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Congratulations to everyone who participated in this noble cause of Running for Japan 2011. Race Results and Photo links will be posted here once the organizers released them.

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un-Official Run for Japan 2011 Photos – c/o and RR Photographers

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  1. //wooohoo..!!! set a new record today…although there was no official time released by the race organizers, i was able to make the 3k in a little over 12 minutes…

    //i came in 4th in the 35 male division..hahah..! never expected that the organizers will be awarding the top finishers (5 for male and 5 for female divisions) with medals (and loot bags for 5k and 10k finishers. my first medal for running..aja..!

    //won a medal, and at the same time, in my own little way, helped the victims of the tsunami in japan…

    good job everyone for participating in this very cause..!

    //to Greentennial Runner: thanks for recognizing our efforts. domoo arigatoo..!

  2. //BIG THANK YOU to my friends: badjoy and gerry, klay-alvin-and -jeth, nikki, and georgen for being there during the awarding..appreciate it very much, guys..

  3. @ Bingski

    woohooo! congratumulations Bingski for the new 3K PR!

    congrats me din, i also did a better PR for my 3K over sa kabila, at Run with the Masters – Luneta!

  4. @ Suplado Ako

    congrats for getting a medal my friend!
    hindi nga? are you serious, 1st medal in the many runs you’ve done so far?

    blow out! blow out! you deserve it!

  5. @Ms_Mars – Thanks and Congratulations.. Hope to meet you in the future runs… May 15 or May 22.

    @SuPLaDo_aKo – Ang galing naman over 12 minutes for 3k.. will be working hard to improve my time, kaya ko kaya yang time mo.. hahahhaha, need to have more mileage and more training..

  6. im sure there were more peeps here at Run for Japan and congrats to all finishers! one of my officemate Claire and her friends were there too! kudos my dear!

    but the Run with the Masters was equally successful as well coz even if we were a smaller group, i found it more intimate pa nga coz there was more time to mingle with the young, middle aged runners and the amazing seniors as in lolo runners who conquered their 10Ks and 21Ks! woohoooo!!!

    in this run, Age did not matter indeed!

  7. @ Bingski

    wow that was fast! sureness kita kts tau in future runs. May 15th for sure sa Goldi kna and i will be at Intramuros.

    hopefully kita kits May 22 join ka sa Greentenial featuring the alternative Aseana City running route! yeyy!

  8. @ Suplado Ako

    if i remember it right, the fastest guy in the 3K categ for Run with the Masters finished bet 10-11mins?

    if you can laminate your medal, pls do coz from now on, precious na sya…

    sureness, excited to meet you too in future runs esp if youre joining the Intramuros event!? *hint *hint

  9. @Bingski

    okay girl! its a running date! hehe…May 22 then! lets swap CP#s…

    its always great to meet new friends here.

  10. //@Ms_Mars: this is my fourth run…i started in March — Race Against Trafficking..THANK YOU @Ms_Mars @Bingski

    //CONGRATULATIONS: @Ms_Mars @Bingski to you both for making it to the finish line…

    //i’ll be in Greentennial. am running 10k..

    //about May 15..ugh..! can’t decide yet…

  11. @ Suplado Ako

    wow! this is only your 4th Run, interesting!
    the Luneta event this morn was my 3rd and 2nd like after the Hyundai Run.

    lookin forward to more running practice and lesser ankle fatigue, grrrr!

    wow you’re also joining Greentenial to do 10K! nice! nice! hope to meet you there with Bingski and finally we can have our pics taken, hehehe!

  12. I’ve been joining the past race events and today was my first time to join the 10k. It feels so good that I have finally done something to make a difference. I didn’t feel an inch of being restless. I felt good! I hope that more people would join events like this. :)

    Not much freebies but I THINK ITS THE BEST RUN FOR ME. :) btw, I love the water tanks! :)

  13. first of all, congratulations to the organizer and participants, we are very much honored that we all have the opportunity to be part of such noble cause.
    In behalf of the Caloocan CIty Fil-Chinese Fire Prevention Association,i would like to invite you all and ask for your support to please join us on May 15, 2011 for the “INTRAMUROS HERITAGE FUN RUN 2011”, your participation on this event will be highly appreciated, a lot of people will benefits from this noble cause..
    As a fire volunteer, it is our advocacy to save lives and properties, we believe that it is not only during fire emergencies that we can help, we are now doing our best to continue reaching out in helping thru other means, “INTRAMUROS HERITAGE FUN RUN 2011” is just the start… i am looking to see you all out there on May 15, 2011…God Help us….

  14. my 1st run for this year and with my officemates. feels good to run again and for a very worthy cause. I was shocked with the firetruck waterhose. Yun lang pala kelangan para tumakbo lahat. LOL!

  15. My car was parked beside the cute shiny red fire engine of Caloocan CIty Fil-Chinese Fire Prevention Association this morning and got a chance to chat with their group. 7 volunteer firefighters from this group joined the 5k run, they said it’s their simple way of showing support to the Japanese firefighters who have been working round the clock since the disaster to help stabilize the reactor. That is Firefighter Brotherhood for them. The Intramuros Heritage Run really deserves everybody’s support.

  16. Congratulations to all finishers.

    i really enjoyed the run…

    KUDOS to the Organizers, you guys did a wonderful job… see you in the next runs…

  17. enjoyed the event very much, the water shower & sprinkler done by the firefighters, the anime characters and the cute baby in japanese outfit were new & unique happenings in this event. Congrats to the organizers and hope a lot of money was raised enough to help the victims of earthquake disaster ;)

  18. My summer officially started with Run for Japan! Thanks Greentennial organizers and volunteers for another job well done! Congratulations to all participants!

    Let’s do a bit of math…P500,000.00 dibaydibay 7,000 runners equals P71.4285 contribution per runner. Great cause, affordable registration fee, fun run. No further comment your honor =P

  19. @Suplado

    hmm yeah was thinkin abt the running shoes too though..

    good thing ive also got both ankle supports
    (LP brand) which was very helpful when i did NATGEO and Run with Masters…

    aha! its the excess weight on my puson that’s causin the leg fatigue, hahaha!

  20. @ Anton – fire volunteer

    that’s a very nice piece, Sir!saludo po ako sa inyo at sa lahat ng mga volunteer fire brigaides!

    just like our very hardworking and dedicated athletes, the firefighting group also needs more funding and newer fire equipments to combat those fires.

    dont know how come funding from the govt aint that big but with the help of fun runs like the upcoming INTRAMUROS Heritage Run, it is hoped that our assistance and show of support to all of you who are in this dangerous but courageous job goes a long long way.

    my sis and i are also Intramuros-bound on May 15th! sna mas marami pa ang sumali.

  21. @SuPLaDo_aKo.. bro! can you share the pics from the awarding? it seems wala na atang mga pics na ipopost ang greentenial eh :( i have none.. anybody who has photos from the arading kindly share it with me. :) thanks guys in advance!!

  22. @SuPLaDo_aKo: (JARED)bro! pa share naman ng pictures nung awarding.:) add me up at facebook name is benedict de jesus[ ]i have no pics of it eh :( I finished behind you at 5th. thank you jared!!

  23. @Suplado Ako

    hmm naks! ok, from now on ill also call you, Jared…Kuya Jared!!! :) is that ok?

    btw, was abt to register this morn at ROX to sign up for Greentenial,but as it turned out, registered myself and my sis to the Run As One event for May 7th to help raise funds for the skin cancer research foundation!

    are u also signing up for this or?

  24. @ Suplado

    have i told that ive already registered for May 7 – Run as One and the May 29 – Integrity Run?

    hanep, fully booked na with running events ang May calendar ko (incl Intramuros and Greentenial) since i am 2 wks vacant from any runs during this Holy Week leading to the May 1 weekend since ill be out of town somewhere in the Calaguas Islands…

    how many runs are you joining this May?

  25. @Suplado Ako

    ok as you wished, Suplado it is! hehe…
    hmmm where are you in the photolink? its hard to guess without much clues you know, haha!

  26. @SUPLADO AKO: Good afternoon! Sad to say none, stop watch (old school ang ginamit)and they announced prior to the race that no results will be posted. I just checked my finish time at the official clock at the finish line.

  27. //@Cecille: apparently, yes…prior to the start of the race, it was announced that no official time will be released…i brought with me my nokia 1208..aside from having a stopwatch functionality, it was was good run accessory for me..

  28. barefoot daves ako din. was waiting. animo run was also stopwatch lng but they managed to come up with a list pa rin. oh well, glad i had a pedometer during the race and also nagrely na lng ako sa clock sa finish line

  29. guys hope you wont fret anymore abt the race results, eventho i know how impt it is for you. great for those who have their own gadgets (like Suplado, cecille, margee) and to those who looked up at the clock at finish line.

    at least you have official snap shots here from our friend photogs ActiveMoments and RR group. im also hoping there were snapshots too from my Run with the Masters event!

  30. i enjoy the race—- khit naligaw ako…. 5k ako, napunta ako sa 10k… haha… sana nxt tym may marshall agad na makapansin sa mga mabibilis tumakbo tapos biglang naligaw… haha…. hingal tuloy ako,,, kala ko 5k ako, naging 10k ako… haha


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