
    28 Van Maliksi
    29 josh
    30 jp_argh
    31 Bryce
    32 Patcholo Lat
    33 Kurt
    34 Joyce Masalunga
    35 boybuhok
    36 emma
    37 Lester Tagudar
    38 Marylen Espina
    39 Roland Sapinoso Guevarra
    40 alvin tabuzo
    41 Lara Sotto
    42 Rian Christer Cruz
    43 Reinnier Bergonia
    44 pdelcarmen
    45 Irene
    46 Marie Joyce B. Negapatan
    47 Ivy Tercena
    48 rusz
    49 naknanteteng
    50 red stream
    51 Engels Precillas
    52 pyxcel
    53 Lloyd Alvarez(MeDiabetes Runner)
    54 harold
    55 Goldy dela Cruz
    56 tikomd
    57 chowk9
    58 Rizalboy Ortega
    59 barefootdaves
    60 edward_1975
    61 Ma. Fe Aurora Segunial “DONNA”
    62 Mike Oledan
    63 Bjorn Bautista
    64 Edrick Nicdao
    65 paul
    66 Rhozallino
    67 charles
    68 Ivica Rae Say
    69 Bern Dy
    70 Pangke
    71 gary mingala
    72 jackie gutierrez
    73 Roland Pangilinan
    74 Rosemarie Beltran
    75 Jose Tuason
    76 joeyboy80
    77 yingski
    78 Aquiz Minlay
    79 Dexter Ignacio
    80 Philip
    81 Esper Catolico
    82 Rotech
    83 Gerald Urbayan
    84 alwyn dayoan
    85 maggie esteban
    86 Polinda Usero
    87 rianne verzo
    88 avelynne sadumiano
    89 ryansantos
    90 John Paul Llarenas
    91 Joey
    92 BabyRuth Vista
    93 Jessica Mae D. Gobenciong
    94 John Jayson Samson
    95 gumihorunner
    96 Edison Nebrija
    97 Princess F. Gonzaga
    98 mac lactaoen
    99 Gilbert San Jose
    100 gerda summerian L. cuestas
    101 Karl Cruz
    102 Elmar ” BOB” Tolete
    103 jay veloira
    104 Russel
    105 marc figueroa
    106 Crisante Mari Cabagay
    107 John Vincent Miraflor
    108 Ian
    109 Jimmy Carpio
    110 keith anthony bagoyo

    And the WINNERS ARE!
    #98 – mac lactaoen
    #47 – Ivy Tercena

    Entries are valid and chosen via!

    Congratulations guys! please email me your complete details via [email protected]

  16. Congrats to the winners.. Sayang! Better luck next time. @pinoyfitness Do you have extra BIB just want to run for KOTR 2011. If meron lang naman po? Thank you….:)))

  17. BIG congrats to the random winners!
    enjoy ur KOTR Run guys!

    many thanks to everyone who joined and do watch out for more contests/giveaways from Mr.PF… ;)

  18. > How has Powerade stepped up your game?

    1. Powerade stepped up my game by giving me more energy & stamina to finish the laps and not just to rehyrdate our body…that’s why its’ different from other sports drink

    > Why do you love Powerade?

    2. Have a good taste to encourage people to drink enough fluids to stay well hydrated. Taste is a key to sustaining the thirst drive.

  19. Hi Guys! I was informed by POWERADE that they would only allow a person to win once for this cross-blog promo. Since IVY already won in another blog, I would need to re-draw the second winner!

    And the WINNERS ARE!
    #98 – Mac Lactaoen
    #80 – Philip Ellazo

  20. 1.How has Powerade stepped up your game?
    Powerade gives me the extra push i need to keep on running whenever I feel like stopping and quitting.

    2. Why do you love Powerade?
    I love powerade because it tastes better than other energy drinks and it replenishes my energy and hydrates me better than other energy drinks.

  21. HI @pinoyfitness. need your help. Thanks in advance!

    still no word from adidas ph on how we can claim the free race kit.

    walang sagot sa FB at walang reply from [email protected]

    lagi pa naman pinapaalala ng adidas na “No requirements or incomplete requirements, no race pack.”


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