Run with the Masters 2011 – Race Results Discussion

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Congratulations to all who participated in the Run for Masters 2011. Race Results and Photo links will be updated here once the organizers released them!

Download Race Results Here:
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For now please feel free to share your thoughts, feedback and comments about this event here

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  1. tnx ng marami my father and i enjoy the run 3k and 10k hope the fund will help our athlete…more power and many run to come..

  2. Risky 21K run yet it’s fun running along or counter-flowing with vehicles :-)

    Still 21K should should at 5AM, 5:30AM is not advisable especially this summer.

    Looking forward to the official race results and pictures :-)

    Thanks and Good luck to our athletes!

  3. T’was an honor running with the Masters, wala akong pwedeng i complain, kasi nakita naman natin na talagang kulang sa suporta mula sa gobyerno ang mga athleta natin. I will support them again kahit walang hyrdation station bahala na ako sa inumin ko basta makapagsuporta lang sa mga atleta natin. the medal i received was in fact the cheapest medal I’ve known, but in my heart it is the most valuable one.


    just got back from Run with the Masters held at the Luneta. woohooo! the sponsor booths and other facilities were all concentrated in front of the grandstand itself (including the stage) unlike the vast and wide scope of Hyundai’s Fun Run.

    arrived a little past 530am straight from last nite’s work shift and told myself that the 21K runners have already began. and the 10K runners are revving up. only to find out that the batch of peeps i saw waiting at the start line was MY group for the 3K, haha! i was also surprised that the baggage counter was located near one of the carabao statues along Roxas Blvd. i hardly had any warm up yet when the gun started for the last batch of runners of the day! omg, i was laughing at myself while taking pics and vids of the goings on.

    hydration was thru plastic cups that almost became an eye sore for trash had it not been to the alert garbage takers of the sidewalk residents. i also felt that the distance of their 3K is quite shorter than that at BGC during NatGeo. some runners of the 21K noticed their as were very few and some of the motorists knowing that there is a fun run, still got near our lane (the nerve!) while we shared the venue with the Bikers of Tour of the Fireflies…

    but overall, it was a successful event still and the sponsor freebies overflowed from multi vitamins to juice, to new milk sample, to popular water station, health bread, snack chips and water. some of the 21K finishers ran out of solo tote bags from the multi vitamin sponsors but the medicine samples were more than enough.

    i found this race more intimate coz during post race, you can mingle more with the young and senior runners who shared what happend to them while out there finishing their distances. one runner’s shoes even gave way as in humiwalay the rubber sole but still he managed to cross finish line! wohooo thats the spirit!

    i was also amazed to see and meet a lot of our male and female senior as in senior runners who are betwn 65 yrs old till 81 yrs! grabe as in carry pa nilang mag 10K and 21K in fairness within 1.5 to 2hrs. not bad PRs!

    since this race was a fund raising effort to help support our athletes who are going to international events this July, PSC still managed to give away check prizes to runners who topped their own categories.

    the sponsors were also generous enough to share their products to us via pa-raffle draw while waiting for everybody to finish the run. last person to clock in for the 21K was a female who finished after 3 hrs!
    congrats to you!

    we even got to meet and greet Gold Medal and Masters champ javelin thrower Ms Erlinda Lavandia, who the race director kidded as saying Lavandia jst recently retired and got herself a new car! i think she deserves another new house and lot too or a condo for the many yrs she gave honors and medals for RP in her most fave sport.

    one runner whom i met from NatGeo, Ramil, remembered me coz he assisted in taking my picture at the NatGeo photowall. uyy congrats ah you did another 21K with faster PR!

    thank you Run with the Masters, see u all again next year!

  5. @ yogurt

    wooooo! congrats to you and your dad! instant bonding time din ryt? im glad you also had the time to help support our great athletes thru this run and for sure may patutunguhan ung financial support natin para sa kanila…

    did you enjoy the freebies? congrats sa medal!

  6. @ speedyconcy
    kulang sukat ng 21k. 20.1k lng sya sa gps watch.
    medyo late na nga din nag-umpisa. dapat late n yung 5am sa 21k.
    ok naman din kahit papaano yun race puera lang dun sa mga pasaway na mga drivers.

  7. this run is one of my special runs for several reasons:

    1. I ran without my usual training, so this is my slowest run to date (nahirapan talaga ako)

    2. When I crossed the finish line, I was teary eyed because I never thought I could still make it to the first 300, but I did! (thank God, nasa Run for Japan yung iba’ng runnners! haha)

    3. My husband has a new PR for his half mary and made it to the cut off for medals as well

    Congratulations to all of us and we hope we were able to help out our Filipino athletes!

    thank you rin sa sponsors ng vitamins :D

  8. @ms mars..yup bonding time with my father and his one of the senior 70 yrs old.kaso ayaw mag 10k kaya sa 3k lng sya.dami vitamins na binigay wala na kcng bag pero ung father ko tsaka wife ko nakakuha cla. and happy my first ever medal hehe first 10k ko din coming from 5times 5k.i will continue my support to our athlete in many ways.kc cla ung isa sa natitipid sa budget.

  9. Congrats to all the finishers! My first run! Got shocked with my stamina, not enough. Need to run and run as much as I can. Preparation is very vital, though I didn’t have one (poor me). I though I couldn’t make it, but I did thank God!

    Again, congrats to all! Till we meet again! ;P

  10. It was an honor for me to run with our Athletes they are really the “MASTER”. During the run i was about to complain hydration stations for 21K were like 4stations only at mainit pa ung water nila (waaah), for 10k 2 hydration stations but then when i saw our athletes i realized this is how they train this is how they compete. nakakaawa kc they run to represent our country pero sobrang konti support na nakukuha nla sa government natin. they run like kenyans kng may support lng sana sila galing sa government mas madaming medals silang mauuwi. malaking factor sa competition ang support. its like ive been training hard for the past 2months preparing for another 42k run. And this is the only 21k na nahirapan ako because of the hydration stations. During my full marathon hnde ako nakaramdam ng malapit na ko ma dehydrate. Its a simple logic thats the reason why our athletes didnt make it to gold, silver or even bronze. It was really a pleasure running with the Master.

  11. Congrats to all!!! Thank you rin sa mga sponsors ng run na ito and sa fellow runners na sumoporta sa ating mga athletes/masters. I beat my 10K PR from Unilab last month by almost 5 minutes and I got my first medal. I think try to level up cause it was my 3rd 10K run ang laging may new PR ako. Maybe it’s time for me to meet halfmary. More horesepowers sa lahat!!!

  12. Congrats to all! I planned to run 10k but I was still sick after Baguio Run…I still registered though last Apr.15, for 3k hoping that my condition would be getting better, sadly it didn’t….=( but still congrats to all!

  13. @barefootdaves

    awwww…may your blister get well soon!
    they say show must go on, even if you had to limp your way to finish line, you still made it! great show of spirit there!

  14. @ yogurt

    ung mom ko nga yday, while i was making kwento what happend during the run, naiinggit again asking when is the next event, hehe!

    wow your dad is in his 70s na, ang galing! my dad is turning 70 na rin this July but has not been active running, hehe. he used to be a basketball player tho. oo nga naubos agad ung mga blue cloth bags, most of the 10K and 21K finishers never got one. sna nagpasobra cla.

    pa-laminate mo ur medal, hehe! ako nga nagpa picture only with a medal, (hehe feeling!) parang simulation to my future 10K run! mostly kc bet 3K-5K lng me…but ill get to that distance soon!

  15. @Kitty

    congrats for finishing your categ! there were feedbacks about hydration, etc etc. so we hope the organizers of future runs will also learn from this episode. good luck to your future runs!

    i felt honored meeting our running ahtletes and masters! they always give their 100% to their sports despite very little and minimal funding from the government unlike in other 3rd world nations, fully supported by their govt. thats why thank you very much also from fundings coming from the private sectors, our athletes are still able to bag respective gold, silver and bronzes overseas!

  16. @ c21

    dakila ka! dont worry your support to the athletes will go a long way even if you didnt make it yday @Luneta.

    you went up to Baguio pla! i overheard from some female runners yday that they too went to Baguio and had a hard time due to the topographical condition of the route. kc nga most of it is uphill.

    get well soon and hope to see you in future runs! May 15 ill join Intramuros Run and May 22 for the Greentenial event!

  17. i hope Pinoyfitness can also feature the event of IDEAL VISION Center Phils. they have a fun run celebrating their 25th Anniv on June 4 2011 – Saturday.

    to those interested, you may want to check out

    you and your family may want to check this out kc they have a 3K family categ. bka interested here your wife and dad?

  18. @Ms_Mars: Thank you! yup! had a hard time too in Baguio…not much in the route but the weather! weakness ko talaga lamig, =). I’m still thinking whether Run4Life or Intramuros Run ang sasalihan ko but on May 22, I’ll join the Brooks Run Happy, and you mentioned the ideal vision run, i’ll be running on that event….=)

  19. @c21

    cool! sna you join na lang Intramuros Run malay mo kita kts pa tau db? hehe…

    yeah good luck with the Brooks Run on May 22. whats nice abt is all finishers have medals jst like the one for Greentenial @Aseana City.

    for the Ideal Vision Run, sureness! Go Go Go there din kami! see ya!

  20. @ms mars tnx for the info..were plan to join the intramuros run on may. sana may part ii itong run with the master para makatulong tayo ng husto sa mga atleta natin.. i will convince my opis meyt and friends to join the event. good luck sa kanila and more power and fun run to come.

  21. @Ms Mars: I totally agree with you, especially on the social ambiance during and after the race. I was really amazed by the great show of camaraderie from our senior athletes. Some of them even cared to encourage recreational runners like me by way of a pat on the back with matching ‘kaya yan!’. Together with four guys from our team, it was my first official 21KM. We couldn’t be happier having completed it injury-free, while rubbing elbows with our athletes in Run with the Masters.

    T’was in Baguio where my lungs were beaten. I ran in a cooler climate before, but the course in Baguio proved to be more taxing. The altitude and ‘thin air’ almost sucked the air out of my lungs…The terrain offered a ‘level up’ challenge, and most runners here might just find themselves going back (to Baguio) for more.

  22. @Ms_Mars – yeah i admire them so much. ang lalakas nla. sana dumami pa support sknla. im happy din kc despite of kulang mga hydration station most of us enjoyed the run. im still thinking pa if ill join the intramuros run kasabay nya goldilocks run. next run will be run with doctors. keep on running everyone. good luck!!! FYI abt the distance its 20.10k.


  24. For me it’s a great run, new route, new experience.

    And because it is a low budget run, I brought my own hydration and did not rely in the water stations.

    I love the firetruck shower at the finish line, cooled me down after a 2hour 21K (20.10K) run:-)

    Next run, Greentennial Half Marathon on May 22. Registration now open with 5+1 promo at R.O.X. BHS.

  25. @Journey to Life

    i didnt notice the fire truck shower at the finish line of Masters.

    my officemate who did Run for Japan, had their firetruck shower over at BGC though.

    good luck with Greentenial! have fun too!

  26. yung results and pics wala p ba, 48 years ba yan…bka nakatakbo n ulit sa next week wla p din results itong Run with the masters, alang kwenta to…

  27. @Ms_Mars

    Really? You can check out my blog, I have photo shots with the firetruck. Or maybe the shower was for the 21K runners only?

    I was all wet when I cross the finish line due to the refreshing firetruck shower :-)

    Results now available, check it out!

  28. yeheeeeey!!! just checked the results of my categ and i got a very good improvement on my PR by 10mins! thank God!

    wooohoooo! ;)

  29. @Journey to Life

    is the fire truck along Roxas Blvd in front of the carabao statues? coz there was a firetruck shower too during the HYUNDAI Run and thats where the truck was.

    i was positioned in front of Quirino Grandstand finish line near the stage.

    pls do email me your blog site c/o [email protected].

  30. i am happy that i became a part of this successful event and i finished my first 10k run.. :) looking forward for more 10k runs soon and hopefully before the year ends ay 21k na din. ;) congrats to the organizers and good luck to our athletes. :) til next run!

  31. Hi everyone, First of all thank you very much to all who participated and support our Seniors and Masters athletes in this fund-raising Run With the Masters 2011 Ha;f Marathon. Race Result can now be viewed at PCS website. (announcement column)
    and on facebook/run with the masters2011. Sorry for the delay in the result. and congratulation to the top finishers and to everyone who participated and support our athletes. We also wish to thank our sponsors, registration and media partners, Websites like who help us inform the public of this memorable event for our athletes going to the World Masters Athletics Championship this July in Sacramento California to compete and depend 2golds and asilver in the from the last outing in Lahti Finland.

  32. @Senior Athletes

    youre very welcome po! all of our support to our mighty Pinoy Athletes.

    have seen the results and im happy with my new PR! yehey! congrats to all winners and finishers! we did it!

    what about pictures during the event?

  33. WE would like to give you the background on how this event was conceptualized and made into reality. As the old filipino saying/questions; KUNG HINDI TYO? SINO? KUND HINDI NGAYON? KAILAN? and so we go. Bayanihan effort from the Masters and Seniors begins.

    To start the run organizing the NMSAAP President together with the Board of Directors (BOD)Elma,Emerson,Linda, Mona,Lenny,decided to contribute amount to have the Racebib printed with the registrations and the map.Fred a former Asian Racewalk medalist who also do singlets for runners and a former Botak designer offer to do the initial singlets to jumpstart the registration.

    I and my buddy sent letters of request and proposal to over a hundred private and public companies to ask for support for these athletes, the seniors.
    Seeing the spirits of BAYANIHAN once more relive for a quest to once again bring our country the pride and glory it always deserve,
    I was inspired to double my efforts to raise fund for them. Hoping that we can send more that the usual delegations who pays their trip from their own pocket while doing training for the young generations of athletes as monitoring for the Commission.

    The President of NMSAAP told me; “We really dont want to be a burden for the PSC if we can do a way to produce our fund to the WMAC 2011.We understand that the amateurs has a lot of needs to bring the level of competitiveness”
    Aside from sending letters to sponsors We also send letters to the valiant and most patriotic community of our nation the PNP and the AFP and the Filipino people.Once I have posted the details to the running websites inquiries pours in multitude and pledges of runners support overwhelmed with a lot of excitement.

    I go as far as Camp Vicente Lim to General Mariano in Cavite to the GHQ of PNP and AFP in Crame and Aguinaldo.With a head up high, knowing that this is for the quest for honor and pride of our country, I was in high spirit took my letter to the Generals (PNP Chief Bacalzo)office and AfP Chief Gen. David.
    Knowing that most of these athletes also came from their ranks i expected too much only to find out the the PNP denied the request Via Col. Padawan of the PNP Directorate office.Although by their own personal convictions many from PNP joined the Run with the Masters.

    AfP circulates the request and The Army responded well they send a contingent to support our masters athletes.I personally received the Navy’s letter of Regrets sighting financial reason why they cannot support our athletes and cant send even a platoon size delegate just to boost the morale of our athletes.

    The Filipino people who always been the staunch supporterS of our athletes was there in bunches, in singles, with their families,officemates, and friends.Some came all the way from Mindanao, Visayas and the far Northern and Southern Luzon.

    Mixed reactions from the execution of the run. That we all agree, We have a lot to improve. Just like our athletes who had been here since time unremembered. With limited resources we want to show our young athletes that we are here to support and inspire you regardless of the difficulties we may encounter, regardless of what lacks us.WHAT INSPIRE US IS THAT YOU ARE THERE TO SUPPORT AND CHEER US! No need for a disaster to happen, no need for a timing chip to make our run fabulous,you dare to run with the Masters and with the drivers in the streets of Pasay and Paranaque. What more can we ask for to inspire us to once again continue the quest for our country’s pride and best. FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS; MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO MGA KABABAYAN. KAYO ANG INSPERASYON NAMIN. PARA SA DARATING NA WORLD MASTERS ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP. MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS.

  34. @ Senior Athletes

    naluha naman po ako sa Feedback 54. nyo.

    very well said po! magaling naman talaga ang mga Atletang Pinoy! we are global!

    God bless!

  35. Congrats po to Senior Athletes NMSAAP and to all who participated and finished the event. Dami ko naging Idol na mga Seniors and Masters! Astig kayo lahat! You literally proved to everyone na kalabaw lang ang tumatanda! Ako nga po nangulelat, at 39y.o., I only ranked 406th with a time of 2.29.54. at ang aga nagmuscle fatigue hita ko mga 6km away pa sa finish line, although wala naman ako naging problema sa cardio at hydration. Halos pilitin ko na lang tumakbo kasi gutom na ako at ang dami na nag0vertake sa akin na mga babae, kakahiya po. hehehe. 5th time ko pa lang nakalahok sa mga fun run, 1st time ko to sa 21k. Double the thrill pa dodging vehicles along Naia Rd., hahaha. Pagdating ko sa finish line naghanap agad ako ng pagkain. Wala na akong inabutan na freebies, ubos na pala aside dun sa gatas ng Anchor. Iyon ang nilantakan ko ng husto. Ang sarap sana, kaso maya maya pa biglang sumakit tiyan ko, nasobrahan ata, hehehe. Gusto ko uli try sa Greentenial half marathon, kaso may work ako nun.
    Salamat po uli sa experience at sana nakatulong ako sa Nmsaap at mga atletang Pinoy, mga Idol ko. Mabuhay po tayong lahat. ^—^

  36. @ ronron

    you know kuya, if i only have 4 thumbs, binigyan na kta ng 4 thumbs up!!! congrats for finishing your very first 21K! woohooo!
    it was made more memorable by what you encountered along the way before crossing the great finish line.

    as they say, its not what youre rank was but what you encountered and felt before reaching your goal. naks! good luck to your upcoming half mary’s and im sure, next time ikaw na ang mas madalas na mag-oovertake sa ming mga 21K runner girls, hehe! cla lang, 5K-10K pa lang level ko eh.

  37. Congratulations po sa lahat ng participants nitong funrun na to. I personally have so much fun! And it such an honor for me to be one of the runners!! (i also want to correct my full name in the 3k pariticipants, it’s MERCY NUFABLE not MERCY NUTABLE.. sana macorrect pa.. hehehe) .. Again thank you sa mga organizer and congrats sa lahat ng runners!! see you again!!

  38. hayyyyyyy…akala ko png 298 aq d pla…png 290 humabol p s medal…nkk2wa ln n nkta kong ngimprove aq s pgtakbo…malaking minuto rn ang nbwas compare s mga dati kong takbo 4th tyms q plng sumali s mga ganitong marathon at ang pnkmbaba kong tntkbo ay 10k akala ko nga s 21k aq mkktakbo peo s ngaun dp kya kelangn ko munang snayin ang sarili q…at iimprove p ang pgtakbo q…konting enduranz nd agility nln kulang pq s speed…nkkhiya nmn s ng22ro sken kng wla mn lmng ciang nkktang pgbbgo sken peo ganu n p mn nging masaya aq s resulta ng race…nd 2lad nun mktkbo ln aq tpos ngaun worth it n..nkkta ko n ang pgbbgo..bata p nmn dw aq at my ibblis p..kya konting ckp at tiyaga p 21k nmn ang pngngarpin ko este 16k pla…pra s milo nd green centennial…my nxt run s intramuros bblik aq s lugar ng pngtpusan kong eskwelahan hello PLM…its nice 2c u agen he3 tsk…tsk…tsk…
    congratz pho s lht ng finisher ng run with da masters,,,
    sna mklala ko pho kaung lht…
    kc ung ng22ro sken ngaun nklala ko lng dn s gnyan takbuhan at ang masaya p dun customer ln nmn cia s mercury hehehe
    nid nio gamot…….he3 :)

  39. @ Ms_Mars congrats dn pho achievement nten 2…uu nga easter sunday practice uli sn k mgppractice bka mgkta p tau dun hehehe…salamat

  40. I am running wid da masters at ang lahat ng sumali s marathon ay masters n nd lht ngptalo at gus2ng matawag n finishers lht kya congratz pho senio
    s uulitin n takbo mkta ko uli kau kht s mukha ko lng kau matandaan…tnx nd god bless…
    kht holy week work prn he3…serbisyong 22o e hahaha

  41. I’m having trouble in opening the file….How can we view the said result? or is there any easier way or link to go and check it?… Thanks

  42. I’m having trouble in opening the file….How can we view the said result? or is there any easier way or link to go and check it?… Thanks

  43. @marietta el munez: once the file download prompt appears after clicking on the link for the result, try nyo po click on “save” first, find a folder to save on before opening the pdf file.

  44. @ronron

    ah the fire truck? accdg to Journey to Life there was a fire truck shower near the finish line. i told him i didnt notice that truck unless it was positioned in front of the carabao statue along Roxas or Manila Hotel.

    i was also at finish line but in front of Quirino Grandstand. i left at around 9:30AM.

  45. im so very happy becouse it was my first time to join this kind of event at 10k..can you see,im in the 36 happy i am,its very memorable to us as a first timer.


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