GMA All-Star Kapuso Fun Run 2011 – Race Results Discussion

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Congratulations to all who participated and conquered the GMA All-Star Kapuso Fun Run 2011 that happened on April 10, 2011. Race Results and Photo Links will be updated here once they are released by the organizers.

View Online Race Results:
GMA All-Star Kapuso Run – Race Results

For now please feel free to share your comments and feedback about this event here.

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  1. so far sa mga nasalihan kong fun run this year, ito pinaka-organized. although old school ang time recording bawi naman sa pictures with track and field champ Elma Muros..hehe and it was fun running with other celebrities.

  2. Not much sponsors to share the gifts, I would have had joined better the National Geographic run then. Thanks for the small belt bag, and a water the filled in the glass though. Upset and will never join the run without checking the sponsors.

  3. To Robert,
    Before you say that, maybe you should assess first why you are joining fun runs in the first place. Is it because you only want to receive freebies or is it because you want to support an organization in it’s cause? If you say both, then which one takes the primary spot?
    Take note that fun runs like this are organized for a cause (for this fun run in particular, the organizer’s primary aim is to raise consciousness for the environment (read: para sa kalikasan). So if a runner signs up for a fun run, it’s usually because he/she wants to support the cause. The freebies that organizers give away are just additional bonuses. But if that is really what you look after, then you better think twice before joining because if you think about it, you are spending more than what you are receiving. Have you even realized that the freebies they give away in events like this do not event cost half of the registration fee you paid?
    What I’m saying is, fun runs are not really organized for sponsors to give away freebies. Instead, they are organized to support a cause and the sponsors are only there to help promote that cause by their mere presence.
    Personally, I did not run this race because I was in another fun run. And yes, I did not receive any freebies (except for two bottles of energy drink)on that run too but I don’t feel cheated because it’s not really what I was after. It was enough for me that I finished the race and that in my own little way, I helped the organizer promote a cause – which incidentally is the same as the cause that the Kapuso Run was promoting.

  4. The run is great! My husband and i join this event and we find it organized. It is also nice to have pictures of celebrity and my daughter enjoy those pictures when we got home. Hope there would be another Kapuso Fun Run…Nice job to all!

  5. I could understand that this is a run for a cause event, thus wouldn’t expect much from the organizer as far as giveaways are concerned. And I could understand that the run started late seeing that there are celebrities that either came late or runners rather swarm them than go to the starting line. But what I couldn’t understand is that they have expected 5000 participants and yet there water stations had only a couple of water cups or had completely run out. And that they explicitly noted on their race rules (that came with the singlet distribution) that proper hydration is very important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. They should have rather said to bring your own hydration pack or run at your own risk without water! They’ve “organized” this event very dangerously! Putting lives at stake, esp for us who run the 10Ks. There is no excuse for this! I’m very disappointed for whoever is responsible.

  6. tama c pbf…you joined because of the theme…if it is a run because of Christ, Cancer, Health, Nature, ran because of this things…tumakbo ka pra tumulong pra sa kalikasan…ito ang tema ng fun run ng gma…ito ang unang pagtakbo ko at msaya ako..masayang masaya…pang20 or 30 ako sa 3km category…mraming salamat po… #1051

  7. If you’re looking for more freebies I suggest na bago ka sumali ng fun run, check mo yung sponsors and organizers .. like RUNRIO.. maganda talaga sila mag organize ng
    Run kasi wala kang makakasabay na mga sasakyan sa daan at talagang maraming nakabantay na race marshals just to be sure na hindi ka nandadaya.. I heard kasi na maraming nag short cut kahapon dahil wala namang bantay.. katulad ng kasama ko. We’re running for 10k pero umikot siya sa route ng 5k dahil wala naman daw sumita sa kanya. Saka sana sa susunod dagdagan nila ang water staions mabuti at may baon kaming tubig! Overall naging masaya naman, sasama ulit kami sa susunod na magkaroon ng FUN RUN ang GMA 7. yun nga lang sana mas maaga sa 6am magsimula.

    1. VERY POOR WATER STATIONS: ang lalayo ng interval.
    2. SINGLET SIZE: made for big and fat people
    3. LATE GUN START: way too late as a result, sun burn for us 10K runners
    4. VERY LIMITED SPONSORS: poor giveaways for runners.


  9. @kyle:

    Paano yun, e di kulang yung ribbon/string necklace niya kasi sa 5k siya dumaan? Bat di nalang siya sumali sa 5k. At least nakatipid pa siya sa registration fee. hehe

    Peace! :)

  10. Ok nman ang race, khit late na naggun-start, layo ng intervals ng water stations at naiba ata yung race route for 10K, atleast I was a part para mkatulong sa kalikasan. Overall masaya naman. Pag may next time I’ll run 5K nlng para makasabay ang mga kapuso stars. haha. Saan po pla makikita yung race results?

  11. thanks Makky…
    to Vash1010, laonlaan, kyle simons – was it really that bad? I mean the water stations. For the intervals, I think the regulation for events like this is one water station for every 2.5kms(or something like that) although I guess, a lot of running organizers provide more than that. Perhaps the Kapuso Run complied with only the bare minimum and that we, runners, are so used to events that have more water stations at closer intervals such that we think the water stations in the Kapuso Run are so far from each other.

    For the late gun start, that’s definitely not a good thing.

    @Mark Fernandez, I think that’s a nice way of looking at it. Regardless of the ‘misgivings’ of the organizers, you still think of the very reason why there was a race in the first place – para tumulong sa kalikasan. But don’t forget, you still have to think of your health so the water stations is still an issue to consider. (Unless you are one who brings your own water with you during the race.)

  12. iba talaga ang dating when the organizer is a big TV station like GMA Kapuso, which i always watch. one expects to see celebrities to mingle with the runners.of course id also be excited to see Richard Gutierrez up close noh!

    but like pBf, i was also at the NatGeo fun run and didnt expect much freebies since its a Mother Nature related cause. and correct! the freebies are bonuses and optional. i jst got a good number of the energy drink as pasalubong to my sister who paid for the run but could not make it due to parish commitment.

  13. thats why my sister and i always bring our own water supply even if there are assigned water stations per run. but of course, we also partake of their water. para di gaanong mabawasan our supply till the last 100 meters or so…

    like what happend yday during the NATGEO event, i proudly brought my HYUNDAI water bottle! yey! helped a lot!

  14. para sakin lahat ng comment ay ok kasi binayaran mo yan at all cost. di naman free diba. okey lang sa mga runners na pagkatapos ng race ay mag expect ng freebies. kasi ang running fee talaga sa ngayon super mahal. kaya siguro mga ibang runners naghahanap ng ibang option kahit sikat ang mga organizers.

  15. i enjoyed naman the run. thanks for the belt bags and water for freebies really appreciate it. i had fun running with the celebrities like richard and iza on the same categories was such a good run though they started pretty late that cause too much traffic on the road and was crowded people walking not running anymore..The water station was too far..but i admit it was a good ran with me…

  16. I didn’t had the time to notice the errors coz I had so much fun. And besides my main reason why I joined the said event is to help and support what’s the said fun run is for.For those who are looking for freebies why don’t you organize your own fun run to satisfy your needs.

  17. to comment again at the person on top,you should have joined hyundai..its free…never got to join though…but i support harribon foundation…chow..its called FunRun anyways…Godbless…

  18. To pBf:

    The most disorganized fun run:
    1. Late start.
    2. Less water stations.
    3. Time recording up to now no results.
    4. Less sponsors.
    5. Less marshals.
    6. Manual recording of time results on finish line.

  19. I was there too and I enjoyed.

    I just dont get why people are too demanding with the event. First, why did you join the run? You guys should know the cause of the run… not joining a run because of freebies and because there are celebrities there.

    About the water stations. Oh well you should attend a run ready. Not going there and drink water too much. It’s all about having fun! Aside from that, you aim is to become fit. Just dont go there and run and have many pics as you want and post them on social networking sites so you’re friends will know that you attended a marathon! Hahaha! Or maybe you went there because you’re friends are attending too. LOL.

    Race results. Oh well it’s the basic old school. But how can you finish a result around 5000 participants?

    Common! Run and have fun to support its cause.

  20. my daughter run for 3k and i think she enjoyed running! im still waiting for the result…. Next year im the one who will run on this fun run!! but as BANDIT runner.. the organizer is not a runner! all kapuso stars pa naman ang title, eh ilan lng yung artista!!

  21. Bakit po ganon kala ko po pag nasa top 50 ka makkarecieve ng T-shirt na may sign ni Manny Paquiao…nasa 42 ako pero wala ako na recieve….saka Wilson Daiz name ko Hindi Diaz

  22. The bottom line is – FLop ang run na yun. Hindi cya FUN after all. Even GMA stars are not seen? Asan sila? Di umakyat sa stage kasi late. tsk tsk….


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