Baguio 21K Run 2011 – Race Results Discussion

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Congratulations to all who participated and conquered the Baguio 21K Run 2011 that happened on April 10, 2011. Race Results and Photo Links will be updated here once they are released by the organizers.

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Baguio 21K Run 2011 – Online Race Results

For now please feel free to share your comments and feedback about this event here.

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  1. I enjoyed the run. But one aspect that was utterly lacking was about the safety of the runners. a fellow runner in front of me nearly got hit by an FX taxi.

  2. Ok naman yung race, kakaiba kasi kung hindi ka sanay sa high altitude gaya ko parang ang hirap huminga sa uphill.
    Yung route nga lang hindi nila naipasara, medyo dumami na sasakyan nung pabalik sa finish line. Saka dapat nagdadag pa sila kahit isa pang hydration station sa bandang Camp John Hay kasi “kutchinta” yung sineserve nung isang station hehehe.

  3. The number of participants was not big compared to Manila fun runs. Maybe that’s the reason for the correspondingly small number of marshalls.

    Not that bad though, because the highland drivers are much more polite compared to Manila drivers.

  4. major issue with this race is the safety of the runners. road was not closed/partially closed. there was no safety pylons. no/few marshals beyond the 5k u-turn. it felt like i was running at my own risk

  5. @c21: hello, congrats for congquering the hills. I also ran and conquered the hills in the 21k distance. Grabe noh, it was really hard but all worth it! The medal is maganda and unique and we were told by the organizers that the trophy was specially carved but i never saw it. Like what you said, my also complain was the traffic security especially in the steep roads. But the matter has already been raised when the organizers visited us the day after the event bec. they were collecting feedbacks from the delegates. They will hold the 2nd baguio 21 next year and will increase the no. of participants.

    Most of the delegates who participated were the familiar regular and veteran runners here in manila. All in all it was really fun.

    @Ralph: I agree with you the fx drivers are not only polite, they were courteous and honest when giving change and seemed surprised if you give them more than the fare and they;re very thankful.

  6. lack of marshals that do trafficking and medics who uses bikes, no warning signs like orange cones. lack off coordination etc. maganda kc yung route yung nga lang hindi safe.

  7. first, there is no portalets, sa ginaw ng baguio mapapaihi ka talaga, and runners are not prepared to bring coins for the public CR, second, the hydration, they only serve water, if you’re running 21k kelangan may electrolytes ka din. third, the traffic, ang hirap ng route, takot ka pa tumawid. lastly, walang result sa BIB number ko huhuhu i still wait for the result til tomorrow.

  8. I’m definitely going back next year!!! I set my PR (this is only my 2nd 21k, and 3rd fun run) on this event. Went faster by ~15minutes than my unilab run

    (Iniwan ako nung isang senior gentleman sa uphill… waaaaaaaa)

  9. @ Ms_ Mars: Yes, went there w/ my friends….yung pabalik for me yung mahirap kasi there are a lot of buses (i think those are shuttle buses by call centers located @ Camp John Hay vicinity) on the road at around 6am. May nabunggo pa nga akong fellow runner bec. of that kasi halos occupied na ng mga bus yung daan. I was about to say sorry after that but there are no words coming out in my mouth, haha!(hirap huminga) so I just wave my hand to say sorry..

    @cecille: wow! sa 21k category ka pala tumakbo! i was supposed to run in that category also buti na lang i made up my mind na sa 10k na lang kasi malamang ako pinakahuli!haha! iba pala talaga pag sa high altitude, hirap huminga esp. sa uphill road. Pang-anim na 10k ko ‘to this year and eto yung pinakamatagal! =) I salute the female foreigner who run the 21k..I think she’s above 60 years old na. She deserves the applause from the runners when she crossed the finished line.

    I have no other complaints naman, except for the traffic lang. I’ll still join this event next year.

  10. @C21: agree with you, ok lang yung issue ng traffic, the organizers are very well aware of it & that’s the unified complain of all runners specially those in 21k. You know there were a no. of runners who discontinued the race and returned and there was one na nakita ng photog friend namin na pumara ng taxi sa highway pabalik! He was supposed to take a pix of that guy while boarding the cab then decided not to, kasi baka magalit kasi we’re going to post it here in pinoyfitness ha ha ha!

    Further agree with you, i feel like my lungs are gonna explode wala pang 1k. But i was hell bent to finish the race, if i need to roll and crawl to get to the finish line go!

    @POWERPUFF BOYS: To one of your delegates, thanks for the cheer and support when you acted as marshall in the event, you know who you are ;)

  11. @c21: you know i had a short conversation with the female foreigner and she said that by far this event is one of her more difficult run. Kasi in the states wala daw ganun na marathon. Sabi pa niya, never ending uphill downhill run!

  12. Congratulations sa lahat! I ran 21K here, it was by far the most enjoyable ran I made. Pababa, pataas ang takbo, at ang maganda dito napapawi ang pagod mo sa ganda ng mga sceneries while the sun is rising. Mapapansin mo rin mga smiles ng mga nasasalubong mong runners encouraging you to push more and complete the route. Nakakachallenge man makipagpatindero sa mga sasakyan nakakatuwa ring makaranas na walang bumusina at nagmumurang driver sa kalsada. Thank you thank you sa wonderful experience. Next year ulit… Waaa hindi na kami magstay teachers camp, may mumu :)

  13. Congrats to all Finishers:)
    Safety lang din talaga concern ko. Those shuttle buses going to EPZA and FX, patentero talga.
    I didn’t set PR here.. but i enjoyed it much.. iklop ang tuhod ko sa hills..

    and reminder lang po: don’t give tips sa mga taxi driver.. I love baguio sa sobrang honest ng mga FX driver dun. ayokong magaya sa Manila na mostly of drivers di nagbibigay ng sukli.. baka kasi mamihasa sila at magaya kalakaran dito sa Manila.. tia:)

  14. i enjoyed it despite the many negative observations i made, maybe it was cause of the terrain, the hills, change of scenery and i’m doing it again praying that they would improve next year

    singlets, weird length, it was way too long

    cups, they don’t have to be the largest size, with the money saved from the cups you could have provided for sports drinks, the whole run I did not get to drink any sports drink was there one or was it bring your own?

    kutchinta, if they indeed have it then I would have gotten one but I did not see that, lol

    run at your own risk, it says that they would close the roads to traffic until 8:30am, I did not see any road closed and while running I was fearing for the safety of my kids doing the 5k, i kept calling them from time to time

    by the way, where are the official photos

  15. Baka merun kayu alam na link nun mga photos, unti lng kc ung official photos – wala ako pero Im sure kinuhaan ako yun lng baka naexposed! :)

  16. How come i cannot see my race bib number in the result? My bib number is 1032 i have joined the 10k……i reached the truning point and crossed the finish line….also they pulled my tag number at the finish line…hos come i cannot see my official time?


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