NATGEO Earth Day Run 2011 – Race Results Discussion

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Congratulations to all who participated and conquered the NATGEO Earth Day Run that happened on April 10, 2011. Race Results and Photo Links will be updated here once they are released by the organizers.

Download Race Results Here:
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View Photos:
NATGEO Earth Day Run un-Official Photos at Active Moments


For now please feel free to share your comments and feedback about this event here.

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  1. ang galing, di ko naimagine kaya ko palang tumakbo 10km straight, no break. considering im not really into religious running activity. my mind is set that i can only run 3 straight laps roughly the same intensity in bgc high street until today! going back, i went to 3 hydration stations pero roughly under 5 secs lang in each station. this is my second time to join a fun run by the way. first time was nature valley leg 2 last may 2010 where i officially finished in 1:08:50 and i almost died (kidding! but hell yeah i struggled). in this race i think i finished in 55 mins in the clock but less the agony, hehe! cant wait for the official result! im so excited! by the way, let’s run for japan!

  2. This is my first time to join the 21k. It was pure fun and the goal is to finished. Sad though that this is event is for being conscious with the environment and runners just throw their cups everywhere when in fact the organizers provided trash bins on water stations.


  3. //there weren’t any loot bags…though, like skechers and merrel, you can try one of their shoes and you get to pick a prize…natgeo photobooth for Php50.00..there were a couple more — click shot (i hope am not mistaken) and cannon – you can have your photo taken for free, and you get the print right there and then…i rendezvoused with my friends and gained a new friend…it was a good run..

  4. @thezz:
    actually may mga nakita akong 10K runners kanina na ang suot nila ay pang 21K tshirt. di ko lang sure pero ang sabi ata ay un ang binigay kasi wala ng black/grey shirt(10K)

  5. When I registered in Greenbelt for the 21k, the registration personnel informed me that instead of receiving a finisher medal, they will be giving out trophies. What happened?
    For a fee of Php1,150.00 for 21k!
    Maganda pa at malaki yung medal ni Run United 1 – 2011.

  6. wow,, ang laki ng kinita nila…. un lng pla un…. dinaan s fireworks…. hahahahaha…. pero cge n nga,, nag enjoy din nmn ako..

  7. really TV host KIM Atienza did 5K? wow galeng-galeng naman, considering he had a heart surgery late last year ah. wohoooo!
    congrats indeed!

    i didnt see or notice any celebrity in my 3K categ. tsk tsk! haha! eventho mine was only short distance, i personally did my best! thank God!

  8. @Louie

    wow congrats indeed to you! hindi biro mag 21K ah…when my chance comes to do that distance, i cant imagine what my clock time will be? im happy with my first 3K results yday, in fairness…

  9. It was a great experience…
    Ran the whole 5k without breaks for the first time… Met some runners who were kind enough to share their photos… see you in the Run for Japan!!!

  10. Finished my first 21K!great experience indeed.

    Anyway, walang loot bags…no timing chips for 3k and 5k runners either…medyo expensive nga at disappointing sa ganung aspect.

  11. Pricey compared to other runs.
    No loot bags. No D-tags for 3K and 5K runners. Fewer freebies compared to other runs. Few booths. Singelts would be much better if they made it sleeveless.

    Atleast may fireworks. haha

    Saw Miss Miriam Quiambao running.

  12. First time to join a marathon and won a 3rd place for female division in 3K :)! just went there alone and walang kakilala, really want to experience running with other runners…yeah may pizza, 1,000 slices from greenwhich…also may photo booth na may bayad (P50.00) meron ding free. Kim Atienza did run sa 5K.

  13. disappointed ako… expensive yung registration, tapos wala pang D-Tag for 3k & 5k runners, konti lang din ang freebies…

  14. di naman dapat. merong races na on the day itself usually by the afternoon meron nang result. sna pag lumabas naka tag na rin kagaya nung sa hyundai.

  15. masaya! maganda ang takbo ko may sinabayan ako foreigner na sexy pacer ko sya at
    maganda ang tanawin sa likod hehehehe nakabuntot ako palagi. nasabayan ko from
    the start up to 12 kms pero the rest of the kms of the 21K, iniwanan na ako lalo
    bumibilis at ang laki pa ng mga hakbang. had a great time but failed to beat my previous 21k PR by 51 seconds.

  16. TOO EXPENSIVE!!! I was expecting for lots of freebies pero tubig at 100plus lang pala. Not worth the price!

    Dami pa nagkaproblema sa singlet (I was one of them). Di daw kasi nila alam kung ilan ang sasali at kung ano sizes… May natgeo run din naman last year, wala kaya sila statistics ng participants?

    Dapat sa kapuso fun run na lang ako tumakbo, nakasabay ko sana si iza calzado. lol

  17. Merun p ngang racers ng 21k na nung pabalik na sa buendia e hinubad n ung singlets..haha machoness

    @Ms_Mars, tnx po.. I really had a blast especially that my training lasted only for 2 weeks..

  18. Yehey! Mahal nga pero like last year, no freebies kaya managed expectations kaming family and friends.

    This year was better organized. Next year again! :-D

    I like that the race results in pdf are sorted by chiptime, finally. Your rank and percentile give you your place in the race.

    With the D-tag, will the RunPix be available? That used to be a great tool to anlayze one’s performance. Tagal ng walang RunPix results. :-(

  19. To: NatGeo Secretariat

    I can’t find my husband’s and I race results. We reg at 10K co’z 5K category was closed already. We still registered bcoz the run is for a good cause. but informed the Reg. peeps that we’ll downgrade to 5K.they advised us to talk to tech staff before gun start which we did and they gave as bar codes for 5K and surrendered out D-tag. To my surprise, our names are not even included in the race results for 5K or even 10K. Kindly enlighten us on this matter. Thanks much.

  20. To: NatGeo Secretariat

    I’m sorry, by the way our race bibs are: 2271 and 2272. Thanks again.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  21. @ zuee: yu free. di ka nakakuha? one slice, pero pan pizza. pwede na basta free. = ) glad you enjoyed the run. Last year wala kahit ano, tumakbo lang talaga kami.

  22. @ zuee: yup free. di ka nakakuha? one slice, pero pan pizza. pwede na basta free. = ) glad you enjoyed the run. Last year wala kahit ano, tumakbo lang talaga kami.

  23. huh? Miriam Quiambao was there? too bad, wala talaga akong na-spot na celebrity, but MYself! hehehe!

    preparing now for Run with the Masters to be held in Luneta next Sunday! wohooo!

  24. //i think even without the loot bags and freebies, it was worth it..the proceeds will go to the Mind Museum…

    //more runs..! ooopz..Run for Japan next..! that’s on April 17…

  25. my only comment is that if Hyundai company could pay a FREE Fun Run and provide us a great event!I am hoping that more companies would follow them….Sayang walang ACTIVE MOMENTS Picture and Nat GEO.

  26. To: NatGeo Secretariat

    Hay excited pa naman ako Makita ang race result dahil for the first time podium finisher ako ng 21k then pag check ko wala name ko why naman? Bid number 1150

    Isang malaking WHY? Salamantalang dikitan lang kami sa takbuhan ni bib number 919 na TOP 7. The marshals and race support group even congratulate me tapos wala ako sa result. Sad talaga..

    And even sa mga friend ko na newbie runner lang sa 3k. Wala din name nila sa race result ng 3k.

    Last time sa runrio mali name ko now nawala na talaga. Sad 

  27. good job for doing the 10k @Pedrito

    i ran a shorter distance, but it was one of my personal best, so im happy too!

    i also didnt notice any official NATGEO photogs. unlike at HYUNDAI, you know rightaway that it is ACTIVE MOMENTS who will capture your running moment…

  28. @lorenzo post #10

    Really? It’s my first time to run a 21K race pero I noticed that ang hahaba nga ng 1K intervals nila. I’ve run several 10K’s and run around Boni High everyday kaya ko nasabi.

    But finishing a 21K? Very fulfilling.

  29. is there a beneficiary in this race?? i ran 21k, but unfortunately there are no loot bags. i think its not worthy. medal lang ang binigay. compared to last year natgeo, nag bigay ng boxes of multivitamins. medyo dissapointing lang kc we (21k runners) are deserving for freebies kc hindi biro ang ganung distance… but its ok n din kc im with my family and relatives and we really enjoy this event

  30. Loot bag? Jollibee or Mcdo parties, dun daming loot bags. Vitamins? If you can afford a Php 1,150 run, perhaps better to spend it all sa vitamins. Don’t run nalang. You’ll get your money’s worth pa. I ran in the 21k event too, it was worth it due to:

    -Well spaced hydration stations with long tables, flowing bottled water and 100 plus
    -Marshals in the street intersections who directs vehicular traffic in favor of the runners
    -On time gun-start
    -Organized after-run hydration
    -Signage every kilometer

    Photo vendo? No need, i came to run. Safe injury-free run. Will let official photog take my photos but i will not line up to have my photo taken.

    Fun runs should be fun, not demanding to much from the organizers. We are empowered to choose what to join.


  31. I would have to agree with Rusz. Well, IMHO, hindi po talaga biro ang half-marathon. Sabihin nating tumatakbo tayo for a cause or kasi passion natin yun, pero consuelo na po sana yung kahit maliit na finishers kit. Overall rating ko eh 7/10 sa event. One thing’s for sure, sali pa din ako sa earth day run next year(if ever meron pa) :)

  32. @Bong, korek ka dyan bruder, nadale mo.
    @Yror, thats a balance observation, ang wife ko sumawa sa kakapicture sa mga run which i joined kaya ayun nagtulog na lang sa car during the run but like Bong said it is our passion and it is fun.

  33. Next time medyo mag iisip na ko kung sasali ulit dito sa natgeo…. if it wasnt for my love of running…… this is dwarfed by the Unilab run and the Hyundai run (and to think Hyundai run is free and Unilab Run is flowing with freebees)The amount i paid is worth two or three runs. Sana man lang nagbigay kayo ng kahit na maliit na souvenir sa lahat… i dont even eat pizza, thats a no no for us runners.

  34. It was well organized, but its not worth it! Masyadong malaki kinita nila, ndi dapat sinasalihan mga ganitong events!! Sa mga magagaling dyan, paki paliwanag nga bkit ang runrio nakakapag organize ng mas magandang event n mas mura n, tapos pgregister mo plng halos nabawi mo n reg fee mo s freebies, bukod p finishers kit, same lng nman ang venue… Runrio series should be a standard in fun runs unless they are offering lower reg fees..

  35. Great race! Although for a race whose intention is to raise funds for Mother Earth, the event did not seem to mirror that intention. Litters of water cups were everywhere and most of the racers didn’t even mind to throw their cups in the trash bags nearby. In the event site, there were hardly any trash cans so garbage was everywhere!

  36. @Bong: i second the motion! if i may add at uulitin ko lang, tumatakbo tayo para sa health benefits na makukuha natin di yung lootbags at singlets o ano pa man…plus nalang yon kung meron man!

    @Nrico: thank you!

  37. kung ang habol nyo lang eh tumakbo at safe run & injury free, why spending 1k for 21k? pwede naman kayong tumakbo ng 21k anytime & anywhere at importante eh LIBRE pa. dala lang kayo ng hydration belt nyo & timer eh ok na.

    kanya-kanyang trip lang yan.kung yung iba eh sumali because walang loot-bags/photovendo eh hayaan nyo lang sila. dun sila masaya..

  38. lahat tayo(including me) eh nauutong sumali sa mga runs every weekends. ok lang kung kenyans tayo kung saan eh 1st,2nd or 3rd finishers tayo. at least meron tayong maiuuwing pera para sa ating mga pamilya after the race.

    minsan nga eh naiisip ko na i could spend php1000 para lang sa 2 hrs run..yung php1000 na yun eh pwede ng pambili ng ulam at bigas para sa nanay & tatay ko…

    sana maisip ng mga organizers na magbababa ng price pagdating sa mga events na ito. if they do, “wag na lang tayo magreklamo sa mga lacks nila para di sila force magtaas ng fee to meet our demands”..

  39. For those complaining about lack of loot bags in this race, learn your lesson so that next time you will know what to do. Here is a suggestion: Next time there is an organized race, DO NOT register at all but keep yourself updated about the event. On the day of the race, wake up early and prepare as if you are going to the race. But don’t go the the race site. Instead, proceed to your favorite running/jogging site (probably within your village or the streets around your neighborhood, or it could be a nearby park). Jog or run with the same intensity and duration as you would if you were at the race itself. (Let’s say you are supposed to join the 5k run and you are an ‘average’ runner, you probably have to run for about 30 to 60 minutes.) After running, go to a nearby store. It could be a sari-sari store that opens very early or a 7-11 shop that is open 24/7. Think of what they usually put in loot bags during fun runs. Buy those things and put them in a plastic bag (or a tote bag if you can bring one with you). Viola! There is your loot bag now. And the good part about it is that you did not have to spend P600 (not even P300). That’s the good part for you and the good part for the greater majority is that there is less one person complaining about loot bags during events like this.
    By the way, don’t make your ‘love for running’ an excuse to join a race like this if after the event you still complain about not having taken home a lot of freebies. If you really love running for what it is, then freebies from organizers should not really matter. It should be enough that you ran and that you finished the race. So with that, the suggestion I just outlined is also for you. That means another one less person complaining.
    For those complaining about pictures (usually lack of pictures), the solution is very simple: Bring your own photographer if pictures are what motivate you to run. You can’t blame organizers for the fact that you don’t have a photo in their photo gallery (or that there are only a few pictures during the event). Take note that there are a few thousands of runners and even if there are official photographers, all they can do is just keep on clicking while runners go by. They don’t have time to identify if a certain runner has been photographed or not. So unless you are one who can get their attention very easily, you’d have to rely on your luck if you expect to be photographed during the run.

  40. Its about taking part not loot bags !! I always wonder how many people take part for the freebies and not the fun and enjoyment of running and taking part. Take a look at the Run for Japan and see how many take part in that running for a good cause not freebies ! what so special about d tags ?? If you want your correct time buy a stop watch start as you cross the line and when you finish ! cant go wrong !! Good run National Geo ,one complaint though ,the long queues to retrieve you baggage .apart from that First Class !! See you at Run for Japan and they are still accepting entries ,no freebies ,no d tags !!

  41. “kunswelo” lang for the people who are complaining! kahit anu pa ang sabihin… maraming dissapointed! no amount of explanation can cover up for the short comings of this event. Madami din akong complains. But in fairness marami din naman ang natuwa. But do you think people join events like these just for the love of it? It’s more than that. No matter what is said there’ll be comparisons. If its just for the love of running… just go run at the High street of UP. If others think they’ve been had then its a sorry and if others think its a good event then join again next year. Tapos na yan!!! On to the next run.Suggestion lang po… stop the complaining and explaining.

  42. Satisfy yourselves!

    Alam nateng lahat na may mga runs na di sing mahal pero same quality and mas better pa dito sa Nat Geo. Tulad ng Runrio runs. Kung hanap nyo quality and lots of freebies join races organized by RunRio.

    Pero kung takbo lang talaga, meron mga below 500 na ok like Run with the Masters.

    Ive joined NatGeo last year pero di na naulit ngayon. pangreg na kasi sa 2 race yung fee nila. Consumerism ang tawag dyan.
    kayo na lang -edited- sa mga yan. ahaha.

  43. Congratulations everybody!

    for me, personally, am not complaining about why there is no lootbag/freebies,etc. But am wondering who is the beneficiary of this event. The registration fee is expensive… and there are a lot of participants. I’m just curious to know who will benefit from the left over fund.

  44. Ang panget nung quality ng print ng singlet na pang 10k nag babak yung print ng shirt nung nilabahan ko tinipid nyo yung quality ng paint na ginamit sayang ganda pa naman….. :(

  45. wag na lang kasi mag-compare sa ibang run organizers… kanya kanya naman sila diskarte at causes.. nagkataon lang cguro na madaming nakukuha sponsors and RunRio kaya madaming freebies lagi

  46. I don’t have my NatGeo T-shirt for a 3K run yet. I hope I will receive it soonest. I like to have it as my remembrance for my 1st official run. My bib # 10710.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

  47. Organizer next time you guys should put lights on the dark areas of the race routs those are blind spot and safety of the runners is important. . .Thank you


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